Wu-Tang: An American Saga – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Stronger As A Team

With more of the street crime spilling into the music scene this week, Wu-Tang delivers another decent episode, one that sets the scene nicely for next week’s finale to solidify the emergence of the Wu-Tang Clan.

We pick up in prison with the release of Atilla. Silently, he listens to the radio as his driver talks to him about Rakeem and his music. Cocking his gun, he slams the man’s head into the window before firing his pistol as he steps out. His arrival spells big trouble for those around him too and it’s here we see a wildcard element of danger thrown into the works.

Meanwhile Bobby heads in to speak to the studio about their decision to drop him. He laments their marketing team but the lady shrugs nonchalantly, telling him they have big plans for a group rather than a solo artist – ironically exactly what he originally intended to do. Despite handing them a tape labelled “Wu-Tang”, the lady sets it down next to a stack of others as Bobby is escorted outside. As he leaves, the tape is collected up alongside the others and taken away.

While Dennis tends to his brothers, Bobby refuses to give up on his dream and tries to find another angle in – suggesting that he try his hand at producing music instead. He’s inevitably shot down though and heads home defeated while Dennis raps for his brothers. Their conversation inevitably turns to Bobby soon after and how the kung-fu movies they’re watching could tie into rap music.

Divine meanwhile continues to work, checking the time during the mundanity of scrubbing the floors while listening to the businessmen discussing finances. Much to his dismay, Divine is made to stay later. Back home, Bobby comes under fire as Atilla breaks into his house and trashes the place. Even worse, he ransacks the basement until he finds a box full of his tapes. As Divine heads home, Bobby curses his luck as he realizes all his books and tapes are now gone. Atilla phones him soon after though, telling Bobby he can have his stuff back – if he coughs up the money he’s owed and now collecting.

Reeling, Dennis arrives at Bobby’s soon after and tells him he wants to be part of his clan. Watching the movies have been a big wake-up call for him and seeing the power of brotherhood is enough to convince him to stick around. After learning about the tapes, he looks Bobby square in the eye and tells him they’ll get back the tapes and pave way for a bigger power to rise up where we leave the episode.

With all the pieces laid on the table, Wu-Tang looks set for an almighty finale next week in the wake of this episode. With more drama and plenty to digest, Wu-Tang: An American Saga has done well to keep things interesting over the weeks. While the story hasn’t always kept the same style and tonal consistency evident in the opening few episodes, there’s enough here to make for an enthralling watch nonetheless.

Quite what will happen next week remains to be seen but right now, Wu-Tang is shaping up to be quite the wild ride and the finale has all the ingredients to end things on an almighty bang.

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2 thoughts on “Wu-Tang: An American Saga – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review”

  1. Honestly, I didn’t remember that Atila guy. Perhaps it was inserted to cause the drama of the tapes, the revolt and the final triumph (!).
    The thing about the mountain of ribbons was impressive, but I believe that even because of the idea of using the yellow one, it created minimal curiosity.
    At least it served to unite some people to the group project (even if due to strange circumstances).
    It reminded me of when I had dozens of vinyls that were ripped off by a certain “DJ”.
    Life goes on…

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