Yasuke – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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A Long Road

Episode 4 of Yasuke season 1 begins with a look art this maniacal evil tyrant we saw last episode. Her name is Daimyo and she intends to continue her tyrannical rule over the land. This eventually leads to Kurosaka, Daimyo’s new lieutenant, to head off on the hunt for Saki.

Meanwhile, Yasuke awakens startled and breathing heavily. He thanks Saki for her help and implores her to stay hidden for the time being. Saki’s rage is too much and she uses her powers, demanding to be taken up the river to see the doctor.

This man is called Morisuke, and it’s someone Yasuke knows from the past. He’s well-known for his warrior skills. Instead of heading up the river by boat, Yasuke agrees to take her by land.

While they head off together, Kurosaka arrives in the village. She immediately makes her presence felt and takes out one of the villagers who tries to question her motives. These questions are directed toward the next village too, with mercenaries demanding to know where Saki and Yasuke are. Eventually Yasuke steps out the shadows and fends off these mercenaries. However, Kurosaka presents herself to them.

As the two fight, Yusake stabs the lady before Saki jumps in and helps disintegrate the woman’s blade. She comments on Saki’s power, and eventually slips away into a portal before she can be felled. This eventually leads Daimyo to take her life force and instill it inside the dark General, who stands with menacing red eyes.

Yasuke and Saki continue on to see Morisuke. He too exhibits similar powers to Saki, testing her abilities. It’s here he eventually realizes that she’s the one they’ve been waiting for – the chosen one. These villagers intend to use her abilities to help in the fight back against Daimyo. Will they be victorious?

The Episode Review

Yasuke returns with a more straight forward episode this time as we march toward the second half of this anime. This time though, we’re given a much more linear timeline. As the threat of Daimyo now becomes clear, the decision to abandon the assassins and focus on more generic bad guys is a bit disappointing.

Still, the chosen one story is in full swing now and the world-building is at least intriguing enough to stick with for the time being. Although there’s nothing here that’s particularly outstanding, this is a solid anime nonetheless and the visual design is enough to keep you watching. Whether this anime will throw up some surprises along the way remains to be seen.

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