You- Season 4 Episode 1 “Joe Takes A Holiday” Recap & Review

Joe Takes A Holiday

Joe ends up going to Paris to look for Marienne after staging his murder as episode 1 of You season 4 begins. Weeks pass before he eventually finds one of her art pieces at a fair.

Joe purchases the artwork and persuades the vendor into providing him with more details about Marienne. Joe receives her email address and finds out that she is visiting London for Acanthus Art Fair. Joe travels to London while continuing to use Love’s pile of money to pay for it. Marienne, however, tries to escape from him and hides inside an empty building but he eventually finds her.

Once Joe approaches Marienne, she pulls a knife out of her purse and admits that she views him as nothing more than a murderer at this point. When Joe notices the panic in her eyes, he chooses to let her go in the hopes of showing her that she can trust him.

Joe is confronted by Elliot (a man employed by Love Quinn’s dad, Ray Quinn), as he sobs in a bar. Joe assumes that implies he will be killed soon, but Elliot says he is on his route to repentance. In actuality, Elliot has decided to stop killing, so he gives Joe a passport as well as a work permit so that he can start over as a new person in London. However, Elliot seems to want the cash Joe withdrew from Love’s account in return. Furthermore, Joe is instructed to kill Marienne, since she is aware of his existence.

Joe consents to Elliot’s demands, but he spares Marienne. Rather, Joe takes her jewelry as evidence that he followed instructions. Elliot believes all is resolved as Marienne leaves for Paris, and Joe changes his name to Jonathan Moore.

As Jonathan, Joe lands a fantastic position as a professor of literature, enabling him to make some money while pursuing his lifelong passion: reading. While the murderer might be a source of chaos, it seems as though Joe might finally turn out to be an honorable man.

Malcolm, a fellow university professor who enjoys going out every evening and struggles with a drug problem, is among the first folks Joe meets in London. Rich and messed up Malcolm believes that his narcissism is acceptable because of his wealth. Joe hates him because of this. Nevertheless, Malcolm offers support to Joe as he settles into a nearby apartment in London.

Joe is able to watch almost anything that occurs inside Malcolm’s flat through the window of his new home. This is how Joe first meets Kate, Malcolm’s girlfriend and a good hard working wonder at the art gallery. Joe, who is bored with his routine life, is drawn to Kate and continues to give in to his infatuation by learning more about her. He makes a commitment to himself to avoid trouble.

Joe witnesses Kate being robbed one night in the university’s parking area. Joe steps in and protects Kate from the perpetrators as a consequence of his white knight complex. Joe requests Kate not to inform the police about him following the assault because his visa application is in danger. Kate appears to agree to keep Joe’s secret private, but Malcolm has other plans.

Malcolm forces his mate to join him at Sundry House, a posh club, as a gesture of gratitude to Jonathan for rescuing Kate from the thieves. Joe is unable to decline and he ends up conversing with a diverse group of people.

One of these is Lady Phoebe, who is defined as a sweet and kind young woman who grew up mostly in tabloids as an aristocratic celeb. Holder of Sundry House and Phoebe’s partner, Adam Pratt is said to absolutely love to pose as a guy of the alternative kind while constructing a temple for his friends who are extremely wealthy.

Blessing, a cold-blooded woman who made her wealth by exploiting others via pyramid schemes, is another person Phoebe wants to introduce Jonathan to. Simon is another; he uses his father’s wealth to support his professional life while feigning to appear as a tortured artist. Simon’s sister Sophie is a successful business woman who has used her MBA to establish herself as an Instagram celeb, generating revenue from sponsorships.

Joe has made it through suburban hell and has no desire to associate with any more affluent people. Nevertheless, he strikes up an authentic human interaction with Rhys, who is the author of the excellent autobiography Joe recently finished reading. Rhys had a difficult upbringing and early life, and only became wealthy after learning he was a Duke’s successor. Quite like Joe, Rhys is aware that rich folks are a distinct species. Joe spends the night with Malcolm as well as his wealthy friends despite not enjoying their company and drinking to the brink of absolute lunacy.

The following morning when Joe finally wakes up, Malcolm is lying dead on the edge of Joe’s kitchen counter, having been stabbed through the chest. Due to excessive drinking, Joe has forgotten what happened and now believes he brutally murdered Malcolm. Joe is willing to acknowledge he’s a killer because he recalls his coworker insulting Marienne the previous evening. Malcolm’s body seems a bit odd because his finger is missing and his phone was damaged. Joe, however, pays little attention and attributes everything to alcohol.

When the night security officer takes a break, Joe wraps Malcolm’s body up in a cloth, drives to some kind of sawmill, and uses the opportunity to cut the body into tiny chunks. Thereafter, Joe dumps trash bags filled with various body parts into a lake so that even if they are discovered, they will not be able to assist the authorities in identifying the victim.

Joe goes all the way back to the Sundry House after disposing of Malcolm’s remains in order to return the colorful coat he discovered on himself. He also bumps into Rhys, with whom he has a touching discussion about accepting responsibility for your mistakes in order to experience true liberation. Joe also meets Kate, who extends an invitation for him to join the entire wealthy group for dinner.

While emphasizing how the Lady would then tell stories about the guy who declines her invitation to dinner, Kate tells Joe that Phoebe was quite fascinated with him. Joe appears to agree to go out to dinner, still unsure of how he wound up with people he detests, but willing to do anything to stay out of the tabloids’ sights.

Joe’s phone buzzes and he receives messages from an uninstalled anonymous messaging app. The man on the other end of the line confesses to killing Malcolm and wanted to blame Joe. The real culprit, however, is now curious after seeing how Joe dealt with the body and seeks to learn more concerning the professor.

The Episode Review

The first episode establishes the setting for Joe’s new adventure because he may have finally encountered a befitting foe. By providing Joe with a new persona and transporting him across the sea, the storyline continues to lead us into unexplored territory. The series unveils a new colorful group of characters who will probably prevent the murderer from switching to being a decent man.

The episode ends with the revelation that Joe did not murder Malcolm and also that the murderer was likely among the rich individuals Joe had met the evening before the murder. As a consequence, Joe can no longer duck the investigation; instead, he must identify the murderer and prevent the authorities from exposing his false identity.

Joe has been evading the law for three seasons, but now the murderer is looking into a murder and everybody is a suspect.

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