You Season 3 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

What Is Love?

Episode 10 of You Season 3 begins this finale with Joe doing his best to hide the bloody evidence from killing Ryan. Marienne messages about his death but Joe has problems of his own. A flustered Love heads back and mentions the situation with Theo before coming completely unraveled.

Love wants to have another baby in the wake of all his, and although Joe feigns a smile and hugs her, in secret he intends to leave Love for good very soon. The only question here is whether Marienne is going to leave with him.

What happens with Ryan’s murder?

Marienne eventually rings Joe to reveal that the police are chalking Ryan’s murder up to a mugger stabbing him outside. A mugger who doesn’t take anything and leaves him in cold blood after repeated stabbings. In Madre Linda, one of the safest suburbs? Hmm…

It would appear as if this is the end of our Ryan saga, as we move on to Marienne questioning whether Joe wants to join her and run away together. The pair do eventually break down their barriers, exchanging a heartfelt “I love you.”

Everything is looking rosy, but for one problem – Theo isn’t dead. Joe decides not to kill the boy, showing compassion, and instead dosing him up and taking the boy to hospital.

Does Love find out the truth about Joe’s affair?

Back at the bakery, Love follows up finding the bloody rags at home with piecing together what Joe has been up to. She realizes that Joe is responsible for killing Ryan and is cheating on her with Marienne.

Love is livid and eventually confronts Joe about this and asks outright whether he’s in love with her. Joe bits back, bringing up the situation with Theo in retaliation. As things grow heated, Joe decides they should get a divorce. And then Henry cries, distracting them.

Unfortunately, Love ends up poisonings Joe, who collapses on the floor. Love takes off, deciding to “save their marriage” while Joe lies motionless on the floor. He’s been paralyzed and when Love skips away, it’s just the opportunity Matthew needs to show up and confront him. He soon finds out that Theo is in hospital, thanks to checking Joe’s phone while he’s paralyzed, and takes off.

Meanwhile, Love picks up Henry and then invites Marienne over to talk. She unwittingly walks in as Love confronts her about the affair. Love doesn’t stop there though, and breaks down that Joe was the one who killed Ryan.

Just as things look set to explode in the worst possible way, Juliette appears at the door and distracts Love. This is enough for her to snap out of her murderous rage – at least momentarily – and tell the pair to run away.

What happens to Marienne?

Question marks are still raised over exactly where Marienne and Juliette have run off too but if the ending to this season is anything to go by, it would appear as if it’s the not we’ve heard from here. Still, they skip out the door together and when it closes, that’s the last time we see Marienne n this season. Thankfully she does survive though.

Do Joe and Love survive?

Left alone to her thoughts, Love decides she needs to take care of Joe once and for all. As she comes at him with a knife, Joe injects Love with Aconite, which causes paralysis. It turns out Joe expected all of this and dosed himself with adrenaline just before Love played her hand.

As Love’s heart slows and she slips into a paralytic-induced stupor, she tells Joe that they’re good for each other but bad for Henry. This singular act makes Joe realize he needs to do right by Henry and writes out a note. That night, he heads over to Dante’s house and raps on the door, running away while leaving Henry for him to look after from now on.

Joe returns home and sets up the perfect crime scene, even cutting off two of his toes to make it look like the pair have had a big fight. He sets everything up to frame Love; he burns their photo albums, turns on the gas, and leaves Love on the floor in a paralyzed state. All of this has been done to make it look like Love has actually killed Joe.

What happens to Sherry and Cary?

While this is going on, Sherry and Cary manage to slip away from the glass cage, thanks to Love’s amateurish moves and hiding a key inside the inventory. As they slip away, the pair take advantage of their ordeal and paint Love as a murderous psycho. They even release a new book too.

In the wake of Joe and Love leaving, Madre Linda starts to heal.

How does Love Season 3 end?

As we close out this twisted tale of murder and revenge, Matthew and Theo rekindle their father/son relations as they leave hospital together. Dante and Lansing win custody of Henry from drunkard Dottie while both Jackson and Andrew take over the bakery.

It’s happy endings all round as we cut across to Joe in Paris. A young woman and her daughter show up at a bar…but it’s not Marienne and Juliette. Instead, he heads out and decides to remain intent on finding his “true love.”

The Episode Review

So You bows out with a conclusive chapter that pretty much ties up everything that happened in Madre Linda and closes out (hopefully) this Love and Henry saga. The whole story has felt pretty diluted and failed to really capture what makes You such an enthralling watch.

This finale at least goes some way to make up for the large stretches of mediocrity across the season but it’s definitely been the weaker of the three.

The characters themselves have lacked any sort of depth, with many supporting characters just lurking about and showing up when the script calls for them to intervene. It also seems as if Love is dead but given we never actually saw her declared dead (always a big red-flag with TV shows!) she could even still be alive.

This season has been a weird blend of ideas in many ways that have never quite gelled well enough together to make it worth the 10 episode run. It’s not a bad season per-se, but it’s not a particularly great one either. In the end, You bows out with a pretty good finale that just about makes up for the indifferent middle portion of chapters.

What did you guys think of the finale? Did you enjoy season 3? Agree with our write-up? Or are we way off the mark? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “You Season 3 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Joe is getting so old , Love was so much more of an interesting character. I honestly lost so much interest in this show with them killing her off. So now what, another season of joe creeping on some poor chick. Joe is way more of a murdering peice of crap then Love. Idk just feel like they messed up.

  2. I agree that this season was really hard to watch, but somehow I still can’t look away either. Joe’s character was so off, he already with someone that’s perfect for him, yet he’s still looking for another woman. Love’s character was already off since Season 2 finale, the reveal that she was as psycho all along.

    Another thing that upsets me is the plot twist in the season finale with the aconite. I recognized it as the typical Hollywood BS plot twist. If the aconite don’t affect him, why didn’t Joe speak to Matthew when he came. If it’s because the antidote takes time to work, then why didn’t he do something when Marienne came instead of his internal dialogue “run, run”, because only minutes after this when Marienne left, Love head towards him right away to kill him, only to realize he is already fully functioning.

    Aside these, gotta say, one of the most disturbing show I’ve ever watched. All the while, somehow, mesmerising.

  3. Slow moving Glory hard to watch but I couldn’t look away
    I did like the ending and thought love was indeed dead..? Can you walk without two of your toes?

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