Yellowjackets – Season 1 Episode 6 “Saints” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Yellowjackets Season 1 begins with a closer look at Lottie, and boy is this girl weird. As a child she begins screaming while waiting at a red light, avoiding a car crash. However, this perceived premonition is rejected by her father though, who decides she needs to go to therapy.

Back in the wilderness, Lottie continues to experience weird visions. This time of a deer with bloodied antlers. Now, this is an ominous foreshadowed sign of what occurs at the end of the episode, but we’re getting a big ahead of ourselves here!

During one of their late night rendezvous, Tai wants to leave the group but Van convinces her not to. When she heads back in the cabin, Shauna awakens after another nightmare. It’s here we find out that Shauna’s baby is actually fathered by Jeff…who’s currently dating Jackie. Oof. Shauna is worried about Jackie finding out and contemplates taking drastic measures to hide this. The guilt though is overbearing.

That reaches fever pitch though when Jackie talks to Shauna about Jeff. After gushing over how good a boyfriend he is, she reveals that he actually told her he loved her the day before they left.

Speaking of loving, Nat and Travis wind up kissing passionately inside the wreckage of the plane. When they head back to the cabin, most of the girls ooh and aah over their newfound relations. Jackie though, is not happy. She calls them out for a lack of effort on the hunting front, bubbling up the tensions in camp. I mean, this is the same Jackie that hasn’t been pulling her weight; anyone else smell a new world order on the horizon?

Anyway, Lottie’s earlier vision with the deer sees her head up to see Laura. Now, as she’s the spiritual rock on the island, it makes sense that Lottie going to her for advice on what this means. “If you accept Him into your heart, he’ll help you discern the true from the false.”

Lottie takes her down to the lake and carries out a makeshift baptism of sorts, gently dropping her into the water. In doing so, she once again sees that same vision of the deer. As she lights a couple of candles, she flashes back to the present, where Laura believes she’s seen the Holy Spirit.

Meanwhile, Travis asks the one question that every single guy seems to ask, and it always ends up in tears. He asks how many guys she’s been with. Nat immediately takes offence and begins lashing out, until she finds out that Travis is actually a virgin. Nat though isn’t but honestly, who cares right?

She convinces Travis it doesn’t matter but rustling outside distracts them both. It’s an animal, and the perfect opportunity to hunt presents itself. It’s a deer and as the pair bring it into camp, Lottie notices it has bloody antlers – the same deer from her visions. When they cut open the deer, maggots are crawling all over. It’s the final straw for Tai, who takes the initiative and decides to try and find some help.

Our time in the present picks up with Shauna. She makes it over to Natalie’s place where Taissa steers the conversation to Travis and the weird symbol. Interestingly, Shauna never actually received one of the envelopes. Now, Nat believes it could be Jessica but instead off bringing her over, Shauna comes up with a counter-plan. She wants to throw a tracker in the bag of 50k for whomever this blackmailer is, that way they can find who it is – and where they’re going.

Now, if Shauna’s issues on the island were wracked with guilt, so too is her time in the present. We’re on the anniversary of Jackie’s death and everything is a reminder of the betrayal she engaged in. All of this crescendos with Jeff admitting that he and Shauna were having an affair behind Jackie’s back.

Meanwhile, Tai takes Sammy to a therapist who confirms that there’s definitely something going on with him. It could well be overwhelming stress but Tai scoffs at the idea.

Now, while Kevin and Nat grow closer together, hooking up at the hotel, Misty continues to act incredibly shady. She rings the reporter, Jessica, while surrounded by pills (and her laptop screen showing the camera feed from Nat’s hotel room) and organizes a meet later that night. As they talk, Misty taunts the reporter, telling her that “her plan isn’t working.” In reply, Jessica scoffs and retorts “My Plan?”

Remember those pills? Well, Misty has concocted a particularly nasty knock-out juice which she uses in a syringe to knock Jessica out that evening. She takes Jessica over to her apartment, ties her up to a bed in the basement and wishes her a good night.

As the episode closes out, we finally get some answers over who the woman in the tree is that Sammy has been seeing. It’s Tai. She awakens with a bloodied hand, that same strange sigil from before and a confused, panicked reaction over what’s going on. She’s also up in the tree too! Her phone rings with Nat telling her to meet, as the unknown blackmailer organizes a meet for 2am. It’s game time.

The Episode Review

Yellowjackets returns this week with a more spiritual chapter, leaning into the visions and just what’s going on with Lottie. Seeing her close to Laura and tying things into religion is a nice touch, and it adds an extra layer of mystery to proceedings.

Interestingly, this episode also allows for more answers to drip-feed into the narrative. We learn the extent of the ties between Jackie, Shauna and Jeff as well as confirmation over who the woman in the tree is. The fact that it’s Tai is a nice surprise, and we know she’s been suffering pretty badly from wild visions so it does add up.

It’ll be interesting to see just what direction this takes next and exactly how the kids managed to get off the island. There are a lot of questions still to be answered but Yellowjackets has done well to keep everything at arm’s length and tease out this tantalizing mystery every week.

I’m still not convinced Misty is the big mastermind behind all of this though. It just seems way too convenient. Personally, my money is on Jackie. I know we’ve heard about her dying on the island but if there is an insurrection that takes place, it gives her plenty of incentive to hit back against them all. We shall see!

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9 thoughts on “Yellowjackets – Season 1 Episode 6 “Saints” Recap & Review”

  1. Have you considered that Jeff could somehow be behind the blackmail? At brunch, the money talk clearly bothers him and the night of the meeting he suddenly has to go into work. Perhaps he’s not having an affair at the hotel.

  2. Nat tells Travis that she slept with a 30 something year old last year and Coach Ben oddly brings up Nat to Travis, then gives him a pile of condoms. Could it be that 30 something guy is Ben and that he brought the condoms to use with Nat?

  3. Hey Tommy,

    Great observations, there are some really nice easter eggs in this show. You’re absolutely right about the island; got Lord of the Flies stuck in my mind while watching this episode! I’ve corrected it now so it should read better.

    Yeah I did notice those movies actually, maybe it’s another teaser that reinforces that Jackie isn’t actually dead. That’s the theory I’m going with and as every episode ticks by, it seems to ring true. Jackie is being pushed out the group and she’s no longer top dog like she was when they were playing soccer. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s brought up in episode 7!

    Thanks for commenting, really appreciate it!

    -Greg W

  4. Another observation. I rewatched the first episode after the sixth, and thought it interesting that when we see Shauna watching Taissa’s campaign commercial, Taissa says in it that she wants to lead New Jersey “out of the wilderness”, and in Episode 6, Taissa talks about her wanting to leave to try to find a way out and see if anyone can save them.

    @MB, we did see a backstory for Misty. I believe it was episode 2 where there is a scene several years before the crash and she gets a call from a classmate taunting her asking if it was true that she did it anal with someone in the janitor’s closest or something like that. It sets up that Misty has always been an outcast, so she gets off that stranded in the wilderness that she finds ways to make herself valuable so that there are moments where she receives praise from her classmates on the team.

  5. They are not on an island. They are in the woods near a lake.

    Also, when Shauna is looking through the journal in Jackie’s room during the visit with the parents, did anyone notice that on the page titled Movie Characters I Would Be, some of the movies, such as Titanic, American Beauty and Bring It On, came out after 1996? Unless it is anachronistic error, either Jackie survived the wilderness and wrote those things in her journal before dying some other way, or Shauna herself wrote them in visits between when they were rescued and the present day.

  6. Hey MB,

    Thanks for commenting!

    Duly noted on that typo, I do apologize! Definitely should have read guys not gals! That’s all been corrected now.

    Really appreciate the heads up, and I’m glad this has been renewed for a second season. I’m guessing we’re gearing up for a cliffhanger ending i that case.

    -Greg W

  7. One quick proofreading note: “He asks how many girls she’s been with.” As we are lead to believe, Nat is heterosexual.

    I believe that “Reporter Jessica” was already outed in a prior episode as a detective/fixer hired by Taissa, who was trying to suss out potential bad PR from her fellow survivors. I think that Misty is just trying to protect the secrets in the most sadistic way possible.

    My money is on Adam being the blackmailer (and potentially actually young Javi from the island — thus far, the only kindness to the kid came from young Shauna). Either way, Misty has seems to be doing the crazy things she does to have people like her — the people she *wants* to have like her, that is…she doesn’t care about the elderly people she’s supposed to be tending or anyone out of her favor…and seems too obvious as the blackmailer. Don’t get me wrong, she seems to be a sociopath and possible psychopath. She takes too much pleasure not only from inflicting pain, but also seeing other people react to pain and death. She is also the only survivor we haven’t seen a backstory on yet.

    Intriguing is that the show was just renewed for a season 2, and what that means to the four survivors we know of thus far or potential other survivors.

  8. Hey thanks for commenting Sitori, really appreciate the heads up. I probably should have elaborated on the Misty chat so I’ve gone in and edited the recap to make that bit clearer. I mean the implication with that chat is that Misty is the mastermind but personally I think it’s a red herring. I think Jessica/Misty’s “plan” is just surveillance while the real culprit is still out there somewhere.

    You are right though that there are some contrivances in this series but I guess the argument here is that the time on the island, with the kids, is that they’re all young and a bit naive. That’s a bit of a stretch though I know!

    Thanks again for leaving a comment, really appreciate it!

    -Greg W

  9. Very cursory review. Important details left out, most notably that when Misty called the reporter Jessica, it was revealed that not only have they been “working” together but the clear implication is that Misty is the mastermind & enlisted Jessica.

    This show is entertaining but IMO has too many plot holes. Example: they are camping next to a lake yet don’t fish. They don’t spell “SOS” on the beach for planes to potentially see. Misty – a 15-16 yo teenaged girl – disabled the Black Box with a rock in less than 15 seconds. Nat knows not to trust Misty but readily accepts the diffuser gift without inspecting it for a camera / listening device? I love the actors – just wish the writing was better.

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