Wu Assassins – Season 1 Episode 5 “Codladh Sámh” Recap & Review


A Trip To Scotland

Episode 5 of Wu Assassins starts with Lu Xin realizing that he’s in trouble, so he starts a fight with McCullough’s men while CG sticks around as back-up. Together, they manage to kill all of the Russian men however Xu lin starts panicking so CG tells him she’s a cop, but also that she’s after McCullough and not him.

CG then calls Kai to tell him that his prophecy has come true, which prompts him to ask Jen and Tommy to come with him to Lu’s garage. Uncle Six and McCullough continue their conversation here where Six tells him that he needs to leave Chinatown. He refuses, leading Uncle Six to threaten him with his fire-power. As he starts burning the desk, McCullough quickly absorbs the fire with his hand, revealing that he also has Wu powers.

From here, we then flashback to Scotland 1519 where we see that McCullough was the Chosen One and received the monk piece from Ying Ying. Later on, he’s attacked by the water Wu. He manages to get rid of her but not before she kills his wife and son. The next day, he confronts Ying and asks her to bring his family back. She replies that she’s unable to do that and he needs to kill the Wood Wu instead.

After cutting away briefly to find the gang formulating a plan over recent events, we return to flashback-Scotland to find McCullough has managed to kill the Wood Wu. He then decides to take the monk piece from him and sacrifice himself. As he does, we see the power from the wood Wu entering him. He then tries to use his new healing power to resurrect his wife and son but finds out that nothing can bring back the dead and that he will now be immortal, stuck with that knowledge.

Back in the present, McCullough offers an alliance with Uncle Six, a ploy to join him and the others together to rule over China and get rid of the Wu Assassin.

Kai visits Mr Young for some ingredients to make a poison to kill Uncle Six soon after. As he visits his father to give him the poisoned food, the Triad leader reveals that he knows he is the Wu Assassin and tells him they are destined to fight.

With less fighting and more backstory, Wu Assassins takes a backseat from its explosive fist fights for a much slower dose of exposition. With more lore and fantasy around the Wu world, this is certainly a welcome change of pace but it’s ultimately the fractured relationship between Kai and his father that’s the most enjoyable element of the episode. Quite where this one will go now that the truth is out remains to be seen, but for now Wu Assassins continues to deliver the goods.


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