Y: The Last Man – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Y: The Last Man begins with Agent 355, Allison Mann and Yorick driven toward attending a service, with a candlelit procession honoring those men who have died. With a whole slew of people wandering about, and a peaceful rendition of Radiohead being sung, this ultimately serves as the calm before the storm.

Three bikers are after Yorick and the others, and it’s something 355 soon realizes. As flyers are handed out with 355’s face on, the trio rush over to an abandoned church nearby to hide out. There, Agent 355 admits she never actually spoke to Jennifer before, given the radio was swarming with military personnel. Instead, she decides to take on the three soldiers alone to buy them some time.

While Mann and Yorick sleep, Agent 355 overlooks them from the balcony. She’s got tears in her eyes and is clearly not of sane mind. When Yorick heads up to confront her, stopping the girl from falling over the edge, it’s clear that she’s sleepwalking.

Meanwhile, Kimberly continues to stir things up with Regina, trying her best to organize this coup and overthrow Jennifer from her post. After kicking this hornet’s nest, she soon turns her attention to Christine, offering to help raise her child. Kimberly claims this is God’s gift in the wake of all this death and destruction.

Elsewhere, Hero, Sam and the others watch as a new family show up on the perimeter of this rebel group, led by man-hating Roxanne. With guns at the ready, they tell these survivors to turn and leave emptyhanded. They have more than enough food but this group are ruthless. Despite all their group chats about men beating them down, this group are essentially doing the same to anyone seeking refuge.

When Nora heads off alone to speak to Roxanne, she reveals she used to be a detective in another life and has an “intuition” for sussing out who’s trustworthy or not. She also has a serious grudge against anything male. She encourages Nora to be herself and go all-in with them, especially if she wants to be liked by everyone else.

That evening, a ceremony gets underway as the group initiate one of their own. It’s essentially a baptism of sorts, as Nora gets involved to show where her loyalties lie.

Meanwhile, Agent 355 prepares for what’s to come, as she sits at a campfire, watching the flames dancing. She also aware that she’s being watched. The three soldiers approaching are actually in communication with Jennifer via radio so they can hear what’s going on. Hey, remember last episode when Jennifer mentioned that there’s no radio or communications around the entire country? Yeah, me too.

Anyway, it all goes awry in the woods. Agent 355 and Mann work together to take out the soldiers, although one apparently managed to get a good look at Yorick. She lies about it though and decides not to kill her. However, given Yorick tried to run away and flee from the pair, 355 is not accepting his apology.

Just before they leave, Agent 355 demands Yorick cut their shoelaces and burn their shoes. In doing so, this would help slow them down. However, radio communication is severed with Jennifer and Regina, courtesy of a stomp from Agent 355 on the walkie.

As Regina and Jennifer begin to bicker, setting up a big power struggle to come, Nora awakens to the sound of crying floating through the corridors. Creeping out, Nora notices Laura and two other women confronting Kelsey for disloyalty. Specifically, her private chat with Sam. Laura looks over and gives Nora an unnerving smile before the trio begin beating down Kelsey.

The Episode Review

Y: The Last Man rolls round again with another chapter, one that starts to develop all these different storylines while simultaneously doing so in the most laborious way possible. And that’s before mentioning the obvious issues with worldbuilding here.

I mentioned it in the recap portion but given the whole world has apparently gone topsy-turvy, there’s very little of this world that actually makes sense. Why are some houses rundown and barren while other spotless and perfect? And why is Yorick determined to take off his mask and show he’s a male every chance he gets? Honestly, if this is the best hope for humanity, maybe the world should just end.

It’s equally strange that this story seems dead-set on painting the political power play as the most significant plotline when it’s actually the least interesting – especially given Mann and Yorick’s trek to San Francisco is potentially life-altering.

This show is definitely descending down into Walking Dead territory, dragging out its premise with silly characters doing silly things. Hopefully the other chapters can improve but this one has taken a nose-dive in quality since the opener.

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