XO, Kitty – Episode 4 “TGIF” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of XO, Kitty starts with Kitty being reassigned to a room in the girl’s dormitory. She heads in and finds that her new roommate is a messy gamer who has left the room in a state. Kitty goes through the next few days trying her best to live with the dirty girl. She talks to Professor Lee about it but he tells Kitty that there are no other empty rooms in the dorms. She’s just going to have to try and make it work.

That evening, Kitty has a chat with Q and tells him how much she missed talking to Dae, her best friend. Q tells Kitty that Yuri is not an outdoorsy person, asking her to join the nature club on a hike the following morning.

The next morning, Dae and Q are leaving for the hike but Minho coaxes the information of Kitty joining them out of Q. Q immediately gives Yuri a call and tells her that Kitty and Dae will be spending more time together. Yuri shows up at the hike and keeps Dae from talking to Kitty. Minho shows up as well and meets Maddison. Yuri gets anxious when a bug lands on her and Kitty uses this as an opportunity to talk to Dae.

They share a moment when Dae helps Kitty from falling but Yuri interrupts them, mocking Kitty. The two girls end up in an argument which prompts them to race to the top of the hike. Kitty reaches the topmost point first and shares her experience about her mother with Yuri who follows along. Yuri also shares how she was neglected by her mother as a child.

The two girls start to bond but Yuri acts possessive when Dae joins them. She asks Kitty to take a photo of the couple.  Kitty notices the hospital from her mother’s tag in the background of the photo and decides to rush to the hospital.

Kitty makes it to there and asks the receptionist to see her mother’s delivery records, but is dismissed due to patient confidentiality. Kitty uses her matchmaking skills when she gets the nurses to fall for each other before sneaking into the records room. She somehow manages to find details about her mother’s delivery and learns that her half-brother was adopted in Australia. She is caught by the hospital staff but asks to call Professor Alex who comes just in time to save her.

Meanwhile, Q asks Florian and some other friends for a movie night but Minho rains on his parade when he starts talking about the behind-the-scenes trivia of the movie because his mother acted in it. Florian ends up leaving but asks Q to keep their next movie date limited to the two of them. Dae goes on his first day as an intern at Yuri’s father’s company. There, he is made to sit at a desk with no substantial work whatsoever.

At the same time, Alex manages to save Kitty from the hospital staff. Kitty talks to Alex about his birth and adoption into an Australian family asking him if he ever wanted to meet his birth parents. Kitty suddenly comes to the realisation that Alex could be his half-brother. Kitty rushes to the boys’ dorm room to tell Q about Alex.

Meanwhile, Dae apologises to Minho for telling his secret to Kitty. Minho is sure that Dae still has feelings for Kitty but he tells Dae that he found a sleep stream of Kitty on the internet. Inside Q’s room, Q is finding it hard to believe that Alex is Kitty’s half-brother but she claims that he’s probably at K.I.S.S to learn more about Eve Song as well.

Q asks Kitty to calm down but Dae and Minho tell Kitty that she’s being filmed while she sleeps. The four decide to let Kitty bunk in the boys’ dorm room, and she agrees to bunk with Q while Minho and share the same room.

The Episode Review

I cannot deal with the number of K-pop songs that are a part of this show. There is really no other explanation for the fact that the makers played Venom and Maniac both by Stray Kids in the first scene of this episode. I am sure at this point, the makers are just checking out fandoms because we have already seen BTS, Seventeen, Blackpink, TWICE, and Stray Kids play in the background of this show.

This show is a K-pop fan’s dream and I am sure they are going to have a ball of a time dancing to all the songs that play as the story moves along. It is beyond my imagination how Kitty was able to sneak into the hospital so easily and find the information about her mother’s delivery but I think we can give the makers some creative liberty here and just play along.

I was already suspicious of Alex’s bond with Kitty but the makers are not leaving any secrets here because who other than Alex looks like a Korean raised in Australia? While we could be completely off on that one, Minho in this episode was really annoying. From telling Yuri about Kitty going on the hike to third-wheeling Q’s date. It’s like he is so full of himself that he cannot see other people around him. I hope he gets some character development in the episodes to come.

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