WSTR – ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off | Album Review

Track Listing

Until Then
‘Til The Wheels Fall Off
Bot Lobby
Poor Boy
3 Days Sober
I Hate It Here
Casa Amor


Pop punk hasn’t been dialled down on Til The Wheels Fall Off, a new release by WSTR. It has been augmented to a great height, and the band searches for clarity in the gloom, a light which would light arenas far and wide. Properly ferocious at times, the album points to broken truth and hardship, especially when those hard-hitting guitar parts come in with volatility and resonating words.

Pop punk is a saturated market, and there are plenty of bands trying to claim the crown, though WSTR has something different about them. It’s not just sugar-sweet lyrics dampening the sound as there’s an actual purpose, substance and clear structure.

Structure is important when developing a record. Some bands lack that ethos, and they don’t showcase the fundamentals correctly, but WSTR shows their worth on this sobering LP. By pushing the pop-punk sound to the max, they have added layers, which in truth, doesn’t happen often within the pop-punk scene.

Until Then starts the record off. Sturdy guitar parts ensue and the whole song bursts with flair, painting a positive picture of this band and showing their credentials.

Bricks opens with vigour and the song pushes the pop-punk sound into rock territory. That chorus is well-developed, and the story keeps on going, increasing the interest.

3 Days Sober is a song of self-reflection, pushing the band’s emotions. The guitar work is rough and ready, and the track shows the act’s vulnerabilities.

WSTR has created a record that isn’t a bog standard pop-punk record, but one that has substance and energy.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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