Yakamoz S-245 – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Under The Sea

Episode 1 of Yakamoz S-245 starts with a massive flare from the sun belching out and hurtling toward Earth. Welcome to the extended universe of Into The Night, where this Turkish spin-off series is actually part of.

Our protagonist here is a diver called Arman, who we follow from the tranquil shallows underwater through to the surface and through the bustling market.

Arman soon meets an old friend called Defne, who shows up after one of Arman’s deckhands let her know where he is. She wants him to join her on a deep sea voyage to the Erebus Trench. Deciding to think it over, Arman and Defne part ways for now.

In the morning, a file is dropped under Arman’s door, prompting him to head off and visit Defne again. She’s not alone though, given her fiancé Kenan is there too. For now, Arman learns more about what this mission entails. The end-goal here is to find some famous black coral, something called Savalia Savaglia

The expedition is actually being funded by Arman’s estranged father but things are certainly fractured between them. The crew heading aboard this large ship are joined by Defne’s assistant Rana, her fiance Kenan, a marine biologist called Cem and an oceanographer called Felix. Out at sea, they receive word that there’s something wrong with the ocean over in Asia, but it’s chalked up to a volcanic eruption and they continue on nonetheless.

Of course, that’s far from the truth but someone who works at the Airbase becomes wise to what’s happening. She realizes that this sun flare is going to cause havoc and phones her mum, urging her to be ready. However, soldiers intercept that message and head over to her house that night. The woman outsmarts them though and takes their car, charging off in the night.

The dive goes ahead for the gang but there are clear tensions between Defne and Arman as they descend deep into the ocean. It’s clear Arman is jealous of Kenan, but when she asks him about the guy, he simply tells her “he’s great.” We soon learn through the other characters that Defne and Arman used to be an item, explaining the tension between them.

However, their conversation is broken up by something happening above water. The ship is completely deserted for some reason, and they’re not able to get through on the radio. With the current picking up, they need to dock OYA (the submarine). In doing so, they learn the place is well and truly deserted.

A handy video message left behind by Kenan clues us in, informing that he’s en-route to Kos. He warns that the sun is killing everyone as it rises, urging them to take this seriously and escape the sun. The batteries on the sub are only at 10% but a good ol’ kick helps to get the sub moving as they head off together, using the little sub, OYA, to arrive at Kos.

When they make it to shore, they’re shocked to find another sub surfacing, a behemoth that dwarfs their own little boat. The words “S-45” are written over the top.

The Episode Review

When Into The Night dropped on Netflix several years ago, It brought with it an exciting and adrenaline soaked series with a mix of character drama and action. However, Into The Night obviously depicted the drama on a plane rather than a sub.  as one may expect, there’s a bit of a difference in speed between these two vehicles so it’ll be interesting to see how this show handles that.

It’s certainly an intriguing idea, having the same plot but with different characters dotted around the globe. Will the two shows collide together and add some sort of crossover? That certainly seems to be the end-goal here, as so far we’ve had a heavy amount of exposition and a pretty simple set-up.

Of course, this could change going forward but thus far this feels like a bit of a watered down spin-off. Still, we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us next.

Next Episode

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