Yellowjackets – Season 1 Episode 5 “Two Truths and a Lie Recap & Review

Two Truths and a Lie

Present Timeline

Adult Van lives alone and runs a video-renting store. She rents out old VHS tapes of movies and even has the VCR machines for borrowing purposes. Tai walks in, they exchange greetings, and she faints. Matt, Kevyn’s police partner, is still working Callie for more information on Adam’s case. They go bowling together and it seems Callie wants to take things forward.

He refuses to kiss her and explains to Callie they should take their time before doing anything physical. When the waitress hands over the bill to her and Matt is not there, Callie searches his name online and discovers his true identity. She lies to him about Shauna sleeping with Randy to take the suspicion off her. Callie comes clean about Matt to Jeff and Shauna. While the latter thinks it is a good idea, the former does not.

Walter and Misty continue their road trip. They are heading towards the camp’s address that Misty found in the previous episode. It was not exact but they have a general idea of where it might be.

There is still some doubt on Misty’s side about romantically pursuing Walter but he seems certain as rain that he likes her. Misty spots the gate of the commune off an exit. Natalie keeps trying to access Lottie’s private residence with the keys she stole off Lisa. She spots Misty and Walter at the gate, where Natalie explains the situation to them since they feel they’re here to “Rescue her.”

Misty is shocked to learn about Lottie, and Natalie angrily sends them away before her “plans” are spoiled. Tai wakes up and Van guesses she is sleepwalking again. She is right and they discuss the next steps.

Tai also confides in Van about sacrificing the dog and putting up the mess in the basement. Misty is in over her head as she construes Natalie’s genuine anger as an act to stay alive. She theorizes Lottie is jealous of Misty and Natalie’s closeness. Then, something strange happens.

It is déjà vu for Misty as Walter accuses her of killing Adam, having followed up on Misty’s story about Adam’s mother. She feels she is being backed into a corner when Walter compares her to his murderous grandmother. Even though Walter says he still likes her, she calls their “thing” over and leaves the car.

Jeff and Shauna concoct a plan with Randy, where they call him to a motel and know that Kevyn and Matt would be following her. The cops seem convinced that Shauna and Randy are having an affair.

Randy mentions the FBI questioning to Shauna, worrying her. To give the police even more credible evidence, she asks Randy to come inside a condom and throw it in the bin. Tai and Van have a fight when Tai indicates she needs help. She breaks down crying saying she does not want Van to be a part of her madness again. Natalie breaks in and finds evidence that Lottie is manipulating everyone at the commune. She takes it to the meeting room and confronts Lottie publicly. But quite shockingly, they already know it.

Shauna’s plan would have been successful had Matt not smelled the apparently used condom and found strawberry lotion in it. Randy could not climax and instead used the lotion in the bathroom to fill the condom. Matt and Kevyn recognize their cover has been blown but it is not over between Shauna and Matt. The “other Tai” suddenly gets up and says to Van “they aren’t supposed to be there.” It also seems like Van has cancer since she takes the oxycodone tablets.

Lottie calms Natalie down. She hypnotizes her to make Natalie remember the last time she saw Travis. When Travis and Natalie were doing drugs and she overdosed, she saw a dark, menacing, evil figure from the woods that “came back with them.” As Lottie’s head turns, she sees a shadow of the antlers above her head. Is the “darkness” within her?

Past Timeline

In the past, we see Lottie has started gathering girls and leading meditation sessions to connect with their spiritual selves. Tai’s sleepwalking issues have stopped as a result. Lottie believes they need to nurture their connection with nature to protect themselves.

Javi has not yet started talking though, and the girls seem concerned, but Travis is eerily nonchalant. He still seems to be upset with Natalie as well for lying to him that Javi had died previously in episode 2.

Misty and Crystal’s friendship seems to be growing as they are spending a lot of time with each other. Akilah has managed to keep Nugget, her pet mouse, a secret from everyone else. When Javi does not respond to Travis’ urge to tell him where Javi was all this time, Travis takes out his frustration on Natalie.

The issue of the bloody clothes finally comes up here, as Natalie believes Javi being alive is unexplainable but Travis says he would have found him quicker if he knew Javi was alive.

Crystal and Misty go to empty the bucket near the cliff. The former confesses that her real name is actually Kristen. She went along with Crystal because the team gave her a nickname and seemed to like her. Misty gets too excited and tells Crystal that she destroyed the emergency transmitter when the plane crashed because everyone started liking Misty. Crystal’s expressions suddenly change and she feels disgusted.

Fearing she will tell the others, Misty threateningly advances towards her and Crystal falls to her death down the cliff. Shauna has a fight with Tai about siding with Lottie for her morning sessions. She feels threatened by Lottie being obsessed with her baby. A storm is brewing and they hurriedly get back to the cabin, where Misty goes down to say goodbye to her “bestie.”

In a bizarre sequence, Lottie and the others communicate with Tai using their spiritual connection. They’re able to make it back and Shauna goes into labour. Javi mentions he came back because “his friend told him to” to Ben – but he does not say more.

The Episode Review

We have been waiting patiently for some story building about the mystery of what the “darkness” really is. And even in this episode, we do not get a clear answer when the makers had the perfect opportunity. I feel they are dragging the big reveal far too long in this season. Their lack of proactiveness is making us lose interest in the story. The secrets of the woods have to be elaborated upon in the rest of the episodes.

In its current shape, season 2 of Yellowjackets is taking us for granted. This felt like a filler episode except for the final scene. Matt is a clever cop and is relentlessly chasing Shauna’s case, and she will be mad when she finds out what Randy did. The investigation threatens to coincide with the unfolding drama at the commune and let’s not forget Walter, who has proven himself capable. All of this is worthless if we do not get answers soon!

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