You Are My Spring – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Another Murder

Episode 10 of You Are My Spring begins just after the rooftop kiss. It’s ever-so-slightly awkward but thankfully Da-Jeong has a get-out clause. She’s going on a trip across to Busan. For now though, she’s going to bed.

Da-Jeong shuts the door after her on the rooftop, leaving Young-Do to head home. However, the kiss doesn’t change their habits as the pair continue to text and communicate. In fact, they even trade texts during Da-Jeong’s conference in Busan. Apparently numerous people show up quizzing about Train to Busan too.

Hilariously, Young-Do ends up taking a relationship IQ test in the doctor’s office. He doesn’t do very well, but he brushes it off as being an inaccurate test. He still takes the magazine for “research” though.

Meanwhile, Ga-Yeong continues to work on-set. Her kissing scene does well and gets a good reaction from all involved. Pizza is even sent over for the whole cast and crew to enjoy. Nam-Hui is there in disguise and he ends up talking to Ga-Yeong about her performance.

Da-Jeong returns from her trip to Busan and Young-Do is there to greet her. He arranges to meet for food, but follows that up by embracing the relationship advice in the magazine. As they sit together on the rooftop eating – alongside Ga-Yeong of course – the group decide to head out on a trip together.

Once there, they play a series of games too including mafia and another where the kids have to fold their fingers if they’ve kissed anyone. As we know, Young-Do and Da-Jeong have both done just this!

The day is hectic and full of loud games so when night descends, Da-Jeong and Young-Do head out together and embrace the tranquility. Da-Jeong admits she likes where she is in life right now and isn’t thinking about being hurt. There’s some pretty cute and flirty moments between the pair, with Young-Do deciding he should dress up like Da-Jeong’s first date.

While Mi-Ra heads off and speaks to a shaman, Ian receives bad news from Da-Jeong. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to change her mind regarding how she feels about him.

An incident in the hotel only makes things worse. Ian grabs the sharp end of a knife held by an angry bystander. Hed doesn’t even bat an eyelid. Da-Jeong is still scared of him though, which is only made worse when he antagonizes her in his room.

Well, Ian seems to be in collusion with the vice-chairwoman, who offers him any position in the hospital. She even offers to have him stay in Korea from now on too. Ian keeps a poker face and doesn’t let on, telling her that he’ll only consider this after he’s finished. Finished what though, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Jin-Bok and Park bring in their suspect but he’s pleading the Fifth and refusing to talk. When his attorney shows up, this man is taken back home and clearly looks rattled. This gets Jin-Bok thinking and he decides to keep tabs on the attorney from here on out.

It seems like this man is just anther cog in this machine. He’s beaten down in his apartment and left with a swollen eye. When he wakes up, he grits his teeth, punches the mirror and brandishes some white powder from the cupboard.

This could well be linked to Ian but right now it’s unclear whether that’s actually the case. What is clear however, is that Ian seems to have had his drink spiked. When we jump over to him, he passes out after taking a swig from a tumbler. When he awakens, he finds blood over his hands and Noh by the balcony, slumped over and murdered.

The Episode Review

You Are My Spring ends on an almighty cliffhanger this week, leaving lots of question marks over what may happen next. However, it seems clear that Ian is not the one responsible for killing Noh. It’s way too convenient and I think there’s something more going on here.

The white powder we saw that mystery man with could well be a clue and potentially something to drug Ian with.

Meanwhile, Young-Do and Da-Jeong continue to respectfully dance the line between friendship and romance. The show has done a great job with their characters and depicting a mature and well written understanding between them. This friendship slowly blossoming into a romance is really well written too.

The subplots also get some movement here, although to be honest they’re not quite as strong as this main romance/friendship between Da-Jeong and Young-Do.

Either way though, You Are My Spring continues to deliver compelling drama, leaving the door wide open for what may come next.

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