Wu Assassins – Season 1 Episode 7 “Legacy” Recap & Review

The Earth Wu

Episode 7 of Wu Assassins begins with a mysterious man and a woman called Jin in a cave. He tells her she may have all the qualities needed but for what, we are not sure yet.

Kai and Uncle Six are researching the earth Wu and the name they have been given to track him down is James Baxter. They both decide to go for a drive to find him. Ever since removing the Xing, Uncle Six has not been very well. They discuss the recent events that have taken place before we flashback to see how Uncle Six received his powers in the first place.

Meanwhile, James Baxter questions Jill while we see her boyfriend looking for her in the forest. James tells Jill that if she succeeds, she will continue his legacy because his son was a disappointment and he needs to find someone else. He tells her that he needs her to save the world and shows her his stomach, which looks like bark, proving that he is the Earth Wu. After answering one last question, James decides that Jill is free to go.

As she tries to run away, James then uses his power and turns her into stone. The camera then pans out to show us more statues of people who have suffered the same fate.

Kai and Uncle Six continue with their road trip and when they stop at a diner, they receive some racist comments from locals which leads to another fight. After dispatching them, Uncle Six and Kai reminisce about the past while the Triad leader remembers how he found Kai and raised him as his own. The next morning, Kai leaves while Uncle Six is still asleep. Lu Xin appears soon after and threatens to kill Uncle Six because he finally knows who is responsible for his burnt scars.

Kai reaches James’ cabin and as he heads under the house, an earthquake causes rocks to fall on top of him. James finally appears and they start fighting. He manages to get the better of him and kills James, collecting the Earth Wu in the process.

With the fire and earth Xing in Kai’s possession, it’ll be interesting to see what his next step is going to be and if we’ll also meet the water and metal Wu. In the meantime, Wu Assassins continues to deliver action-packed martial arts, with enough fight scenes to keep you coming back for more.


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  1. My only complaint is the diner scene. It was racist towards white people. White people are not that ignorant, nor are they racist.

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