Yellowjackets – Season 2 Episode 3 “Digestif” Recap & Review


We open episode 3 of Yellowjackets season 2 with a flashback of Ben spending the last few nights with Paul, his boyfriend, before departing. He has grown weak in the past timeline and declined to partake in the girls’ brazen cannibalism in the last episode. Tai is completely caught off-guard when she sees Jackie’s eaten-up body, she was in a trance while it happened.

Natalie and the others break the news to her. Tai is instantly overcome with disgust and chokes on her vomit. Natalie takes the lead and proposes that they take Jackie’s body back to the aeroplane. When the ground thaws, they should bury her with the others.

In the present day, Natalie is back at Lottie’s communion grounds. She is intrigued and watches her in action, wandering around the campus as her path collides with Lisa’s, the girl she attacked with a fork. Lisa tells her that Natalie is looking at Lottie’s quarters, which always remain locked.

In an intimidating tactic, Lisa cuts off a chicken’s head right in front of Natalie, but she is unfazed. Tai wakes up at the hospital but Simone is not completely out of her critical condition despite doing better. Tai suddenly recognizes she drew the cult sign on Simone’s hand in her altered state.

Misty accepts Walter’s invitation to interrogate a suspect. He welcomes her and admires her crime-solving eye for details. Misty is shocked to see the person they are interrogating is Randy Marsh, Jeff’s best friend from high school. If he sees Misty, their cover will be blown.

Walter gives her an earpiece and calls her, allowing Misty to listen to their conversation and feed Walter questions to ask. Jeff speculatively brings back a past event to ascertain when Shauna got “bored” of him. She tries to alleviate his fears and says that her affair with Adam gave Shauna an opportunity to not be “her boring self.”

While going back home, Jeff suddenly decides to be spontaneous and drive all the way to Virginia. They almost hit a man a few moments later. It turns out he is a con man and holds them at gunpoint. Jeff gives him the keys to the car but Shauna snatches the gun away. Before she can shoot, Jeff stops her and the man escapes with their car. Lottie tries to tempt Natalie into joining their communion but she is undecided.

In the past, we see Natalie working on wrapping up Jackie’s corpse and Lottie trying to encourage her. She rejects Lottie and Travis’ help and goes off on her own. Lottie also encourages Shauna, who is worried about her unborn, by throwing a baby shower for Shauna. Walter is pushed by Misty to be rough with Randy while interrogating him about Natalie. He slaps him twice as a result.

In the past, Akilah expresses her desire to get back and see her nephew, who was a baby when she left. Mari hears dripping, while Crystal confides in Misty that she absorbed her twin in her mother’s womb.

We see that Ben and Paul had a fight about the former’s lack of commitment. He had promised to move in with Paul after the holidays but now he is stalling. Natalie reaches the aeroplane and puts Jackie’s body in it. She says her piece to Jackie, which is a combination of apologizing and thanking. Natalie is attacked by an animal but it escapes. Walter tries to take his interrogation to the next level and Randy is compelled to tell the truth.

He tells them about the group that was outside Natalie’s apartment. They were in all purple robes. In the past, Crystal and Misty’s friendship grows. Van does not sleep and watches Tai sleepwalking. She accompanies Tai outside. She talks in her altered state and tells Van about the man with no eyes. Tai takes Van to a tree with the symbol etched in it. She is suddenly woken up by Van but cannot recall the man she was following. Jeff feels emasculated by the event and takes it out on Kevyn, the police officer, for upsetting Shauna.

Despite knowing the truth, Jeff keeps up his pretence. Shauna goes to the place where her minivan is but the man does not take her seriously as Shauna’s hands are shaking. She explains it as her indecisiveness as to kill him or not. She even spooks the man by telling her how she peeled the skin off a human body. The man is scared and gives her the minivan.

In the past, the girls give gifts to Shauna on the eve of the shower. Misty’s shocking and stirring theatrical performance grabs everyone’s attention. While in the bathroom, Tai finds her reflection mouthing words to her and holding her own face. She is spooked and calls Jessica in a hurry. She borrows her lawyer’s car.

Walter is impressed with Misty and their bond grows. She suggests checking credit card receipts from the vending machine at Natalie’s motel. Misty tries to spin a lie for Shauna’s sake when Walter asks her why she is downvoting his posts about Adam. Walter buys the lie. Misty is surprised when Walter reveals that he came to the nursing home just to meet her. She receives a text from Walter saying the receipt is from Cherry Corners in New York. He proposes to go on a road trip with her and she is excited.

Lottie calls forward Natalie in a public meeting at the communion. They are all wearing purple robes. She asks Natalie to turn her attention inward and check for unprocessed feelings. Lottie invites Lisa when Natalie gets itchy. She asks Lisa to tell Natalie how she felt when Natalie attacked her. Lisa opens up about her feelings and is deeply hurt. Lottie gives her a knife and the option to hurt Natalie back but Lisa decides against it.

In the past, Natalie calls out Lottie for giving Shauna a blanket with the symbol stitched on. Shauna suddenly starts bleeding from the nose. Suddenly, the girls find that a pack of birds fall dead around their cottage. They place the birds on the porch for Lottie to bless them before they eat.

As the camera zooms out, we see the symbol bring drawn on a glass window in the cottage. Lottie goes to her beehives and finds all the bees are dead. She also finds blood inside the structures of the hives. An acolyte walks her way and says “il veut du sang” (he wants the blood). However, Lottie realizes it was a hallucination.

The Episode Review

“Digestif” ends on a stirring note with Lottie’s vision, but overall it was a pretty mellow episode with very little substance to the overarching narrative. Misty and Walter are set to become a tag team and get closer to uncovering Natalie’s disappearance. Tai’s predicament in the present was neglected in this episode but the little cues were quite spooky.

She has a lot to figure out, especially her connection with the symbol and her altered state. Jeff and Shauna are trying to get things back on track but it seems hard to do. A marriage is built on trust and its violation more often than not breaks the marriage irrevocably.

The past timeline seems much more interesting and atmospheric than the present, which wasn’t the case when season 2 began. It is still early days but Yellowjackets’ season 2 is already proving to be a worthy successor.

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