You Are My Spring – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Not A Twin, Apparently!

Episode 4 of You Are My Spring begins with Da-Jeong face to face with Chae-Jun’s identical twin. Who is he? Well, he’s a US national called Ian Norman Chase and he’s a neurosurgeon at St Kaiser Hospital. He’s fluent in Korean too.

We then jump back to December 1994. Da-Jeong confronts Jeong-Min about being patted on the head but it wasn’t actually him, it was Ian. Jeong-Min is the creepy twin from the looks of it.

Jin-Bok continues to investigate this case back in the present, looking into the church from the school photo and trying to work out what it all means.

Well, Da-Jeong calls Jin-Bok in and questions Jeong-Min’s family history. She mentions Ian and how he’s identical to Jeong-Min but they’re apparently not related at all.

However, she refuses to disclose more information about Ian for fear of breaching confidentiality rules at the hotel. However, it’s another clue for Jin-Bok to look into.

At Young-Do’s office, Ga-Yeong shows up to pay for the pizzas from before. However, his erratic attitude toward the trinket Da-Jeong got him causes her to believe he’s seeing someone.

Young-Do refuses to disclose anything about Da-Jeong though. However, Ga-Yeong does seem to have taken his Dr Hollow toy, given it’s vanished.

After 11 missed calls, Young-Do gives up and heads back outside the shop to try and win the same prize. Eventually they do, after spending a lot of money to secure it.

The pair walk together back to the apartment but Da-Jeong receives a call from her Mother. However, she wants to speak to Young-Do.

Putting him on the phone, she quizzes his psychology knowledge, and seems to trust him by call’s end. However, Young-Do is currently suffering with bad dreams. Interestingly, he’s not the only one though.

In the morning, Ian ends up on TV alongside the US medical team. Jin-Bok sees this and it immediately piques his interest, wondering just what connection he may have to Jeong-Min.

Jin-Bok sends a note across to Ian, asking him to show up at the station. Just before he does, Ian  sees visions of blood tricking under his door.

The next day, Da-Jeong waits around for Young Do at the hospital. She thinks something is up with him but in reality it’s just Cheol-Do’s miscommunication about his dog at the vets.

Well, now that they’re together Da-Jeong admits that she’s getting better but is still not 100%. Young-Do listens intently, doing his best not to spoil what they have by admitting that he wants to be the one she can fully depend on to help her through this.

Later that night, Da-Jeong meets Ian at the bar. She asks him outright whether he knows Jeong-Min but he simply approaches her and tells her not to look at him suspiciously ever again.

There’s clearly something going on with Ian but right now it’s still unclear what. However, the detectives are convinced that they’re twins.

That evening Young-Do shows up at the crime scene again and starts looking around. As he does, he notices what looks like Ian approach him. When he spies the man, Young-Do looks like he’s seen a ghost.

The Episode Review

What’s being hidden here? It seems clear now that Ian and Jeong-Min do have some similarities and it could well be that they’re twins.

The fact Ian is suffering from hallucinations and the past flashbacks hint that both Ian and Jeong-Min were hanging around the same area, seems to reinforce this.

The whole “no blood-ties” schtick doesn’t seem like it’s true but we’ll have to wait and see if that holds any weight or not as well.

For now, You Are My Spring continues to dance around various different influences and ideas, with the tone shifting between mystery, comedy, romance and thriller.

While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s still unknown exactly what style this show is going for and sometimes these tonal jolts do tend to clash a bit.

Either way, the episode ends with an enticing conclusion, one that leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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  1. “…it’s still unknown exactly what style this show is going for and sometimes these tonal jolts do tend to clash a bit.” Agreed. I am pretty impressed though that “The Double Life of Veronique” was referenced — pretty sure it was in this episode. I remember being intrigued with that film. Still not sure how I feel about this series, other than I haven’t stopped watching. If nothing else I am now curious to revisit DLoV to it see if it was actually good, or just pretentious eye candy that took me in when I was very young and saw it.

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