Yakamoz S-245 – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Look Out! It’s A Killer Fish!

Following that explosive end, episode 4 of Yakamoz S-245 descends back to the watery depths of our submarine. It may be tranquil outside but inside the sub, everything is a panicked mess. Alarms wail, red lights blinker on and off while the pressure of the sub looks like it could explode at any moment.

The soldiers work with Arman to try and plug the leak, heading into the torpedo room to try and stop the water from gushing in. It doesn’t work. There’s nothing they can do from the inside so the only solution is to head out and plug it from the outside. They’re 184 feet deep and it’s pitch black outside.

Arman is leading the expedition but he’s not alone. The only other person aboard that’s qualified to join him is Yonca. She’s obviously distraught though, given she’s just lost her father. Still, she joins him as the pair are given a tight window of 10 minutes to try and plug the hole.

Using specialized equipment, they manage to plug the gap but because it’s been a hot second since we had any action, the pair are attacked by a creature (which we later find out is an anglerfish because why not I guess?) in the water. It knocks Yonca back, disorientating her from the location of the sub.

After Arman fixes the sub, bringing the pressure back up, the pair find themselves running out of time. However, they do make it back on the sub in one piece.

Regrouped with Umut, who takes up the reigns of commanding officer, he tells them all they’re heading for Iskenderun Naval Base. On the way we’re graced with a montage, allowing time to pass as the group make it to the naval base. However, Cem is feeling the after-effects of the drug addiction he has. This could be important going forward.

The sub surfaces and the soldiers head into the naval base, trying to find someone – anyone – to help them. All the soldiers they do find are dead, prompting the Yakamoz members to honour their memory and give them a proper burial after digging a massive grave and putting them all inside.

After this, the group prepare to dive again in 10 minutes. Cem though heads off from the group for a smoke. In doing so though, he notices the city on fire and starts to lose hope.

Umut organizes the troops to go and raid the naval base, bringing what they need into the sub, including restocking food supplies and grabbing antibiotics. Yonca is there too, as is Altan but the latter is undisciplined and helps himself to as much food as he can. However, he reveals that everything is tasteless – could this be a result of the sun flare?

Anyway, someone sneaks aboard the Yakamoz sub and pushes past Felix. Whoever it is, they race into the naval base, eventually followed by numerous soldiers who begin chasing them. Whoever it is, they’re quick and strong. This woman eventually gets the better of Felix and holds him up at gunpoint. Uh oh!

The Episode Review

Yakamoz S-245 returns with an episode that seems to just constantly throw new issues for our group to tackle. While that in itself is fine, there’s never a moment of respite. It’s literally the TV show version of Far Cry, where there’s always something going on and barely any downtime.

What was up with that fish underwater as well? Why did it knock Yonca away? I genuinely thought we were going the route of mutated fish underwater for a second, or another misrepresentation of sharks but alas, that’s not the case. It’s just an anglerfish because why not I guess? Couldn’t they have just shown that their oxygen reserves are getting low and they drop their flashlight or something, making it more difficult to get back inside?

Anyway, the show does have a few stand out moments. The inclusion of Felix is a smart one and his charisma is a bright spot in what’s otherwise been a rather forgettable ensemble of characters. Arman in particular is just so…bland.

He’s your typical “main character” male protagonist from a videogame. He really doesn’t have much personality at all.  but he also doesn’t really have much of a personality. It also seems obvious by this point that he and Defne are probably going to get together.

We’re moving into the business end of this season now and the ending certainly leaves the door open for more to come. Roll on the next chapter!

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