XO, Kitty – Episode 2 “WTF” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of XO, Kitty starts with Kitty running out of the welcome party. She runs into Alex, a Korean-Australian who’s a new professor at K.I.S.S. Kitty is shocked and she wonders why Dae has not come out to console her. Meanwhile, everyone at school is shocked to see that Dae and Yuri were together. Yuri stops Dae from going out to talk to Kitty because she fears that her mother will take notice.

Yuri tries to call Juliana, her actual partner, asking if she’s going to be at the welcome party but the call doesn’t connect leaving Yuri worried. Kitty goes back inside the party demanding answers from Dae. She talks to Q and Minho first but they are shocked to learn that Kitty, Dae’s long-distance American girlfriend, has come to South Korea.

Yuri takes Dae to introduce him to her parents and they run into the admin. She tells Dae that his fees for the semester have been paid in full. He thanks Yuri for paying his fees in exchange for him pretending to be her boyfriend for the night. Dae wonders what Yuri’s parents would think when they would learn that she was seeing her tutor and driver’s son.

Jina introduces Yuri to Maddison, another exchange student who was in South Korea because of her father’s business. Maddison’s father and Yuri’s father were soon going to be business partners and Jina asks Yuri to be friends with Maddison. Yuri introduces Dae as her boyfriend which leaves Jina shocked but she puts on a happy face in front of Maddison.

Once Maddison and Jina leave, Kitty confronts Dae about cheating on both Yuri and her but Yuri claims that it was Kitty that he was cheating on because she knew about Kitty already. Kitty is sidetracked while everyone has their attention on Dae and Yuri. Yuri’s father is also shocked to learn that Yuri was dating her driver’s son. Kitty is annoyed by the sight and crashes into a tower of cupcakes causing a scene before she runs out of the party.

On her way to the dorms, Kitty books a call to the airport and plans on getting the next flight to the USA, heartbroken. Dae tries to talk to Kitty but she ignores all of his texts. However, Kitty is shocked that her roommates are Q, Minho and Dae. Kitty overhears Minho telling Dae that he and Kitty were not really together which makes her angry. The boys are shocked to learn that Kitty, a girl, was in their dorm room by mistake.

Q concludes that she’s confused to be a guy because of her middle name Song. Dae tries to talk to Kitty but she is not having it. She asks him to return her mother’s necklace, which she lent to him after his mother had passed. Dae is nonchalant about the necklace which breaks Kitty’s heart even more. She goes into her room and kicks Dae out.

Minho tells Dae that Yuri was the best thing to happen to him but Q is supportive of his feelings for Kitty. Dae tries to text Kitty about his feelings but it appears that she has blocked him. Kitty texts her sisters about Dae’s betrayal. Meanwhile, Yuri is still unable to reach Juliana. She watches a controversial video of her father scolding his hotel staff.

The next morning, Kitty ignores Dae who had crashed outside her bedroom door and heads to the airport to go back to the States. However, she spots the cherry blossom tree that her mother took pictures with. She takes this as a sign to stay, while Dae wakes up to see that Kitty had left. At the same time, Yuri’s father, Han Sung-jin, is involved in a scandal for a controversial video of assaulting his hotel staff.

Sung-jin’s advisors decide that he should take advantage of the fact that Yuri was dating Dae, their driver’s son in order to show how benevolent he was. The Han family decides to take advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, Dae runs to find Kitty and tries to convince her to stay. He is about to kiss her when Dae’s father interrupts them and takes him to see the Han family.

Meanwhile, Yuri is in the car with her father who talks about an internship that he was launching for Dae. Kitty follows him and sees Dae get into a car with Yuri. Yuri greets Dae informing him about the press conference that they were attending together. Dae is shocked and wonders how their arrangement for one night turned so chaotic. Dae is taken to the car and Yuri bids Kitty a farewell on her way back home.

Kitty decides not to leave and joins Minho and Q as they watch the press conference Dae was at. Kitty states that she had decided against leaving the school because she wanted to relive her mother’s teenage years. She is shocked to see the press interview during which Dae seems to be forced into praising Yuri’s father.

Yuri’s father’s public image improves when he announces Dae as their new intern for a project and publicly welcomes him as Yuri’s boyfriend. Kitty observes Dae’s behaviour during the interview and is sure that Dae is fake-dating Yuri as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

While it is obvious that Dae is fake-dating Yuri, I wonder why she is being so mean and forcing her to keep it from Kitty. Kitty does not seem like an unreasonable person and it looks like Yuri is only stirring up drama when she truly loves someone else and does not even like Dae that way.

Minho is one of the funniest characters on the show. His assumption that every single girl is head over heels in love with him is hilarious and I think I am growing to ship him with Kitty even more. I really hate to see how Yuri’s mother suggests that they should use Dae to correct her father’s public image.

Jina’s clear avoidance of talking about Kitty’s mother is proof of the fact that she is the villain in this story. I am sure that she will cause problems for Kitty and Dae in the future which is something I am not looking forward to.

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