You – Season 3 Episode 2 “So I Married An Axe Murderer” Recap & Review

So I Married An Axe Murderer

Episode 2 of You Season 3 begins with Joe and Love in couple’s therapy. While they talk, we flash back to the moments from the end of episode 1, as Joe tries to talk Love through hiding Natalie’s corpse. It’s a clever rapport, with the duo dancing around what actually happened while bringing up their angst and relationship issues to their therapist, Chandra.

“She forced me to get rid of her,” Joe eventually retorts carefully, as Chandra perks up and listens. Now, she believes this is referring to getting rid of the cheating but, as we soon see, it’s actually Joe wrapping up Natalie’s body with tape and taking off, burying her in the woods. Joe even spills the truth that he wanted to leave Love after this incident.

So why didn’t he? Well, he wasn’t sure whether Henry would actually be better off with their family broken up. But yet, Chandra’s bombshell reveal that they shouldn’t be using their kid as a rationing tool to stay together. Only, this throws even more doubts Joe’s way.

These doubts spill over to Andrew Jackson’s party, which is, of course, terrible. And it’s about to get a whole lot worse. It turns out Natalie was wearing a Vital Ring the night of her death. These rings basically shows heart rate, blood sugar levels and even GPS to loved ones. Realizing their window is rapidly closing, Love and Joe team up together to head back out into the woods to dig up Natalie and take the ring.

With Love planting the ring so it looks like she just lackadaisically took it off, Joe contemplates whether to bury Natalie in a lot just on the edge of town which is due to have a concrete foundation poured in the following day. The perfect crime.

Back in therapy, following a joke about the pair “not being murderers” (Oh Chandra, you have no idea!) she realizes that the pair do have a spark together. They’re both worried about abandonment from their families, and on the agreement to be teammates, everything changes. The sex is better and the two start to see each other in a whole new light. And together they build up Love’s bakery, complete with a glass cage with spare keys hidden by both Love and Joe – just in case.

As the episode closes out, there’s another nice little twist. Remember that boy throwing compliments Love’s way? Well, it turns out this is Theo, who happens to be Natalie’s son. Police show up next door as the pair brace themselves for what’s about to occur.

The Episode Review

With Joe and Love both in couple’s therapy, You takes on a nice dimension this time around with a clever bout of editing. The idea of blending this therapy session with flashes to the past works really well and the wordplay is both amusing and well written in the context of this series.

The story has been a little different this time around, with both Love and Joe trying to stay together and find reasons to be in this relationship. It’s a pretty relatable story in truth – minus the killing – and it’s something the writers have done well to capture thus far.

With the police arriving on the scene at Natalie’s place, it looks like we’re gearing up for a lot more drama to come in the episodes ahead.

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  1. excellent review! I just started looking at S2 nights ago. Funny seeing Joe married but the writing and narration are really terrific. really lk this season so far.

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