Yellowjackets – Season 2 Episode 6 “Qui” Recap & Review


The Past

As Shauna goes into labour, the girls are woefully underprepared and in the dark about it. This is despite seeing sex-ed classes where they watched videos about giving birth.

Misty, who was Mother Teresa with medical urgency when the plane crashed, literally freezes watching Shauna’s state. Still, the girls come together and try to make things better. Misty runs away from the situation when she sees blood from Shauna’s private parts.

Ben, who showed the girls the birthing video in class, also wipes his hands from the task. Travis sees making offerings to the wilderness as the only option and they begin the process. Akilah oversees the makeshift operation but she and Tai notice that the placenta is coming before the baby’s head. That is not supposed to happen but they keep encouraging Shauna.

Lottie helps Misty snap out of her slumber and she is back to being in charge of things, dictating everyone around her. Lottie leads a deep prayer to the wilderness for help as Misty and Akilah work on getting the baby out. And it works; Shauna gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

But this is where the troubles seemingly begin. The baby won’t feed from Shauna and is crying constantly. Shauna is getting more vexed with each passing day. Shauna finds Lottie feeding the baby in the middle of the night and is disturbed by the incident.

Shauna puts all her hopes in another attempt to feed him and it works. She is relieved and mutters to herself, “It is you and me kid, against the whole world.” Shauna wakes up in the middle of the night to shockingly find the girls eating the baby in a circle. It turns out the baby never made it. Shauna fell unconscious and only imagined that the baby was born alive and healthy. He died tragically in childbirth but Shauna is not ready to believe it.

The Present

Misty now has to stay at the Commune and hands over her personal items. Lottie greets her but Misty is cold. She does not believe that Natalie tried to kill herself. And even if she did, Lottie would be the last one she would come to. Shauna and Callie are called by Kevyn to the police station.

We saw Kevyn and Saracusa finding out that the condom was filled with hand lotion and it was a ploy by Shauna. This is a follow-up after that since the cops have their tails up.

Natalie’s wild session with Lottie from the last episode is still bothering her. More so than anything else, it has brought to the surface feelings of guilt over Travis’ death. She feels responsible but Lisa tries to convince her otherwise. Natalie is also tormented by the dark nature of horrific things they did to survive in the jungle – things like giving your soul to the devil? Yeah, maybe.

Tai wakes up and asks Van questions about Tai II (let us call her that because it gets complicated to write and to read). We only learn that Tai II said “We’re not supposed to be here.” Tai is confused by “we” but Van does not want to be a part of any more than this.

Lottie once again sees her therapist. Her visions are persisting and she feels that people from the wilderness returning to her – Travis, Natalie, and now Misty – are a sign of “It” sending them to her. The power of the wilderness wants to prove its existence and that it still resided in all the Yellowjacket survivors.

Tai offers to help Van with business stuff. She is reluctant at first but seems eager for help. Tai is informed by Misty about the developments at Green Pine and notes the address of the place. Van and Tai go together. But the former is going only to drop off Tai and stay away. It also seems like they will not be getting back together, as we first envisioned when they met in episode 4.

Natalie is beginning to embrace the idea of the Commune – healing and approaching suffering with compassion. Lisa is emotionally supportive and Nat might turn by the end. Tai informs Jeff of the developments as Shauna is being questioned at the moment. Nat is surprised to find Misty enchanting other members with her wild tales. Saracusa and Kevyn are psychologically manipulating both Callie and Shauna in different rooms.

Both are impressive stoic but Shauna understands the dynamics of the situation and mixes reality with fiction to deflect. Saracusa sees right through it and brings her back to the point when Shauna inadvertently mentions Adam. Kevyn isn’t as successful, though. Callie turns the tables on Saracusa by accusing him he told Callie “he loved her.” Jeff is roughed up about it and tells Shauna about the call.

They all reach the commune and we see Lottie walking ominously toward them. A top-down view of the field shows visible outlines of the symbol etched into the ground. And all our protagonists standing in the shape. They have entered the “game.”

The Episode Review

This was by far the best episode of the season. The ending was especially rough, brutal, and visceral, quite like the wilderness. Lottie for once actually brought some kind of shape to the supernatural force that we saw in the last episode. We now know to refer to it as “the wilderness.” It is still not as specific as we want but it is a good place to start developing this demon.

We do not have a lot of time left, and with the WGA strike, no one knows when the third season could possibly release. Most of our surviving Yellowjackets have assembled in Lottie’s “backyard” and now we can finally expect the tension to intensify. The build-up was becoming tiresome and tedious but episode 6 has brought the story back on track. Season 2 is heading for a strong finish.

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