XO, Kitty – Episode 10 “OTP” Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Does Kitty tell Dae about her feeling for Yuri?

The season finale of XO, Kitty starts on stage on the day of the Korean Talent Show at K.I.S.S where Kitty tells Dae that she has feelings for someone else. Dae assumes it’s Minho because of the way he saved her when her hanbok caught on fire. He runs to attack Minho but Kitty separates them stating that the person she has feelings for is someone else.

Minho is upset with Dae and mentions that he and Kitty were just better off as friends because the two aren’t working out in real life. Minho leaves them and Kitty confesses to Dae that the person she likes is actually Yuri. She also confesses that she has had feelings for Yuri since the night of Minho’s party at the club.

Dae is shocked that Kitty got back with him despite knowing about her feelings for someone else. Kitty tries to explain that she wasn’t sure about her sexuality and that she likes both boys and girls. Dae is upset and leaves Kitty alone.

Meanwhile, Jina has a family intervention with Professor Alex, Yuri ad Professor Lee. Jina tells Lee that she did not tell him that she was pregnant because she did not want him to give up on his dream of becoming a singer. The four decide to have a talk somewhere in private.

What does Dr Covey tell Kitty?

Kitty calls her dad in the middle of the night and he is worried that she was in trouble. She explains that she was fine and that she had trouble trying to figure out her sexuality. Kitty tells Dr Covey that she thinks she had feelings for a girl while she was seeing a boy for most of the academic year. Dr Covey reassures her that Kitty was doing fine for a 17-year-old and it was okay for her to confuse her feelings.

Kitty tells her dad that she was probably failing her classes but her dad tells Kitty that learning things about life and making new experiences was important. She tells her dad that she did learn more about her mom and how she made a big impact on the lives of people around her. Kitty packs for the summer break when she talks to Q about her feelings for Yuri and doubts about returning for the next semester.

Q is sure that Kitty would pass school. He opens up to Kitty about the fact that Florian was cheating on his exams to get better grades to retain his scholarship. Kitty finds Florian suspicious and asks Q to be wary of him. Q takes this in the wrong light and calls Kitty out for being judgemental.

The next morning, Jina talks to Yuri about how she was finally ready to do what she truly wants. Jina tells her daughter that she was finally ready to talk to Alex and claims that Juliana was coming back to Korea that evening. Yuri is worried about her dad finding out but Jina is too happy to care about him.

What happens when the school finds that Kitty was living in the boy’s dorms?

Early the next morning, students from the boy’s dorm are all out checking their grades. Q tells Florian that he had passed and was staying but is shocked to see that he had ranked first after cheating and taking over Dae’s spot. Q is excited to see Kitty had passed and she rushes to the notice board as well leaving everyone in the dorm shocked.

Q confronts Florian about him taking Dae’s spot meanwhile the dorm warden reports that Kitty had been staying in the dorms. Kitty is for a hearing with the school board as well as Jina. Kitty tries to reason with them but Jina breaks the news to Kitty that she was expelled for breaking the code of conduct. Kitty tries to reason with Jina by making an emotional speech during lunch.

Jina tries to ignore Kitty’s speech and leaves the cafeteria. Kitty is disheartened but Professor Alex comforts her bidding her farewell before her flight back to the USA. Kitty is packing for her flight back home later that evening but Minho is being himself, void of any emotion before she leaves. Kitty bids an emotional farewell to Q and we see Minho sad about Kitty going back as he leaves for home.

What does Jina tell Kitty before her flight?

Before leaving for the airport, Kitty runs into Jina. The principal gives Kitty one of her mother’s letters and Kitty gives Jina the playlist her mother had left behind. Jina claims that it was something Lee had made for her when they were together. Jina claims that first loves stay the same, no matter how much time passes and Kitty agrees with that.

In the boy’s dorm room, Dae is shattered about coming second because it means that he will no longer retain his scholarship. Q is with him and concerned about Dae. However, when Dae is happy that Kitty passed, Q tells him that she was expelled from school. Dae asks his father to drive him to the airport because he wants to see Kitty and confess his feelings for her.

Does Kitty get back with Dae? Who does Kitty end up with?

Dae makes it to the airport in time and meets Kitty one last time. Kitty tells Dae that he will always be her first love and the perfect first boyfriend. They kiss and come to terms with their breakup as Dae leaves. Kitty finds Yuri at the airport and is about to confess her feelings for her. However, they are interrupted when Juliana arrives.

Kitty leaves the couple to reunite but Yuri makes a quick call to her mother asking her to reconsider Kitty’s expulsion. On her way to her seat, Kitty reads her mother’s letter to Jina. She learns that the boy Eve Song was with during her time at K.I.S.S was someone named Simon.

How does XO, Kitty Season 1 end?

Kitty is surprised to see Minho beside her on the flight back to the USA. Minho explains that he was visiting his mother in LA and learned that Kitty and Dae had finally broken up for good. Minho finally musters the courage and confesses that he fell in love with Kitty during the last year. The season ends with Kitty in shock about his confession on her 11-hour-long flight, with Minho sitting beside her.

The Episode Review

I think the chaos is what makes Netflix teen shows so enjoyable. There is never a dull moment in series like these and XO, Kitty is a great addition to that list. The characters here are different from usual K-drama characters and this American take on the popular genre of Korean dramas is a great weekend watch. It is obvious that Kitty is coming back to Korea next semester if the show is renewed for another season.

However, I do feel that Lara Jean, Peter and Margot needed to make an appearance on the show somehow. They were an important part of Kitty’s life and just like she was a part of Lara Jean’s story, they needed to be a part of hers. With that being said, an upcoming season could see Kitty coming to terms with the fact that Yuri has a different partner as she tries to move on. Minho’s confession also means that there is a possibility that the two could pair up in the future.

Meanwhile, Kitty’s adventure in trying to find Simon, her mother’s first love, could open another bag of worms for Kitty in the season to come. For Q, I think he would out Florian for cheating which would grant Dae his scholarship. However, this would mean that Florian would leave which makes it chaotic for him in the next season if XO, Kitty is renewed of course!

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