Women At War – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 8

Marguerite and Caroline are taken into custody at the beginning of Women at War episode 8. The two ask to speak with General Duvernet, however the officials won’t let them contact him.

At the convent, the surgery is successful so Suzanne is able to save Joseph. This time, circumstances are going to turn out terribly because officer Louis is returning hoping to arrest Suzanne.

Agnes speaks with Suzanne and informs her of her decision to transfer Claudine to a safe orphanage in Nancy. Agnes also tells Suzanne all there is to know about the Diocese.

Agnes decides to accept accountability because she understands that loving somebody is not wrong. She’s all set to leave the convent at this point. Moreover, Agnes is dead-set on reporting Father Vautrin’s wrongdoing to the Diocese as well.

Unfortunately, things don’t turn out the way Agnes had hoped. Father Vautrin seems to have a good reputation among the remaining parishioners, so the archbishop advises her to keep the secrets hidden. He warns Agnes that punishing him would damage their church’s reputation, so she should keep her thoughts to herself. Furthermore, he threatens her with legal action if she doesn’t listen to him, and he relocates Father Vautrin to a different church and destroys all the evidence.

Agnes goes for a confession to Father Vautrin, admitting her missteps and threatening him, claiming that she’ll warn all the other sisters if Vautrin ever tries to touch them.

In response to Charles’ attempts to have a conversation with his mom, she orders him to leave immediately. Charles decides to stay the night in the factory and orders everyone to leave. He has let Eleonore down, and she wishes Charles passed away rather than her eldest child.

One of the emergency ambulance-driving women confronts Juliette. The women are aware that she assisted Marcel and Yvonne in setting up Caroline and Marguerite. Before returning to the whorehouse, Juliette insults them all.

Juliette goes on to tell Marcel everything because she thinks he will pick her now that Marguerite is imprisoned. Rather, Marcel belittles her and forces her to leave the whorehouse.

Officer Louis shows up at the convent the next day in search of Suzanne, and at the same moment Agnes wakes Suzanne up since Joseph has passed out. General Duvernet must give him his blood right away, and Suzanne was getting him ready for the surgical procedure. Louis enters the space unexpectedly and points his weapon at Suzanne. Louis tells the General that Suzanne has been arrested for killing a person, identity fraud, and illegal abortions. Although Suzanne acknowledges her fault, she begs that she wants to save Joseph’s life before going to jail.

Agnes speaks with Louis and informs him of Suzanne’s incredible desire to help people. Louis initially dismisses the idea, but he ultimately decides to give up his wish for revenge. Joseph at last regains consciousness. When Suzanne makes the decision to leave the convent, she asks General Duvernet to say goodbye on her behalf. After giving his consent, the general heads to the main office.

The other officials learn more about the German military’s attack that Lucien has forwarded, recognizing that they only have a short time left. General Duvernet orders them to evacuate Saint-civilian Paulin’s population as a consequence thereafter.

Louis and Suzanne have a conversation about the passing of his partner. Suzanne uncovers that Louis’ partner was afraid of telling him that she didn’t want a sixth kid. She goes on to tell him that she attempted to save Louis’ wife, who was suffering from internal injuries, but was unsuccessful. Suzanne returns to the convent after Louis extends his forgiveness.

Given that the injured soldiers require their assistance, Joseph and Suzanne choose to continue working at the convent despite the threat to their lives.

Juliette understands at last that Marcel never loved her. She returns to the police headquarters and gives a statement against Marcel and Yvonne. When Marcel gets to know that the army officers are already on their way to imprison him, he ends up killing Yvonne since he understands that Marguerite was accurate in her assessment of her.

Now that Marguerite and Caroline are out of jail, Marguerite decides to stay put rather than flee because she doesn’t want to abandon her kid. Colin was assigned to the front lines alongside the other soldiers as he was demoted.

The German soldiers initiate their attack. Eleonore searches for Charles but is unable to locate him. Charles chooses to fight the Germans while he is attempting to hide in the bushes. He kills a few of them before he himself is killed. All of the factory employees are taken to a secure location.

Along with Madeleine, Caroline and Eleonore flee to Touraine. Caroline and Marguerite share one last hug before she leaves. Marguerite decides to hang around and assist the ambulances in rescuing the soldiers – especially her child Colin.

When Marguerite gets on the front lines, she discovers Colin is hurt and is near the brook. Marguerite hurries to save him despite all the bombings, but a German soldier starts shooting her. Before Marguerite loses her life, Colin and Marguerite hold hands. At the same time, Suzanne and Joseph work together to save lives at the convent.

The Episode Review

The episode as a whole has many touching scenes, such as Marguerite and Colin holding hands as she was about to die and Suzanne and Joseph saving lives together, to name a few. Having said that, the show also featured a number of melodramatic sequences that felt far too fairytale-like to be true, such as Suzanne performing transfusion surgery on her lover despite having no prior experience.

The show ends tragically because some characters’ situations turned out well while others didn’t. Agnes, Suzanne, Caroline, Marguerite, and other women were forced to bear the costs of the war.

The episode – and the show as a whole – tell many tales, and these concern those who gave their lives in order to save others. Despite the fact that it was a dispute between two nations, many innocent people died, and several of them also had to bid farewell to loved ones.

Overall, the approach Women at War has chosen was excellent, but the execution could’ve been better if they’d cut out the melodramatic scenes and kept the show’s first three episodes’ level of realism throughout.

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