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Based on the book “Worn Stories” by Emily Spivack, Netflix’s latest docu-series is all about the clothes we wear – or don’t. Humorous, insightful and educational, Worn Stories is a well-thread yarn of positivity and acceptance.

Each of the episodes available are thematically linked, with three or four different people each chapter strung together through inspiring and uplifting stories. There’s a mixed bag of different episodes here, ranging from finding likeminded people in different communities through to the benefits and surprisingly inspiring stories around wearing uniforms.

This uniform episode in particular has a really good message, teaching people to never give up and inspire to reach your dreams. Not bad for a docu-series about clothes! Of course, your favourite episode is likely to differ depending on which of these delightful segments you dive into. And that is the real beauty with this series. There’s a lot of diversity and different stories being told that you’ll almost certainly find something to like here

The people showcased here are deliberately diverse and armed with some really great stories. From the poignant, touching reminders of how finite our time on this planet is through to the humorous story of a nude community in Florida, Worn Stories certainly has something for everyone.

The episodes are visually stimulating too, with a variety of different graphics and art styles used throughout. There’s some stop motion, lots of hand-drawn graphics and archival photographs that are combined with face to face interviews and fly on the wall footage. The result is a documentary that constantly feels vibrant and engaging.

What’s particularly inspiring here though is just how diverse and celebratory this docu-series is. I know I’ve used that word a lot but every story really fits that motif.

In a world that feels like it’s becoming more and more divided, Worn Stories is a reminder that we are connected together as one species – and we should celebrate that.

Worn Stories is a welcome respite from the media-driven rhetoric of doom and gloom, illuminating the cloudy sky with a lovely ray of sunshine. If there’s one documentary series you watch this week, make it this one!

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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