You Are My Spring – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Investigation

Episode 6 of You Are My Spring begins with Young-Do excitedly seeing Da-Jeong and asking what crazy things she wants to do. Well, the pair head out together and after seeing a magnolia tree, end up dressing up. Their costumes are so good in fact, tourists want to have their photos taken with them! The pair get carried away though and end up stuck in their costumes given the hanbok shop is shut. Oh no! That means they have to get the bus together!

Meanwhile, Jin-Bok rushes to hospital after his partner is stabbed. Given Ian is the one who found him, Jin-Bok is convinced that Ian is the one responsible. Jin0Bok grabs him by the scruff of the neck and shouts, asking just what his deal is. Ian doesn’t have a straight answer, and eventually walks away.

Well, they check the CCTV and relay what happened the previous evening. Ian was being tailed by Park but a mysterious mask-wearer caught the attention of this detective. Heading into the back alleys, a foot-chase ensue, leading to this mysterious man stabbing Park and leaving him for dead. Ian arrives not long after, and rings an ambulance.

Elsewhere, Ga-Yeong continues to feel pressured by her boyfriend and phones Da-Jeong, asking for help. She eventually sneaks into the parking lot when she finishes work and asks for a ride. Although she originally suggests Gangneung, in the end she settles on staying at Da-Jeong’s place.

Meanwhile, Ga-Yeong’s partner shows up at Young-Do’s clinic. He discusses how much he cares for Ga-Yeong and how he can’t live without her. It’s pretty creepy and one can’t help but feel he could actually be the one responsible for this stabbing. Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves there.

That evening, Young-Do and Da-Jeong hang out together again. With tasty treats at hand (a throwback to the past of course) the pair reconvene in Young-Do’s clinic and end up flirting. As the night draws in though, Young-Do ends up falling asleep. While he dozes off, Da-Jeong notices his horrible handwriting – and his mini-figure sitting on the windowsill. Eventually though, this paves way for her falling asleep in his office too.

The next day, Young-Do heads to the police station. There, he overhears Jin-Bok being berated by his superior. He’s blamed for what happened to Park, claiming that if it wasn’t for his obsession with Ian then none of this would have happened. This brings back memories for Young-Do, who reflects on his past. He’s soon snapped out of this though when he’s given the CCTV footage to review.

Back home, he meticulously goes through the different cameras from that night. He’s desperate to find something. Well, Ian is too and he reflects back on Jeong-Min’s tracks. He sits with Da-Jeong and broaches the subject around whether he was going to hurt her or not. Da-Jeong isn’t so sure but finds herself conflicted given how warm the guy was toward her when he was alive.

Ian continues to reflect back on the past, especially given how soon after Min’s funeral this is. It’s here we see glimmers of the past, including how Ian was cornered in a church. There are hints of abuse but it’s not shown on-screen. When Ian eventually does awaken, he finds Da-Jeong standing over him. Quick as a flash, he grabs her by the neck and knocks her on the ground.

The Episode Review

Could it be that Jeong-Min and Ian have actually been switched around? We’ve seen this plot play out before across K-dramas and it would definitely feed into that idea of Mouse being similar to Netflix’s latest weekly drama. Either way, the second half of this has definitely leaned a lot harder into these murder mystery vibes – and the show is all the stronger for it.

The first half of this chapter has certainly taken its time hitting its stride. There’s lots of material focused on Da-Jeong and Young-Do growing closer together. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, these moments do feel quite slow by comparison.

It also doesn’t help that the series oftentimes feels at odds with its tone, flitting between lighthearted and dark and dramatic pretty sporadically. Either way, this one is just starting to get interesting now.

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