Wu Assassins – Season 1 Episode 6 “Gu Assassins” Recap & Review


Uncle Six’s True Colours

Episode 6 of Wu Assassins begins with all four friends meeting. Kai explains that he wants to perform black magic to get rid of Uncle Six, using their blood and the venom of poisonous creatures together to formulate the poison.

Just like the first episode, we then flash back to the day before, where Uncle Six tells Kai about McCullough being the Wood Wu. He tells him that he has made a deal with the water and metal Wu who asked him to find the earth Wu. However, Uncle Six proposes double crossing them both and teaming up with Kai to kill the earth Wu.

Kai later asks Ying if it’s possible for Uncle Six to surrender the fire Xing. She tells him it could be done with something called Gu, which is made with the venom of poisonous creatures and blessed with the blood of those touched by the fire wu. However, she warns him about the dangers of doing this, especially given the last person who tried to do this ritual lost all their family.

Eventually the poison is ready and the group tie up Uncle Six, ready to give him the liquid. After passing out from the pain, everyone leaves apart from Tommy. Suddenly, Uncle Six wakes up, begging him for help in exchange for making him a fearsome gangster. Kai then arrives soon after and manages to free the Wu xing from Uncle Six.

Meanwhile we see Zan and Jen having a confrontation which ends in a fight, consequently resulting in Jen losing again. Later on, we see Tommy getting into a taxi where he almost kills the driver, a man who happens to be the drug dealer boyfriend of a girl he met at a support meeting.

The episode then ends with Zan meeting with McCullough. She tells him that Kai has managed to take the fire Xing from Uncle Six and in exchange for its location, she wants power, which is where we leave the episode.

As we reach the second half of the series, we see the relationship between Kai and Uncle Six evolving and growing throughout the episodes. While it would be fair to assume another fight between the two was going to break out, it’s quite surprising to see that instead Uncle Six decides to get rid of his power. This proves that Kai is more important to him than his power and that deep down, he is not the bad guy we thought he was, which is certainly a nice touch to a show that relies so heavily on its fighting to keep things moving at a consistent pace.


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