The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (2023) Ending Explained – Who is Henry Sugar?

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (2023)

Any Wes Anderson movie is incomplete if there is a closure. Each story has to have an open ending which would make the viewers come back to it again and again. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is another addition to that world of intrigue and visual joy that Anderson is synonymous with.

Adapted from the short story of same name written by Roald Dahl, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Sir Ben Kingsley, Dev Patel and Richard Ayoade in pivotal roles In this article, we chalk down a possible story behind the short film’s ending. It was rather wonderful, but also mysterious don’t you think?

What happened to Imdad Khan?

Sir Ben Kingsley artfully portrays the role of mysterious Imdad Khan. All that we know about this gentleman is from his narration to Dr Chatterjee (played by Dev Patel). We know that he developed his senses to see without his eyes as well. Just by using his inner eye, he could see anything that was in front of him and even navigate hallways.

While his story sounds a half-baked fantasy, it does draw its origin back to the Indian myths where saints and mystical figures could see without their eyes. It won’t be wrong to assume that Imdad Khan might just have unlocked a certain level of consciousness which heightened his perception of his corporeal surroundings, just like a bat using sonar waves. 

It is quite possible that he might have gone into living a secluded lifestyle after narrating his life’s story to Dr Chatterjee. He might not want to live with the lore following him everywhere now that its origins are out in the open.

Who is Henry Sugar?

Henry Sugar, as we are introduced to him, is a 40-something man living off his father’s riches. He is quite adapted to living his days doing nothing productive and just thinking of ways to make more money instead. 

When he comes across Dr Chatterjee’s journal, he is inspired to learn the art that Imdad Khan had imbibed. His sole motivation to learn was to earn money effortlessly in gambling. After years of practise, he succeeded too. But when he finally held the first of his winnings, he felt empty. 

He decides to travel the world and earn more money. He used that money to build charity hospitals and orphanages around the world. Upon his death a couple of decades later, it is revealed that Henry Sugar was not his real name at all.

The name Imdad means ‘to help’. Since Henry Sugar decided to keep his identity a secret, it could be that he took Imdad Khan’s help to do charity but the two agreed to work anonymously and adopt a new identity instead. Only Henry Sugar’s accountant knew of Henry Sugar’s real identity.

Perhaps it could also be a case that Henry Sugar made up Imdad Khan’s story. There was no evidence to Dr Chatterjee or Imdad Khan’s existence apart from the doctor’s journal entry. Since Henry wanted his identity and his money earning ways to remain a secret, he might have conjured up a story to mislead anyone who would go sniffing after the truth. 

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