Yellowjackets – Season 2 Episode 4 “Old Wounds” Recap & Review

Old Wounds

The Past

Shauna storms in to announce that someone has stolen their bear meat at the start of Yellowjackets episode 4. There is a look of confusion on everyone’s faces as all the girls have different theories.

Mari believes it could have been Coach Scott, who has been quiet for the last two episodes. He did not partake in their cannibal frenzy and seems most synced to his inner human.

Vanessa is now accompanying Tai in her nightly sojourns but each time Tai steps out, she locates a tree with the weird cult symbol. Vanessa has used Scott’s map and her experiences with Tai to plot the trees she has found on a map. Connecting the dots, they get that symbol.

Mari gets into an argument with Natalie, and as we soon find out, the point of contention is who, between Natalie and Lottie, is helping bring food in for the camp. Sides are taken for each and it is decided that they compete against each other to test out Mari’s theory.

While they are out, Mari is obsessed with the dripping noise. She asks Akilah to look with her, where Akilah finds a rat in the back of the cottage and makes it her pet for the time being.

Lottie reaches the site of the sacrifice and gives her blood again. Natalie finds something under thin ice and is excited about the prospect of taking it out.

Tai is not ready to accept Vanessa’s theory though. She challenges Tai, saying that a spot on the map will be a tree with that symbol. Natalie has found the moose that attacked her beneath the ice and returns to help to get it out.

Lottie finds Leonard, the stuffed toy from the plane, and also finds a secret passage that leads down to the earth. When she goes in, Lottie miraculously transmits into another reality of sorts. What is happening here?

But the next scene confirms her delusion as she walks in on the girls eating fast food. She is transported back into the snow. And at the same time, the group is not able to get the moose out and it drowns at the bottom of the lake.

Natalie is drawn a hot bath by the other girls to prevent pneumonia, while Lottie is brought in and Natalie helps her with the bath and they bond. Vanessa and Tai find Javi when they are out to find the tree. Everyone is excited and shocked to see him back, while Mari exclaims that Lottie was right but Vanessa says Tai knew where he was.

The Present

Tai is having those blackouts again where she finds herself in places she doesn’t recognize and doesn’t know how she got there. This time, she has driven to an unknown place and her car is out of fuel.

She has Jessica’s files and also witnesses flashes of meeting her. She starts walking, heading towards the west. Jeff tells Shauna that Kevyn and the others know about her affair with Adam. But Shauna is unfazed. Lottie is dressed in a jeans and top. Natalie is surprised to see her like this but she is actually heading over to the bank. Natalie wants to go with Lisa and set up the Farmer’s Market booth since it is Tuesday.

Lottie is reluctant but agrees as Natalie seems sincere in her intentions. Misty and Walter are on a road trip heading towards Lottie’s camp. Misty is worried about her friends, who have not contacted her in the last week. She finds evidence in Walter’s car that leads her to believe he is obsessed with her because she is a Yellowjacket.Walter denies the allegation and says he enjoys Misty’s company and crime-solving brains.

Lisa and Natalie seem to be getting friendlier. The former is aware of how weird Natalie feels believing the stuff that the compound people believe in. Lisa requests to make a stop at her suburban house and Natalie promises not to tell Lottie.

It turns out that Lottie has gone to a therapist and not the bank. She is having visions as she did in the wilderness and that was decades ago. She does not believe her visions are true, but perhaps they harbour deeper meanings about the past, present, and future.

Shauna meets Michelle, Alana’s mother. Alana is a friend that Callie, Shauna’s daughter, has been claiming to spend all this time with. But Michelle says Callie hasn’t been over at her house in weeks. Shauna investigates Callie’s room and finds pieces of Adam’s burnt license. She decides to come clean and have no secrets with her daughter.

Walter reveals he is a multi-millionaire to Misty. He won a $6 million suit against a scaffolding company and had to get a metal plate installed in his head. Lisa’s mother wants her to come back but Lisa says she is content. It is also revealed she is battling long-term depression. She is getting better every week.

Callie is shaken when Shauna tells the truth. She also promises not to tell anyone else. But will their relationship be the same? That is a jarring truth to learn about your parent. Hope is bleak but let’s see!

Lisa has difficulties with her mother Sybill as well. Natalie takes Lisa’s favourite fish from the house in her mouth and gives it to her, solidifying their bond.

Walter suggests that they should rest for the night and Misty agrees. They get two different rooms, of course. Watching them perform the same acts as they go into their rooms is so reassuring; it’s like they are made for each other.

Natalie asks Lisa to defer her suicidal thoughts for the next day and repeat the exercise over and over again. Jeff still has tremors from the affair, while Shauna understands his positioning but reassures him that they are in this storm together.

When Shauna says she told Callie, Jeff is incredulous. He gets animated and says this will get her into trouble. Callie shows up though and comes clean about her nightly sojourns to the park. It seems like the family is indeed united.

Lottie finds a Queen’s card in her Gratitude Entries for the compound. She takes a knife and offers blood as she did in the wilderness to the shrine. She is begging for “this to be enough.” She wants the visions to stop.

At the same time, Tai is dropped off at a town. It is almost as if she knows where to go, and inside a coffee shop, she finds an adult Vanessa.

The Episode Review

Yellowjackets returns this week with some serious plot progression and even more shocking truths about the symbol and its weird energy. Episode 4 brought back Javi to the cottage, making Lottie and Tai the undisputed queens in the girls’ eyes. Lottie’s vision was fascinating but it does not quite fit into the scheme of things yet.

Her visions have come back after decades and we see her desperate for them to vanish. There is an increasing feeling that her “cult” might not be as simple to judge as it seemed. Lottie seems to have psychological issues and is reluctant to have the onus of these magical powers bestowed upon her.

Tai’s blackouts are another strange mystery that we do not have answers to. Misty and Walter are getting closer to cracking Natalie’s disappearance. But the question is: does she really want to be found? Callie seems to be normal but she is volatile and it could all spiral out of control for Shauna and Jeff if they aren’t careful.

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