Wreck – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Sacramentum Slasher” Recap & Review

The Sacramentum Slasher

Episode 4 of Wreck starts with Jamie onboard the ship, following Officer Sam. He’s not particularly good at it and he eventually loses the Officer after hiding round the corner for too long. Danny hasn’t been sleeping and he’s irritable, something that Vivian calls him out on. She urges Jamie to stop drinking coffee and get some rest.

Meanwhile, Lauren pokes about in Jerome’s cabin but Karen is there and forces hr out. Despite only just getting off shift, Lauren is commanded to go and sort out the bathrooms. She also threatens those not obeying her orders up and down the corridor that if they don’t listen then they’ll have to wear the Quacky costume for a month.

Cormac starts to spiral, and after speaking to Rosie the night before, the pair decide to get off at the next port. There’s also tensions with Olly too, with Jamie holding back and refusing to let him get to know the kid better.

When Jamie is all alone, Officer Sam corners him in the chapel and decides they should talk. He knows Jamie has been following him and recognizes Jamie from the pictures. He and Pippa were involved together and Sam was in love with her.

Pippa was angry that he lied to her though. Sam had plans to leave with her… but he failed to mention that he was actually married. He had a wife but with Pippa, he was going to run away with her. Naturally, when Pippa found out she was crushed. Jamie points out that there’s something else going on here rather than a simple suicide, given how Danny was murdered.

Sam is shocked and seems to be in the dark about this, pointing out he was told that Danny jumped. He drops off a bag for Jamie to look through, admitting that the truth is inside. This happens to be a log of various different incidents around the ship, including someone (Pippa) refusing to leave their cabin for several days.

Off the back of this, Sam sits down with Sophia and tells her that they need to break up. Being together made him feel less alone but there’s nothing more here between them. Not for Sam at least, anyway. Sophia meanwhile, is very clearly not happy and leaves in a huff.

Sam speaks to Karen, desperate for answers and wanting to know the truth about Danny. She shrugs it off though, claiming that it’s just rumours and hearsay. In the middle of this, a whole bunch of the girls show up and decide to go on strike. Given the water isn’t working and they’re being worked to the bone, they want better working conditions.

Karen plays along with their game until that evening, when she brings up the employee handbook and how they’re all in breach, meaning they need to carry on working or be kicked out.

Vivian learns from Nile (Lily’s step-brother) that the pair are involved in a sibling rivalry where they work to try and bed the help onboard the ship. Whoever gets there first wins a prize, and this time it’s a watch. When Vivian confronts Lily about it, her face drops and she struggles to explain what’s going on.

Inside Pippa’s cabin, Vivian and Jamie uncover a whole pattern of what looks like schematics under the carpet. It has cabin numbers, dates and a whole array of symbols. Jamie also checks out the fire alarm and notices a letter inside, with four names on – two of which crossed out.

Jamie brings this back to Sam but be doesn’t recognize the names on the list. He promises to look into them though and encourages Jamie to come back and meet at 12. While he waits, Jamie takes what he knows to Rosie and Cormac, where they browse the net and figure out more about those aforementioned names.

A post 4 months back confirms a digital detox for both people on the list who have their names crossed out. Realizing they’re onto something big, Cormac and Rosie decide to stick around for a while after all.

Vivian and Jamie concoct a plan with Cormac and Rosie, where they search through the medical files and distract the nurse long enough to figure out what’s happening. Vivian and Jamie notice the employees either dead or missing (including the four from the list) are noted down as Absconded. Given they haven’t even docked yet, it brings up a lot of question marks over what’s going on.

Lily speaks to Vivian and admits that the wager with Nile is true, but it ended on the second day because he slept with a croupier. This means her feelings for her are genuine.

At the same time, Sam lets slip about Jerome being missing despite Jamie never mentioning it. Jamie realizes that the file he was given is completely fake and it seems to confirm that Sam is our killer, as he revels in telling Jamie that he watched Pippa fall that night. As Jamie tries to get away, he’s suddenly surrounded by officers – fronted by Karen who beats him down to the ground.

The Episode Review

It now seems clear that we’ve got a Hot Fuzz situation on our hand as it turns out all the officers are seemingly in this together and onboard with he killings. The entire cruise ship is being run like a murder house and I would imagine whoever gets on the wrong side of Karen and the officers meets a horrific demise.

How on earth they’re going to explain this going forward though is anyone’s guess but it seems like we’re on course for more plot contrivances in the future to make this happen. Given we’re now 4 episodes in and Wreck seems to have shown its hand already, it’ll be interesting to see what else this one has in store for us.

The romantic subplots are starting to drag a bit now though, especially the Vivian and Lily story, which includes the infamous “misunderstanding” trope which has been overplayed to death and it does nothing for the episode but waste time.

The cabin numbers and a bit more to this overarching mystery is enough to stay invested though, but despite a strong start, this one has petered into mediocrity.

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