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Episode 3 of You Are My Spring begins with Da-Jeong opening the music box to uncover the school photo and an accompanying letter. Within this is a confession from Chae Jun. He admits to killing Myeong-Ja and also Jeong-Beom. Finally, he admits to killing Gwang-Hun inside the abandoned apartment building.

He claims anyone in his position would have done the same, and decides to end everything by committing suicide. This then catches us up to the moments of him throwing himself off the rooftop.

Young-Do is obviously shocked as police show up and question what he’s doing at the crime scene. He claims he’s looking for Da-Jeong but they’re interrupted by Da-Jeong herself arriving at the police station with this photo and the evidence linking him to the past. Chae Jun is just an alias too, given his real name is actually Jeong-Min.

Young-Do being the only witness to the suicide means he needs to stick around for a statement and to supply his dashcam footage. He quietly agrees, not wanting to cause a fuss, while Da-Jeong is torn up over what she’s had to endure.

Young-Do has experienced this sort of pain too, given his history, and he knows there’s nothing he can say or do to make her feel better. Still, that doesn’t stop him from trying.

Young-Do eventually takes Da-Jeong home where she rests up. Young-Do gets back to work, with Cheol-Do greeting Ha-Neul outside Young-Do’s office. However, he notices Da-Jeong leave and decides to follow, intent on making sure she’s okay. Well, she decides to test him with an impromptu trip out of town. He nonchalantly agrees as the pair head off in Young-Do’s car.

On the car ride the pair verbally spar, trading different insults. That is until Ha-Neul rings. He teases Young-Do over his suave attitude and how he’s a master at flirting with different women. Da-Jeong teases him over this after the call, as Young-Do does his best to dodge the questions.

When they make it to Geumneung, Young-Do meets Da-Jeong’s Mum who just so happens to be a delivery driver. Back at the pizzeria she encourages Young-Do to answer the phones. The call happens to be from Ga-Yeong, who orders 30 pizzas for Patrick and the team. The gang get to work, packing up these absolutely delicious looking pizzas.

When all is quiet and tranquil, Young-Do and Da-Jeong sit together and discuss what’s happened to Chae-Jun. (Or should that be Jeong-Min?) He tells her that it’ll take time to recover but he does reassure her that she’s done nothing wrong.

Her feelings are conflicted of course, especially as Da-Jeong is struggling with feeling sad for his death while at the same time abhorring his behaviour toward killing those three people.

Meanwhile, Ko Jin-Bok finds himself caught up over Jeong-Beom’s death, looking into the different spots of evidence before visiting his grave and promising to protect him.

The police do discover a lead when they check CCTV footage and see a homeless man placing the suicide note inside the locker. It turns out someone paid him 50,000 won to do that. He wrote the address down on a business card too, which this homeless man actually still has on him. However, something doesn’t add up.

Young-Do is convinced the real killer is still out there, but when he sits with Jin-Bok he casts doubts in his mind. He asks whether someone made Jeong-Min kill himself, and points out the different pieces of evidence that seem to hint that this is the case.

Now, Young-Do’s stake in all this links back to the 3rd June 2018. Back then he learned he was getting a replacement heart. The donor? None other than Jeong-Beom. This was his dying wish and it also explains why Young-Do is so caught up on finding the right culprit. Jin-Bok decides to go back to square one and investigate this case from the beginning again.

That evening, Da-Jeong hands over a toy called Dr Hollow to Young-Do. This happens to have significant meaning as it’s symbolic of his heart. Anyway, the pair patch up their differences and shake hands.

The next day at work, Da-Jeong receives a call to head upstairs. As she does, a man passes her in the hallway. It certainly catches her off-guard as Da-Jeong follows and comes face to face with… Chae Jun’s doppelganger! No way!

The Episode Review

So the curse of Penthouse: War In Life has managed to spread across to You Are My Spring as this ending seems to hint that we’ve got identical twins – or siblings of some description.

I guess it’s pretty obvious given how quickly the show had killed off Jeong-Min but now it seems like we’ll be finding out exactly what connection these two have together. Unless he’s a ghost or an android or something – you never know with this series!

So far You Are My Spring has flit between different tones and ideas, refusing to settling on one idea or another and instead jumping between comedy, romance, thriller and mystery. There’s an element of Mouse in this too, while the healing part feels closer to JTBC’s Chocolate. All in all, this medley of different influences continues to intrigue and certainly leaves things open for more.

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  1. The drama has done a terrible job at explaining why Da-Jeong chose to disreguard Young-Do’s warning to stay away from Jeong-Min to begin with.
    Second, they did a terrible job at showing how long they hung out with each other or what her true feelings were.
    Last they failed to explain why Da-Jeong was so broken up about Jeong-Mins death. The scenes play out like she lost some long loved lover.

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