You Are My Spring – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

The Break-Up

Episode 12 of You Are My Spring begins with the apartment building residents continuing to theorize around Young-Do and Da-Jeong’s relationship. Well, several fantastical visions bleed through, including a couple involving Da-Jeong and Cheol-Do together!

Young-Do heads into hospital and gets himself checked out. In doing so, he learns he’s got to stay in overnight. He’s overworking and making himself seriously ill. The doctor questions Young-Do’s overbearing work ethic, convinced that he should look after himself first.

Upon hearing this, he rings his neighbours and tells them what’s going on. He also tells them not to reveal anything to Da-Jeong either.

Meanwhile, security footage from the apartment is reviewed by the police officers. Within this, it clearly shows Ian passing out from the drink and our mystery man revealed to be the homeless guy who planted the gear in the locker. He shows up at the apartment and prepares to take Ian away.

Hyeong-U shows, finds the camera and prepares to phone in emergency services. This guy then stabs her in the neck and leaves Hyeong-U for dead. Believing he can frame Ian for this, and unaware of the camera, he leaves while chuckling to himself. This gives the police a solid lead to go on.

Ian meets up with the vice chairwoman next, who hands over a USB flash drive to him and promises some answers over what’s going on. Someone is definitely covering their tracks though, especially when our killer is struck during a hit and run accident.

Meanwhile, a scandal hits when Ga-Jeong’s relationship leaks. While she’s happy to forget it, Patrick is not happy about lying. When she leaves, it falls to Da-Jeong to drive him to the Gugu House.

While they’re out, Young-Do winds up talking to Da-Jeong’s Mum about her daughter. She tells him to be there for her, standing by her side, and no to feel too sad about Da-Jeong not wanting to see him. However, she also tells him not to get ill.

With Young-Do allowed out for the day, he meets up with Da-Jeong and the pair have a good time. However, when their meeting ends, Da-Jeong heads back to the coffee house and learns from the others that Young-Do has actually been hospitalized.

In her shock, she heads over to the hospital and lo and behold there he is, asleep in a hospital bed in one of the rooms. Well, asleep for a while anyway.

When Da-Jeong sits in the waiting room, Young-Do heads out and talks to Jin-Bok about his feelings. He outright admits that he really likes Da-Jeong but doesn’t think he should see her anymore. The way he describes it is like a hand crushing his heart. He decides to break things off, unknowing that Da-Jeong is listening to all of this and feeling like her heart has just broken.

It seems like some of this has stemmed from Da-Jeong’s Mum telling him not to get sick or she’ll kill him. It seems that’s what’s made him feel really guilty. Well, the fateful time arrives for Young-Do to break up with her. He does it quickly, saying very little, before eventually walking away.

Sensing her daughter needs her, Mi-Ran heads over and lets her daughter cry on her shoulder. Young-Do meanwhile, is left to cry on his own.

The Episode Review

You Are My Spring bows out with a poignant chapter, one that sees Young -Do and Da-Jeong break up and seemingly go their separate ways. Let’s be honest though, these two will probably end up together by the end as per K-drama rules.

Meanwhile, the thriller aspects of this show continue to tick over, although the unimaginative way that the killer is revealed to be this mystery man relies a lot on contrivances – like the camera being in the right place at the right time. It’s not a deal breaker but it does feel a little too convenient.

I’ve mentioned it before in these recaps but the show does sometimes feel torn between the thriller aspects and a more straightforward healing drama like Chocolate, jumping between different tones quite sporadically and not always with a consistent level of rhyme and reason.

Despite that though, the episode ends on a sad and reflective note, leaving the door wide open for next week.

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