Yakamoz S-245 – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Dead In Kos

Episode 2 of Yakamoz S-245 starts with the sun flare causing havoc on communications. There’s no cell reception, as all the soldiers head up to the surface and depart from the sub to try and message their loved ones. However, Defne has a satellite video message from Kenan, depicting panic gripping the streets.

Unsure what else to do, the soldiers for the S-245 all line up in the dock and are given a new mission to try and track down a shelter. While they’re briefed, Felix and Cem head off and try to fix the electrics. Of course, it’s a race against time given the sun is due to rise in 3 and a half hours.

As Defne and Arman head off in their car, they’re joined by Umut Sancakli. He’s second-in-command on the Yakamoz. There’s clear tension between them as they drive.

In Kos, a random fire rages from the truck while many of the characters are strewn out across the floor. They’re dead. None of them are burnt to a crisp, despite Arman mentioning how they’ve combusted internally. One of the officers, Baris, ends up losing his mind

Meanwhile, Felix and Cem bicker about where they’re going, until they eventually uncover their destination too. Unfortunately, the place is an abandoned mess, with electrical wires fried and sparks sporadically going off.

Cem is shaking and struggling to concentrate, which is soon explained by the fact he has a baggy in his pocket. It falls out and drops on the floor, prompting Felix to take over.

The one member of this expedition who hasn’t gone off on a big adventure is Rana. She sits on the dock, frightened, and believing she’s going to die.

One of the soldiers, Yonca, shows up and tries to reassure her. When she and the Commanding Officer, Erenay, learn about the dive scheduled the night before, they comment how lucky they’ve been to escape the flare.

The Yakamoz actually followed their sub as they flashed up on the sonar, hence their little sneak attack.

Back with Arman and the gang in town they find a survivor in the bank vault. He’s rambling in Ancient Greek and apparently survived because he’s underground and this place is made of lead. However, the man is clearly rambling and losing his mind so Umut shoots him.

Armat is shocked but Umut chalks it up to a merciful killing and leaves.

With the sunrise fast approaching, the soldiers all decide to leave too. As they evac and head back to the Yakamoz, they grant Defne and Arman 30 minutes to try and find Kenan before they leave. They hold out hope that they can find him.

While they drive, Felix manages to get the power back on, which instantly gets the phones working too. I mean, that’s not how that works but let’s run with it.

The evac signal wails from the speakers across town, mentioning a shelter in Tigaki. That’s their destination!

Unfortunately, when Defne and Arman arrive they find the shelter full of bodies. Apparently they’re all dead but they look pretty alive to me. They don’t even check anyone’s pulse either!

Anyway, a  video message of Kenan screaming from the sun’s flare appears to be evidence enough.

Down on the docks, Rana checks online and notices that some scientists have deduced that the recent phenomena is actually a result of a change in the sun’s polarity.

Every 11 years the sun’s polarity changes and it would appear that that time is upon them. This explains why the sun has released a huge gamma ray that’s threatening those on Earth.

While the soldiers all prepare to board the submarine, Armat and Defne race back in time before the sun rises.

At the same time, soldiers in town, looking to loot the bank vault, end up stuck behind bars when the power turns back on.

As the episode reaches its crescendo, Armat and Defne pound on the top of the sub as the Yakamoz looks set to dive.

Felix, Rana and Cem are already aboard but as the duo make it to safety, Umut marches up to Arman and confronts him. “I’ve lost men today thanks to you, I’ll never forget this.” He rasps through gritted teeth.

The Episode Review

Whilst I appreciate that some shows are made on a very thin budget, a bit of make-up wouldn’t go amiss on these victims would it?

Even some mascara and blusher, to show these characters are burnt or at least blackened would have helped sell the idea that the sun’s flare has wiped them out.

I must confess I don’t vividly remember how Into The Night handled this but seeing Kenan and the others in that shelter, they all look like they’re asleep and for the longest time I genuinely thought that’s what had happened.

Of course, with a concept like this you do need to take a lot of the science and ideas with a pinch of salt – Yakamoz S-245 is no exception.

The show is a little wonky with its science and the characters feel quite one-dimensional. At least they do at the moment anyway. As a quick and disposable bit of sci-fi action, fans of Into The Night should be in their element with this one.

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