Yakamoz S-245 – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Intertwined Fates

How did Arman make it on the sub?

Episode 7 of Yakamoz S-245 begins on the sub with Arman awakening with blood on his hands. Umut is still trying to hack into Erenay’s file, using different combinations of passwords, while Yonca gives the order to head up to Norway. So how did Arman make it aboard the boat? Well, it turns out he was hit pretty badly and knocked out in order to make it onto the sub.

What has Erenay been hiding all this time?

When Umut finally breaks into the Commanding Officer’s files, he realizes they’ve been lied to this whole time. They were initially told that they were on a drill order from NATO and just happened to stumble upon Arman, Defne and the others.

In reality, this was all planned from the start. Erenay knew that they were on a search and rescue mission; orders that came all the way from NATO. Umut deduces that NATO knew all about this disaster long before everyone else did and have been working to save themselves at any cost.

Arman comes bursting into the room and chokes out Umut, demanding that he kill him and be free from this grief-stricken misery. Umut interprets this as proof that he’s working as a covert agent, which sparks up the feud they both had at the start of the season once more.

Felix and Rana flat out refuse to help Umut, deciding they’d rather not be part of the man’s little power play.

How does Armat outsmart Umut?

Yonca is the one soldier here who feels empathy for Arman, and she heads in to see the diver while he’s tied up in the brig. She brings Defne’s dog-tags to him and the pair discuss Umu’s claims about them being on a covert mission. Now, Arman has an alternate theory. He believes that Umut is the one who is sabotaging this whole mission, given he wants control and power. That’s all he’s fixated about and all he cares about.

Umut tries to strike a deal with Arman, but given the latter has dirt on Umut, he suggests two of his men be sacrificed in order to meet favourable terms. Intent on trying to keep his secrets, Umut agrees… but there’s a problem. It turns out the whole deal has been broadcast to the entire submarine. The other men and women onboard turn on him and demand to know what he did with the missiles.

As Umut screams at them all, he’s eventually arrested and in doing so, command of the sub is passed over to Yonca. It seems only right that she takes over, given her father was the commanding officer previously.

What is Defne’s secret? What are NATO hiding?

Now with Yonca in charge, we finally understand what the deal was involving Defne and Erenay. On the computer, Yonca and the others uncover an email from NATO, with instructions to pick them up just before the sun incident. There are also coordinates to somewhere in the Indian ocean too. It would appear that this is for a refuge to shield themselves from the sun. However, the Indian ocean isn’t near their current location of course, as the sub surfaces in Norway.

On Defne’s satellite phone Yonca rings the last number and it turns out to be Arman’s father. He’s still alive! He’s in a cosmonaut suit and standing somewhere with numerous crops inside some sort of facility. It’s here Arman’s father admits that all of this from the beginning was a ploy to bring Arman onboard and help save him from the sun incident.

Arman’s father is awaiting his son to show, admitting that there’s a whole new world for them.

Reeling from this revelation, Arman tells the others what his father has said and curses that he’s been part of this elaborate plot all this time and had no idea. Now, Umut knows who this guy is. Arman’s father is actually one of the richest men in the country and goes by the name of Asil Kaya. Hatice soon feeds back that the guy is still alive and contemplates whether to let Umut out the hatch.

How does Yakamoz S-245 Season 1 end?

Meanwhile, Arman is shot as he heads outside, catching up with the survivors from the plane in Into The Night. He runs right into Ayaz (one of the characters from that aforementioned show) and is shot down. However, he’s not dead but seems to be fading fast.

At the same time, a missile has been launched and it’s heading straight for the sub.

The Episode Review

So Yakamoz ends its run, tying itself neatly into the end of Into The Night, setting things up for a dramatic third season of that show or a follow-up of this one – or both depending on how Netflix fares. It’s quite nice to see an unexpected universe tied together like this, and in many ways it feels quite reminiscent of the Walking Dead, although those rambling, undead menaces have been going on for far too long now.

The final episode does a pretty good job rounding out some character arcs, especially for Yonca and Defne last episode, although one could argue that there’s a bit of plot contrivance in order to reach the point where both shows are now running parallel to one another.

The biggest problem with Yakamoz stems from the characters themselves who, quite frankly, aren’t that memorable. Sure they’re a motley band of people but beyond Felix and maybe Yonca, there’s not a whole lot of depth to anyone here.

The action itself is quite good though and the ending certainly hints that there’s more to come from this series. Whether it’ll be renewed or not though remains to be seen!

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