You – Season 3 Episode 4 “Hands Across Madre Linda” Recap & Review

Hands Across Madre Linda

Episode 4 of You Season 3 begins with Joe taking care of Gil in the basement. He’s kept in the glass cage and thankfully not dead. The pair agree to let bygones be bygones but Joe has his doubts. Gil is not the sort of person to bury the hatchet and Joe believes letting him go will be bad news. So naturally he keeps him in the basement.

Love starts to crack, especially when she finds out the town are organizing a community search right in the place where they buried Natalie. I guess they didn’t move her to the concrete foundation after all then.

So while the villagers sharpen their pitchforks to prod at the truth, Joe heads online to try and find something to hold against Gil. Only, he seems to have the perfect life so that’s going to be difficult.

With online searches a no-go, Joe decides to confront Gil while he’s in the glass cage. Unfortunately that too hits a roadblock. So naturally  but he doesn’t have anything juicy enough to hold against him. And his poor “rough-style” sex lie isn’t going to cut it.

Love grows impatient with the long-game so instead gets her family involved, hiring a PA to dig up dirt on Gil. It doesn’t take long before they find out that Gil cheated to get his son, Alan, into Dartmouth. Only, it goes much deeper than that. Alan is actually a sexual abuser and this big revelation is enough for them to get an alibi to hold over him. Or it would, but for one problem.

Leaving Gil alone with so many supplies unattended, following this big reveal, is a massive red flag that they should have seen coming. Gil hangs himself after believing he’s ruined his family and as Love and Joe find out, they’re rattled over what to do next. Just then though, Love has a good idea.

Love makes an appearance with the search party, making small talk with Matthew and trying to blend in. Joe however, puts Love’s plan in action and decides to kill two birds with one stone. Or, more specifically, two bodies with one story. So after a particularly sketchy run-in in the woods (straight after Love plants an axe out there, just obvious enough for it to be found) Gil’s suicide note incriminates himself for Natalie’s death.

So with the crime solved (at least for the detectives and townsfolk) Joe and Love get back to work. Only, cracks begin to form for both of them. The former ends up giving mixed signals to Theo, who kisses her only to be rejected. For Joe? Well, Marienne offers him a reading gig to take over from Gil at the library but…wait… is she flirting with him? Uh Oh…

The Episode Review

So You returns back to its usual storytelling tropes after last episode’s bizarre blip to anti-vax obscurity. Now it looks like the Gil/Natalie situation has been resolved but you never know with this series, there’s still time for the truth to come out and completely uproot this dysfunctional family.

Seeing Love and Joe both teaming up together is a nice touch and plays on the idea of this murderous, psychotic family that are just trying to do right by Henry, no matter how messed up this is.

Speaking of which, Henry has just been a footnote in recent episodes, with most of the attention turning to the events around town. It’s clear that Sherry is going to be a problem going forward; she has that Peach-esque busy-body persona and that does not pose well for both Love and Joe.

So far, this third season has been pretty good but we’ll have to wait and se what thee rest of the season has in store for us.

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