Y: The Last Man – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

My Mother Saw A Monkey

Episode 7 of Y: The Last Man begins with tensions high between Yorick and Agent 355. After the lies about communicating with Brown, she’s struggling. Because we haven’t had any drama for a hot minute, 355 falls asleep at the wheel and crashes into a tree.

Our motley trio are all still alive though, but it doesn’t take long before a military convoy arrive and hold them all up at gunpoint.

At the same time, the assassin from the last episode, Peggy, feeds back to Jennifer that she’s found a man (Yorick). As she spills the details about the monkey and his appearance, Regina listens with interest. Jennifer though, decides Peggy needs to be reassigned, speaking in private to her associates.

Outside the gates though, Beth shows up. She’s alone and immediately asks where Hero is. Apparently Beth made it back to her house but couldn’t pluck up the courage to actually go inside. The story is a little hazy, and there’s lots of inconsistencies here but Brown doesn’t pry. Instead, she’s only too happy to show her around.

When Yorick awakens, he finds himself naked and in a house with a whole group of people. Amp is in a cage, and as Yorick gets acquainted with these women, he marvels at a slice of toast. Hey, remember when Yorick ate noodles and walked through the pentagon with working TVs and radios several episodes back and didn’t bat an eyelid? Yeah, me too.

Anyway, Yorick learns they have electricity off a generator, while Agent 355 and Mann wake up in a cell.

While Mann and 355 try to find a way out, the “Welcoming Committee” show up to see Yorick. Well, they escort him straight into the cell, where Yorick feeds back what he knows. It seems like this group may be debating about whether they’re going to be killed or not. Yorick is optimistic and believes they’ll be okay, but Mann and 355 are not so sure.

Eventually Janis, their leader, shows back up, deciding they can stay until Agent 355 has recovered. They’re allowed to leave at any time too, although Agent 355 is understandably cautious.

Meanwhile, Kim and Regina discuss the possibility of Yorick still being alive. Of course, given Marla actually saw him while sleepwalking, the idea isn’t much of a hallucination to her anymore. Anyway, Kim decides they need to bring Yorick back to the pentagon, believing this is God’s will and that he’s been chosen.

Having heard enough, Marla confronts Jennifer in public, bitterly retorting that her son doesn’t deserve to live over Ted. Off the back of this, she decides to leave. And by leave, she throws herself off the roof of the building, much to Kimberly’s shock.

In the wake of all this drama, Beth decides to leave. She’s apparently been staying with friends, and given how dumb we know Yorick to be, it’s no surprise that he never bothered to actually check there when trying to find his girlfriend.

Speaking of Yorick, Agent 355 warns him to be careful as the last male heads off alone into town to meet the others and eat some of their food. Even Mann isn’t with him. Through some small talk, he learns that the vote to keep the trio in town was actually pretty slim.

Outside the gates, it turns out Beth is actually working for a covert team of women, and head to the Pentagon to scout the place. Jennifer’s trusting nature may well have just got them all killed.

The Episode Review

Y: The Last Man rolls round with another slow-paced chapter, as the road to San Francisco hits another road bump in the wake of the car crash and strange community.

Beth just rocking up at the Pentagon is probably the most anticlimactic moment of the whole show, while her purpose in this story is still unclear. How did she join this group? How did Yorick not notice her outside then if she’s been with friends and in the general area? Then again, given the inconsistency with the worldbuilding in this show it’s probably best not to dwell too deeply on this.

It also doesn’t help though that Yorick is such a weak character. If this is the best humanity have left for the male species, maybe it’s best if everything just collapses. I mean, we’ve see this sort of scenario before in something like Children of Men (switching males for babies) and the execution there is far superior to what we’ve been given.

This has been a pretty poor post-apocalyptic romp so far and right now it feels like the story is being dragged out unnecessarily.

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