Yellowjackets – Season 1 Episode 2 “F Sharp” Recap & Review

F Sharp

Episode 2 of Yellowjackets begins in 1992 with a flashback featuring Misty. She receives a call from several students at school who berate her, antagonizing the girl about doing anal and ending the call by calling her a weirdo.

Fast forward to our plane crash and out of all the girls, Misty is the first one up off her seat. She acts like a leader, helping to move everyone off the plane. Fire rages in the back, threatening to engulf the whole plane, as all our girls make it out. Coach Scott is trapped under the wing of the plane while the pilot is a bloody mess in the destroyed cockpit.

While most of the girls are cut and bruised, Misty quickly gets into the swing of things, setting a tourniquet on Coach Scott’s leg after literally cutting it off with an axe. While the others are shocked, it’s enough to force Misty to convince the others to follow her lead.

She’s taken the Red Cross babysitting class (twice) and off the back off this, is able to help organize the girls into patching up those who need help.

Back in the present, Misty ends up on a blind date with a guy called Stan. Things don’t go to plan but she guilt-trips him into heading up to her apartment that night. Only, Nat happens to be there, holding a gun and waiting. She has a postcard too, complete with a strange insignia on the back, which she believes Misty can decipher. As fate would have it, Misty actually received one of her own too.

The pair head out to the bar together, where Nat deduces that this is a threat against them both. Among Misty’s belongings though is a photocopy of an ID for a guy called Travis. When Nat sees it, she decides to go after him next.

Now, Travis happens to be one of the boys with them on the plane when it crashed. It’s here we cut back to the forest and see what Travis has to do with all of this. It turns out his dad is one of the coaches, who happens to be up a tree, impaled on one of the branches. He’s still alive but not for long. The branch collapses under his weight and comes crashing down to the floor with a sickening thud. On the tree branch though happens to be the same insignia that Taissa received on her postcard in another present-day sequence.

Tai is going through her own problems though, ending up in a fight with her wife back home. Her son, Sammy, is going through the motions and clearly knows more than he’s letting on. He reveals that he doesn’t like reading anymore but seems to have drawn strange figures, pinned up on the wall of his bedroom. Apparently there’s a lady in the tree that watches him at night, hence why the glass is covered. It’s certainly unnerving and clearly hinting at something much bigger in the works here.

Shauna’s marriage is also on the rocks, as she attends couple’s therapy and realizes they’re both completely empty. They’re not having sex and between Shauna and her husband’s jobs, they’ve been too busy to give it much thought. Their therapist suggests they roleplay but things take an awful turn when they attempt that. So bad in fact, that he decides to go off on his own and masturbate.

This situation is made that much more complicated by Adam, the guy Shauna rear-ended in an accident earlier in the episode. He flirts with her a little when he rings, suggesting she doesn’t play by the rules. When she refuses to engage, she instead slips back into primal instincts, killing a rabbit and preparing it for dinner.

Given Shauna’s time in the forest, this comes naturally to her. And it also allows her creatives juices to begin flowing, roleplaying with her husband again that night – but a lot more creatively. Unfortunately after their session, she checks his phone and finds a message from someone called Bianca, telling him to meet at their usual spot at 4pm. It would appear that he’s cheating on her.

Back in the forest, the girls all sit around the campfire, talking about their darkest secrets. There’s some pretty funny stories here, including one about Bruce Willis’s penis but when the attention turns to Shauna, she’s silent. That’s definitely suspicious but a scream from the woods interrupts them all. It’s Misty. She takes a burning axe and cauterizes the wound for Coach’s severed leg.

In the middle of the night, Misty heads off and finds the flight recorder, blinking with a red light. Instead of sharing with the others, she smashes it up completely, making sure they can’t be tracked.

The Episode Review

Misty is one shady, shady character. Now, whether this is a red herring or not remains to be seen but this is easily turning into one of the must-watch mystery dramas of the year. The fact that it’ll drip feed into 2022 hints that this could be one to watch come January – if it can keep this up of course.

The back and forth editing is beautifully done and this whole episode centers around deceptions and bad marriages. The various survivors from the plane crash each have different secrets to keep and it’ll be interesting to see how that pans out over the weeks.

This is precisely how The Wilds, Amazon’s lackluster YA survival, should have played out. The characters are all interesting, nicely written and have enough depth to keep you invested to find out what happens next.

And thankfully at the time of writing there are 3 more episodes to get through, so we won’t have to wait for long!

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  1. Hey Cyndi, that is mostly down to my own idiocy! I do apologize for the mix-up there! I’ve gone through and corrected that now so it should read the wilderness or forest instead. Thanks so much for reading this recap.

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  2. Curious why the crash site keeps being referred to as an island when they landed in the Rocky Mountains?

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