You – Season 4 Episode 5 “The Fox And The Hound” Recap & Review

The Fox And The Hound

Joe believes that he has identified the Eat-the-Rich Killer since he sees Kate standing near Gemma’s corpse while holding a knife. Given her involvement in the case, Kate appears genuinely upset and worried that her dad will use it as an argument to justify her being under his control for the remainder of her life. Kate mentions how Joe would also be the prime suspect if anybody discovers Gemma’s lifeless body in order to convince Joe that she needs his assistance in hiding the body. Joe makes a deal with Kate in the hopes that covering up a body will help them both gather evidence.

Kate and Joe try hiding Gemma’s body inside a wooden box and wrap up the bloody rug in which the dead body was discovered, whereas the Oxford club decides to throw a fuck democracy party during which they express their hatred for commoners. Lady Phoebe interrupts their job when she barges into Kate’s room after overhearing Adam Pratt speaking affectionately to a servant. Lady Phoebe worries a lot about their connection and suspects that Adam has been withholding information from her. Joe informs Phoebe that Adam seems to have a hidden kink in an effort to end the conversation as quickly as possible. When even that is not sufficient, Kate starts asking Phoebe to go away so she can engage in sex with Joe.

Since Phoebe ends up leaving Joe and Kate to their evil doings, the murderer duo has difficulties transporting Gemma once the wooden box she has been put into collapses. Joe throws the body out of a window after being motivated by Roald’s violent attack. Joe is led by Kate to the animal larder, where the corpses of hunts are kept until the staff can clean them.

Kate picks up a knife and continues to threaten Joe after the body is abandoned among the pheasant’s dead bodies. She is curious as to why he is so skilled at body disposal. Joe reveals to her a half-truth, namely that Malcolm’s death was attempted to be blamed on him. Joe also starts talking about how he stayed faithful to a wicked woman for far too long and assisted her in getting away with despicable things. And when he did finally flee, he left behind his son. Kate believes what Joe says. Furthermore, Joe’s doubts are also dispelled by Kate’s emotional response.

Adam is dragged into Lady Phoebe’s bedroom where she forces him to share his kink. She offers to urinate on him after he discloses that he enjoys golden showers. Seeing as Adam isn’t interested, matters don’t turn out as planned. He tries to explain that he enjoys it when a servant urinates upon him because it undermines the established order. When it comes to dealing with servants, he generally has the upper hand, but during those particular times, he is subordinate to them. Phoebe’s superiority to him simply means that the same can not really apply to her. Phoebe splits up with Adam after learning that he doesn’t regard her as an equal. Joe is now perceived by Adam as a rat who leaks his private details and intervenes in his romantic relationship as a consequence.

When Kate suspects she could have dropped her bracelet—a piece of jewelry with her name written on it—there, she makes Joe go back to the game larder. When Kate goes back to her room, Phoebe is waiting for her, looking horrified at the blood spots on the ground. Kate is honest with her friend and persuades her not to tell everyone else. But Phoebe advises Kate to alert the security staff because that would be the best course of action. They can simply say that Gemma is missing rather than having to explain that she was in Kate’s room. Kate won’t feel any obligation to her father as a consequence of this.

Kate and Phoebe go inform the employees to vacate the house. While retrieving Kate’s bracelet across the other end of the house, Roald catches Joe in the act. Roald, who is heavily intoxicated and enraged, presents Joe in front of his rich buddies and explains how Professor Jonathan is really the Eat-the-Rich Killer. When Joe attempts to defend himself, everybody is either too stupid, high, or both. Even Adam requests that Joe’s head be presented on a silver platter. Roald declares that he has the authority to put peasants to death and orders Joe to flee for his life. Joe has been hiding in the forest while Roald is pursuing him as Kate and Phoebe enter the living room.

Kate orders the security team to find Joe and Roald. However, when they take long, she opts to follow them herself. Joe tries to hide from Roald in the forest until he can alter the game and take the rich jerk out. Sadly, Rhys arrives and shoots Joe in the head with Roald’s weapon while Joe is collecting himself. When Joe awakens, he and Roald are held captive in Hampsbridge’s hidden basement, which was once used by the aristocratic class to hide their unwanted children.

As the Eat-the-Rich Killer, Rhys desires Joe’s support. If Roald is killed, Rhys will release Joe. They could then begin a new phase in their lives by blaming Roald for all the deaths. Joe makes an effort to follow along, but as soon as Rhys leaves the basement, he starts to release himself. Later, when Rhys returns, he discovers that Joe is not the person he had anticipated, so he returns to his original plan of accusing Professor Jonathan of the killings. In addition, Rhys calls on Joe to find a way out of the cellar and join him in London. Rhys leaves the basement’s wooden framework on fire and smashes an oil lamp as a farewell gift.

Joe is able to free himself from his shackles. Roald awakens and begs Joe for assistance, and Joe assists him in breaking free from his chains. They are, however, stuck inside the cellar and are only freed at the last moment once Kate follows the fire and their cry, opening the metal grids from outside.

The Hampsbridge House is engulfed in flames, destroying all proof inside. The police discover enough evidence to identify Gemma’s body, but Rhys runs away. Joe doesn’t tell anyone he has seen the true murderer’s face because he wants to find Rhys. Everybody knows Joe is not the Eat-the-Rich Murderer, which makes matters with the Oxford mates easier.

Once everybody in London is okay, Kate heads over to Joe’s house and invites him to join her for a drink. She has become infatuated with Joe, and he wishes to reciprocate. However, given his history and Rhys’s threat, Joe believes he must keep Kate protected, which includes letting her go. She’s upset about his refusal, and Joe may have squandered a genuine chance at love.

Joe has his eyes set on Rhys, who declares his candidature for Mayor of London on TV.

The Episode Review

This season is centered on a big whodunit puzzle, as Joe has to use his chilly abilities to track down the Eat-the-Rich Killer who attempted to accuse him of murder. Whilst the premise is intriguing, matters dragged on a bit long as it shifted Joe’s intense behaviors towards an evil monster rather than an upsetting love interest.

Luckily, this episode ends the suspense with a bang in the season’s most tense episode. Additionally, this episode also hints at what will happen to Joe in part two of the season, when he’ll flip the graphs and go after the person who has been harassing him and endangering his brand-new life in London.

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