XO, Kitty – Episode 3 “KISS” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of XO, Kitty starts at Dae’s house where he is deliberating signing the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for Yuri’s father. Since he assumes that the real Dae and Yuri were in a relationship, Sung-jin had asked Dae to sign the NDA to protect his daughter. Dae’s sister is excited to learn about the relationship,but his father worries that Dae has been caught up in something serious now that he’s going viral online.

Dae learns that his sister is being bullied in school because of their financial status and promises to buy her new shoes with the money he makes with his internship. That morning, Kitty gets ready for school and Q starts getting along with her. Minho is still cold towards her but Dae stops him from reporting Kitty to the dorm warden. Dae tries to have a conversation with Kitty about dating Yuri and how he pretended to be rich for all these years.

Dae claims that he was worried Kitty would not be with him if she knew he was poor but their conversation is interrupted when Q and Minho drag Dae to class. Dae promises to explain everything to Kitty. Meanwhile, Yuri texts Juliana telling her how much she missed her. A flashback shows Yuri’s maid finding her when she was about to make out with Juliana.

Back to the present, there are paparazzi outside K.I.S.S, trying to capture Yuri and Dae together. Dae gives her the contract he signed and they pretend to walk hand in hand. Dae asks Yuri if he can tell Kitty that they were fake-dating. She warns him about the information going public but then tells him that she was dating Juliana and trying to keep that a secret from her parents.

Yuri breaks down because she’s missing her girlfriend but Dae helps her avoid the paps when he takes Yuri on a piggyback ride. Kitty spots them together and is convinced that Dae is fake dating Yuri. The people at school call Kitty the ‘Portland Stalker’ but she tries to ignore the negative comments.

Yuri asks Dae to write her summer homework, so Dae leaves the essay with Yuri and mentions how he cannot wait to stop fake-dating her. Just then, Juliana sneaks into the school and tells Yuri that she’s being transferred because they were caught. Yuri is sorry for her but Juliana asks Yuri to go through the year and promises to come back to K.I.S.S soon.

The two girls make out in the janitor’s room while Yuri leaves for class. Professor Lee meets Jin to tell her that Yuri had asked Dae to write her summer homework essay. Jina sides with her daughter and asks Professor Lee to prove that Dae had written the essay for her. Professor Alex helps Kitty reach her class and greets Professor Lee, who is also on his way to the same class.

Professor Lee is curt with Alex leaving him confused about his attitude. Kitty notices Yuri and Dae sitting together in class and is further pissed. After class, Professor Lee tells Kitty that she was way below her peers in terms of grades and needed to get tutored. During the lunch break, Kitty is singled out by all the other cliques which forces her to sit with Q.

Kitty tells Q that she thinks Dae’s relationship with Yuri is fake but he thinks that Dae is confused because he’s seeing Kitty in person after so long. Kitty can see that Dae is miserable around Yuri and is sure that she’ll get Dae to confess. Q is distracted by a French EXPAT student, Florian, and Kitty puts on her matchmaking shoes to get them two to date.

Yuri gets called into Jina’s office and is asked to submit her credit card for cheating on her summer homework. Yuri strikes a deal with her mother which suggests that she’ll have permission to go to a DJ Festival in Iceland if Yuri keeps her behaviour in check. Kitty makes it to Chemistry class after lunch and finds herself seated next to Minho.

The two argue, which ends with Kitty telling the entire class that Minho used to be in a diaper commercial as a child. Minho is embarrassed after the class breaks into laughter which leads to Professor Alex allowing the students to change their lab partners. Kitty somehow manages to get Florian to sit with Q.

After class, Kitty goes to the library and is introduced to Dae who will be her tutor. She finds photos of her mother and hopes to find her place at the school as well. Eunice tells Yuri that Kitty had outed Minho for being in the commercial. Yuri wonders how Kitty knew something so persona, while Eunice blames Dae. Yuri is worried and interrupts Dae and Kitty at the library.

Just as Dae tries to confess that his relationship with Yuri is fake, Yuri shows up. She tells Dae that Kitty has revealed Minho’s secret to the entire school. Yuri secretly warns Dae about the NDA and leaves. Dae is confused and shocked and decides to end things with Kitty telling her that his relationship with Yuri was real.

Dae gives Kitty back her necklace and leaves her at the library. That night, Q tells Kitty that her ploy worked and that Florian has followed him on social media. A hospital tag falls out of Kitty’s mother’s photobook. She is shocked to discover that Eve, her mother, had a child in South Korea in 1993, way before she was born.

The Episode Review

This episode had me from rooting on Q to date Kitty to shipping him with Florian. It is so interesting that this show, based in Seoul, features not one but two homosexual couples. I really love Yuri and Juliana together and hope that she is back soon so Yuri can leave Dae alone for good.

With that being said, I sympathise for Dae but I think a lot of his issues would be sorted had he not lied to Kitty all along. It is funny how he is angry that Kitty outed Minho’s secret which isn’t a big thing to begin with. I’m sure Kitty knows what secrets to keep and what secrets aren’t as important, but it is great that Dae has finally ended things with her. I am shipping Kitty with Minho and I am already seeing it happen.

The ending of this episode is really a shocker and I am suspecting that Kitty will soon discover the truth about her half-sibling. Something about Professor Alex always being there to help Kitty says that he could be her half-brother, which has me excited about the next few episodes of the show.

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