You- Season 4 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Death Of Jonathan Moore

Joe is confronted by the consequences of Marienne’s death at the beginning of You season 4 episode 10. She wrote him a note before her passing requesting that he consider leaving her at a spot where her daughter can find her. Consequently, he decides to lay her on a lovely park bench.

Joe finds out that Rhys’s body has apparently been discovered in the forest as he is giving his final lecture at the university. The information worries his alter ego Rhys, who thinks Tom Lockwood will betray Joe and send him to prison for the tragedy. Joe doesn’t care in the slightest, though. To the frustration of his alter ego Rhys, he is very busy preparing his suicide letter.

Joe’s conversation with himself is interrupted by a message from Kate. She is parting ways with Jonathan after having a difficult discussion with Tom. According to Kate, her dad has always monitored and controlled her. In addition to forcibly removing all of her exes, he would recruit staff to monitor her and keep a folder of all of her activities.

Despite Joe’s sincere efforts to comfort her, Kate appears to have given up and is content to recognize her dad’s ownership of her. Joe as well as his alter ego Rhys finally come to an understanding this season that Tom Lockwood should die.

With the aid of Kate’s mobile, Joe arranges a chat with Tom where he is constructing a plane. Joe questions Tom regarding the DNA discovered on Rhys’s body. Tom attempts to cover up his worries. Thereafter, Tom is tied to a chair by Joe after gaining control. It appears for a brief moment that Mr. Lockwood’s bodyguard might have a possibility of helping him when he comes back, but Joe quickly gains the upper hand and kills the bodyguard.

Tom makes an attempt to get out of this. However, even bribes or threats won’t stop Joe from using a plastic bag to suffocate Tom to death. He finally reorganises the murder scene to make it appear as though the bodyguard was responsible for the crime.

Joe’s viewpoint hasn’t altered at all. He makes his way to a bridge shortly after sunrise and jumps into the Thames. His parting words while immersed in water are of Kate.

Nadia reveals to Edward all she is aware of regarding Professor Moore. When they get back downstairs, she decides to show him the cage, however by the time they show up, it is completely gone. Furthermore, Edward learns the truth regarding Marienne from Nadia. She hasn’t died yet. The two women actually had a backup plan in case their murderous scheme against Joe didn’t work out. The beta-blockers Nadia managed to give Marienne caused her heart to slow down sufficiently to cause Joe to believe she had passed away.

Once Joe left Marienne on that wooden bench, Nadia decided to follow him. She immediately injected a medication to bring back Marienne after Joe left. Currently, Nadia is hesitant to move on. She needs Edward’s assistance to enter Joe’s flat so they can provide the police with concrete evidence.

Authorities were cruising the bridge when they noticed him jump. He was extracted, and he awakens in the hospital. He admits to just about everything, including killings, when Kate, who is in mourning, pays him a visit. However, he remained quiet about murdering Tom.

Kate wishes to share her life with Joe and has acquired all of her dad’s wealth and power. They believe that despite their darkness they could help keep each other good.

Nadia discovers the package of stalker-like mementos Joe stole from the actual Rhys after having broken into Joe’s flat. While rushing to meet Edward, she alternatively discovers Joe staring at her.

Joe’s narration describes what happens to the other characters. Sundry House was built inside the Metaverse, and Blessing as well as Sophie both purchased it. Roald ends up killing a friend while on a hunting expedition in Germany, but his affluent family keeps it from going viral in the media. Connie only spent nine days in rehab before leaving, and he continues to be permanently intoxicated. Following her awful experience, Lady Pheobe got out of London and is currently a teacher of English to kids in Thailand.

Joe is currently dating Kate, is incredibly wealthy and powerful, and therefore is back to using his actual name. Even Henry was returned to him.

Joe killed Edward and was holding Nadia responsible when he confronted her outside of his London apartment. She is facing charges for the murder but hasn’t made a defense statements since the incident.

The Episode Review

While the central plotline is intriguing, the secondary plotlines exist solely for the sake of existing, so much so that even if the show had not provided viewers with clarity about what was going on with these secondary characters, such as Blessing, it would not have been noticed. Additionally, some plot points don’t add up, for instance the pills Marienne takes that render her unconscious to the point where Joe believes she’s dead, and then Nadia revives her with a single injection.

After several spins, the season comes to a disturbing ending. Joe has become fully conscious of his most sinister impulses and violent desires largely owing to the Rhys, his alter ego. Being able to recognize and control ones darkest side is fantastic as it makes one strong. However, based on our observations of Joe so far, we know how fragile his self control is.

Joe briefly decides to give his life in order to save those around him after coming to terms with the darkness within him. The grim conclusion, though, emphasizes how he has simply embraced his murderous persona. Joe is now more destructive than ever because of this. Joe’s current English persona is destroyed in this episode, but he is resurrected as a vicious killer.

Joe no longer possesses the sense of morality he had up until this point. Edward was likeable and virtuous. Despite the hollow commitments to goodness Joe and Kate made to one another, it is obvious that our killer will most likely reach a new low in terms of evil if there’s another season.

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