You – Season 3 Episode 6 “W.O.M.B.” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of You Season 3 begins with Joe just starting to obsess over Marienne. He knows her likes and dislikes, feeding off that stalker rush again. And just like he did with Beck and Peach, Joe finds himself hiding under the bed when she returns home. Funnily enough, he even references the pegging incident too!

Love meanwhile, tries to convinces herself that she’s the “best wife ever”, despite Theo constantly hanging about like a bad smell. He messages her continuously, despite Love telling him not to. As we hear Love’s narration, this flustered wife ends up messaging Forty in a one-way conversation to try and quell her concerns.

The problem in this marriage is two-fold; Joe keeps thinking about Marienne while Love finds herself thinking of Theo. And naturally Joe’s obsession gets the better of him as he notices Marienne leave mid-shift. The woman is somewhat of an enigma but Joe convinces himself that he’s scratched this itch and won’t be divulging further after peeking details of an ex and potential abuse too.

Later that day, Marienne returns to work but her personal issues spill over in a big way. A big argument paves way for an introduction to Marienne’s ex, Ryan Goodwin. He’s one of the anchors for Channel 3 news and as Joe gets involved, Marienne lashes out and her temper reminds him of Beck. And that, in turn, reminds him of his deep-rooted Mummy issues.

Interestingly, Marienne has also been in foster care and her rough upbringing allows her and Joe to connect on a much more intimate level than Joe ever has with Beck or Love. Alone, this woman understands what he’s going through, and if her light touch of his arm is anything to go by, she feels it too.

Marienne continues, discussing how Ryan has a big case against her, including emotional and verbal abuse along with destruction of property after she “barely” keyed his car. There’s blame on his side too, giving her the wrong address for a visitation for their child and subsequently slapping Marienne with a label of being neglectful.

And just like in the movies (remember when this show used to parody romcom tropes?) the sprinklers turn on and the “passionate kiss in the rain” is played out. Until the water stops of course, as the pair decide they need to stop this… and then kiss again.

Meanwhile, Love attends a W.O.M.B. summit with Sherry and a whole group of awful characters – including her mum. These privileged, upper-class ladies take the idea of inclusive womanhood to a whole ‘nother level.

Love sees through it and eventually calls out her mum for ousting Love’s big secret. She’s pregnant with another on the way and she obviously takes that as an opportunity to score big with her social media followers. A fierce argument inevitably breaks out between the two, with Love’s hypocrisy about sabotaged happiness coming into play when her mum mentions Theo.

Unfortunately all this stress – and a touching chat with Forty in a dream some time later – results in her losing her baby. Love decides it’s time to say goodbye, messaging Forty one last time and deleting his contact number.

As the episode closes out, Theo comes rushing over to Love’s place and mentions what he’s found Matthew working on. An earlier scene involving Matthew asleep at the computer and a big board up with names and pictures paves way for mad-conspiracy-Matthew to be born. He’s investigating Natalie’s murder on his own. Are Joe and Love safe?

The Episode Review

So the ghosts of Joe’s past come back to bite them as the pair learn that Matthew is actually investigating the pair in his own way. The situation with Theo may prove to be crucial after all, as Love attempts to fly close to the sun without giving in to temptation.

It seems You is done with lecturing us about vaccines now which is good, and the writing is an improvement as a result. However, the show does feel a lot more diluted than the first season’s clear and structured path, with a lot of spinning plates held together through Love and Joe’s very-clearly-not-working marriage.

The dynamic is still engaging but given we know this one has been renewed for season 4 already, I’m struggling to see where the legs are on this show to carry the same premise over multiple seasons.

Still, we’ll have to wait and see what the final four episodes have in store for us.

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