XO, Kitty – Episode 6 “BYOB” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of XO, Kitty starts with Minho waking up from a dream of him making out with Kitty which leaves him confused. Meanwhile, Kitty tries to prod Professor Alex into talking to Professor Lee about his paternity. Alex turns Kitty down and tells her that he does not want to force himself on Lee. He only wants to know more about his birth father. She tries to force him to talk to her sisters but Alex asks Kitty to back off and study for her tests.

Q tells Kitty that she had been obsessing over the same things for the past week and asks Kitty to live her life as she came to Korea to do. Kitty is embarrassed that she’s turning into Lara Jean and asks Q to help her out with it.

Q tells Kitty about Minho’s party that night and Kitty is sure she will have a first kiss with someone there. Yuri is dressed for the party as well and lies to her mother that she’s going on a date night with Dae. Jina is proud that Dae brings out the best in Yuri and is happy that her daughter is not getting into trouble. Yuri is sad about the fact that she’s breaking her mother’s trust and tells Dae how she feels bad about it. She takes Dae to Minho’s party.

Minho claims that the party was exclusive to his guests only but Maddison shows up, leaving him confused. Kitty makes it to the party with a totally different look and Minho is shocked about how attracted he is to her. Dae is also swooning over how pretty Kitty looks while Kitty longs for Dae. Kitty asks Q and Florian to distract her, as Florian mixes some alcohol in her drink.

Kitty scans the other guys at the club and tries to look for someone she can talk to. She spots Dae with Yuri and he tries to make a conversation with Kitty but she ignores them and talks to a guy by the bar. The guy ends up badmouthing Yuri, so Kitty stands up for her slamming him for talking badly about Yuri.

Yuri, who is overhearing the conversation, is touched by Kitty’s gesture. Meanwhile, Yuri and Dae end up bonding on the dance floor. Dae leaves the conversation to talk to Kitty and she tells him how he wasn’t thankful for her gift. Dae is visibly confused. Kitty is annoyed that she can’t seem to find anyone to date or kiss at the party and ends up calling Professor Alex to rant about it.

Alex, who is on his run nearby, makes it to the club after their call is abruptly disconnected. A drunk Kitty ends up texting Professor Lee instead of Alex by accident and tells him that she’s at a party. Kitty is about to kiss the rude guy who badmouthed Yuri, but Yuri comes in time to save her at just the right moment.

Professor Lee calls Jina who tracks Yuri’s phone and learns the name of the nightclub the students were at. Dae asks Q and Florian to explain the gift that Kitty was talking about and they reveal details about the necklace. Dae is sure Yuri is behind this and confronts Kitty about it. Kitty misunderstands Dae and assumes that he’s trying to tell her how much he loved Yuri.

Minho watches Kitty and Dae together and ends up kissing Maddison out of spite. On the other hand, Kitty tells Dae that she’s ready to find someone new and Dae confronts Yuri about the necklace. However, the party is cut short when the teachers come to the club and most of the kids start fleeing.

The next day, Kitty wakes up after a dream of her kissing Yuri as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

There is no battle that Kitty needs to fight because Alex was adopted by a loving family. In this episode, Kitty seems to be stirring up a mess for no reason which made her seem a little annoying. Minho, on the other hand, is annoyingly cute and it seems like our “too good for you” guy is developing feelings for the girl he is trying to avoid.

I wish the makers included a kissing scene between him and Kitty instead of cutting it out because the two are very good together. I don’t understand how Kitty can fall for Yuri all of a sudden but I guess love is love and I can’t wait to see the chaos that unfolds when she learns that Yuri is gay and has a girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the sexual tension between Jina and Professor Lee is palpable when they were on the dance floor at the nightclub. I am sure Eve was a third wheel there and I wish there is a Jenny Han universe where Eve, Jina and Lee’s stories are retold because that is one story I want to know more about.

We really needed women sticking with each other rather than bringing one another down so Kitty defending Yuri shows how she is actually a great person overall. This episode makes Yuri come off as a plain mean girl because she is making Dae and Kitty suffer for no good reason.

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