You Are My Spring – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Virility Goods

Episode 11 of You Are My Spring begins with drama at the hotel. A production crew keep flying a drone up to the windows and some of the customers are getting anxious. Da-Jeong does her best to quell any concerns, before taking time out of her workday to message Young-Do and get a cheeky phone call in.

Only, behind Young-Do’s door happens to be Mi-Kyung, who playfully mentions his phone calls to Da-Jeong when the psychiatrist hangs up the phone.

Meanwhile, Jin-Bok interviews Ian and questions why he asked for a drug test when he arrived. Ian is sure he was spiked and did this to try and clear up any miscommunication. This also has the knock-on effect of course of clearing his own name. Right now though, he looks like the number 1 suspect for killing Hyeon-Ju.

Flashes back to that night reveal Ian as the one who actually phoned Jin-Bok and called him in. At the station though, Jin-Bok notices Ian’s bandaged hand and quizzes him over how he got the scar.

Now, given this was an earlier incident, Jin-Bok clearly suspects the two events are linked. Well, at the crime scene detectives find a camera hidden in the bookshelf. Hopefully this can shed some light over what happened because right now, things don’t look great for Ian.

Interestingly, one of the recovered items from the crime scene is Young-Do’s dissertation, discussing the nature of criminals and how they can be perceived just like everyone else until they snap. As this plays on Ian’s mind, he suddenly decides he wants to talk to Young-Do.

Well, before that happens Young-Do and Da-Jeong both make excuses to talk to each other that night. Ga-Yeong sees straight through Da-Jeong’s shaky acting but decides to play along with this “sweet potato” for her own benefit. It’s a brief respite in truth, as we’re plunged back into the police station again.

Young-Do heads in to see Ian, where he admits he was at the orphanage. Ian relays some of the words from Young-Do’s dissertation back to him as he reads between the lines, asking if Ian’s real question is asking if he understands him. Well, Ian outright admits that he dislikes Young-Do and always has.

Their rapport goes back and forth without much headway, eventually ending with Young-Do walking away, hurrying to meet Da-Jeong.

When they finally catch up, the pair run out of luck at Da-Jeong’s hidden gem restaurant. It’s certainly not hidden anymore, with an hour wait for a table. Young-Do remains positive though and suggests Da-Jeong come over to his place and eat instead. After all, he’s already checked and Seung-Won is out editing for the night. Just to be sure, Young-Do frantically messages his friend to make sure he stays away.

That doesn’t stop things taking an awkward turn when Young-Do receives a package with his virility goods. It’s unbelievably awkward and absolutely hilarious. Da-Jeong strains a smile, while Young-Do is flustered and struggling to maintain his cool demeanour.

Only, Seung-Won returns home early and it completely messes up Young-Do’s plans. He hides in he bedroom with Da-Jeong and struggles to turn off his phone.

After this turn of events, Young-Do drives Da-Jeong home. The tone shifts drastically though when she receives a call from her brother, Tae-Jeong. Their Farther has passed away and unfortunately he’s left all of his debts to the pair. In order to say her goodbyes though, Da-Jeong arranges to go to Gangneung.

He and Tae-Jeong drive up together where the latter admits he saw his Father back in seventh grade. He waited at school for Tae-Jeong but he didn’t talk to their Father. He was worried if he did then he may turn his attention to her – or even go after her Mum.

It turns out Tae-Jeong is well aware of the abuse too but Da-Jeong is upset, believing she did enough to shield him from that. Alas, she did not.

Well, the kids head inside where they find Mi-Ran busying herself with chores. She then heads into the bathroom, running the water to disguise the sound of her sobs. Da-Jeong is well aware of this and even tells Young-Do not to head over. Only, it’s too late. He’s already there but reads the messages he sends back, telling him she’s had a delicious meal, and deciding against interfering.

The next day though, Young-Do ends up feeling under the weather, running a nasty fever and struggling to breathe. After almost crashing into someone on the sidewalk, he starts coughing and clutching his chest, hobbling up the road as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

You are My Spring returns this week with another good episode, one that has some genuinely hilarious moments mixed in with poignant and somber reflections of the past.

The murder mystery elements continue to hover over large swathes of this story though, with it still unknown who the killer is and what’s happening.

Some theories suggest that Ian may actually have multiple personality disorder and that’s actually quite a solid idea. Personally, I think Ian and Chae-Jun have switched. Ian is the one who actually died and Chae-Jun has just adopted his identity for the time being. This seems to back up Da-Jeong’s theory and uneasiness around the guy.

However, the romance between Young-Do and Da-Jeong is the real star of the show here and they have some wonderful moments together. Their natural chemistry works perfectly on-screen and the moments with them together inside, evading Seung-Won, were absolutely hilarious.

The ending with Young-Do is certainly surprising though and that is reason enough to tune in tomorrow to find out what happens next!

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