Wonderful World – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

Episode 10 of Wonderful World starts with Soo-hyun leaving the hospital after Yu-ri shows up there. She rushes to the junkyard where Seon-yul works and then leaves to wait outside his house. She finds the door to Seon-yul’s house unlocked and goes inside. Inside the house is Han-sang hiding.

Soo-hyun looks around the place and moves one of the books to find the dark room where Seon-yul develops photos. She is shocked to learn that Seon-yul has been tracking her and Soo-ho ever since his father’s death. Soo-hyun is shattered to learn just how much damage Seon-yul was willing to cause to get his revenge.

At the same time, Soo-ho continues his interview with Kim Joon assuming that Hye-geum is on her way to the station. A flashback shows how Soo-ho, Han-sang and Hye-geum had been working together gathering all the evidence they could on Kim Joon. The interview goes as planned but Soo-ho freezes when he learns that Hye-geum is not going to show up. 

At the same time, Kim Joon’s guards block Hye-geum’s car, preventing her from going anywhere. The interview goes as per Kim Joon’s plan and Soo-ho is disappointed. Before leaving, Kim Joon hands Soo-ho a photo of him with Yu-ri and threatens to ruin his public image if he were to try and bring him down again.

After the interview, Kim Joon calls Hye-geum and yells at her. He threatens to cause harm to her son – Hee-jae if she were to ever think of exposing him. Kim Joon calls Seon-yul for some drinks in his private room. Inside the room are the defence attorney, the judge and the prosecutor on Gun-woo’s murder case who helped Ji-woong upon Kim Joon’s request.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun leaves Seon-yul’s apartment and waits for him outside. Seon-yul leaves to revisit the same lake and thinks about his mother – Eun-min’s words before her accident. Seon-yul recalls Eun-min asking him to forgive Soo-hyun. Seon-yul goes back home and finds Soo-hyun waiting outside his apartment.

He threatens to drive the car into her just like she did with her father but stops seconds before hitting her. Soo-hyun asks Seon-yul to kill her and end his revenge once and for all. When Seon-yul refuses to let Soo-hyun die easily, she asks him to think about Eun-min. Meanwhile, Soo-ho gives up on bringing Kim Joon down.

Han-sang is upset at Soo-ho for not exposing Kim Joon on his own as they had all the evidence against him. Seon-yul goes back home finds the dark room open and sits there. Soo-jin shows up to meet Seon-yul and is shocked the see so many photos of Soo-hyun and her family in Seon-yul’s house. Seon-yul tells Soo-jin he is tired and she leaves to visit his mother in the hospital.

That night, Soo-ho visits Go-eun in the hospital and runs into Soo-hyun on his way out. Soo-hyun asks Soo-ho to stop pretending he has a relationship with his mother and asks him to leave. The next day, Myeong-hee is out with her friends when she learns that Soo-ho had an affair with Soo-hyun’s adoptive sister – Yu-ri. 

Myeong-hee meets Soo-ho and confronts him about the affair. She is disgusted when she learns that Soo-ho has really cheated on Soo-hyun with her sister. Myeong-hee asks Soo-ho to make sure that Soo-hyun does not get a divorce because of the affair as that would malign his reputation as well as that of his family.

On the other hand, Go-eun wakes up in the hospital room and tells Soo-hyun she is okay and needs to get to work. Go-eun and Soo-hyun have a chat about Soo-ho’s affair with Yu-ri. Soo-hyun tells her mother that she is too precious for her and does not want the woman to take any drastic steps. 

Outside Go-eun’s hospital room, Yu-ri tells Soo-hyun that her mother may have collapsed because of her. A flashback shows Go-eun talking to Yu-ri in her restaurant. Go-eun realises that the woman Soo-ho was having an affair with was Yu-ri and loses her calm. Y-ri gets on her knees and begs for forgiveness but Go-eun asks her to leave. 

After Yu-ri leaves, Seon-yul is about to go inside the restaurant to show Go-eun a photo of Yu-ri and Soo-ho. He decides against doing so when he sees Go-eun sobbing. Once he goes inside, Go-eun collapses in front of Seon-yul and he rushes her to the hospital, waiting there until Soo-hyun shows up. Another flashback shows how Go-eun had been very kind to Seon-yul over the past few years.

Soo-ho and his colleagues are celebrating the interview but Soo-ho is not. He thinks about Soo-hyun’s words to him and thinks that he is less than worthy of being respected. Soo-hyun is at home and wonders why Seon-yul went out of the way to save Go-eun’s life when he could have caused her more turmoil by letting her mother die.

At the same time, Seon-yul is working at the junkyard when he gets a call from Soo-jin about his mother. Seon-yul rushes to the hospital and takes the stairs to get to his mother’s hospital room. Despite his poor heart condition, Seon-yul makes it to the hospital room only to learn that Eun-min has passed away.

Seon-yul tries to wake his mother up and sobs by her bed. A while later, Yong-goo and Soo-jin help Seon-yul carry out Eun-min’s funeral. Soo-jin hands over Eun-min’s phone which was found along with her belongings in the hospital. At the same time, Tae-ho tells Soo-hyun the news of Eun-min’s death. 

That evening, Soo-hyun shows up at the funeral home to pay her respects to Eun-min. Seon-yul is shocked to see Soo-hyun there and asks Soo-hyun if she only showed up to see Seon-yul in this state as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

Out of all the characters on this show, it looks like Myeong-hee is just pure evil. We have Yu-ri, Soo-ho as well as Seon-yul who are not plain evil but grey characters who did what they did for a reason. However, Myeong-hee is just as opportunistic and evil as it gets. First, she hated the fact that Soo-hyun, a criminal was getting back together with her son.

Now, when her son turns out to be a cheater, she warns him against getting a divorce to maintain their family reputation. Aside from Kim Joon, it looks like Myeong-hee is the worst character so far. Leaving that aside, it is so saddening that Seon-yul has absolutely no family member to call his own. He could very well cause Soo-hyun the same pain by leaving Go-eun to die but he went out of the way to help get her to the hospital.

Now after Eun-min’s death – I am hoping there is some evidence linking Kim Joon to Gun-woo’s death because there are so many unanswered questions from the first episode of this one that are still not addressed. With only 4 episodes remaining in this one, I hope the show changes gears and becomes fast-paced in comparison to how slow is it going at the moment.

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