Women At War – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

In the opening sequence of Women at War episode 4, Suzanne is forced to face Jeanne’s partner. He is aware of their journey, and Suzanne tells him that Jeanne has passed away. He does not say anything, however Suzanne quickly apologizes for her passing. After examining his wounds, Joseph lets them know that he’ll find them a place to stay.

Once he gets the chance, Lucien admits that Jeanne wasn’t his wife. In addition, he forbids Suzanne from questioning his true intentions while simultaneously pressuring her to pretend to be Jeanne. Lucien searches for a map after sneaking into Lisette’s house. The whole thing shocks Suzanne, who presses him for an explanation. Suzanne is afraid and curious as to whether she has adopted a spy’s identity.

When Marguerite shows up at Major Joseph’s home for Leon’s funeral, she finds Colin. They converse, and Colin appears disturbed about Leon’s passing. General Duvernet follows Marguerite back to the whorehouse and meets her there. Duvernet expresses gratitude to Marguerite for coming to the funeral and asks about Leon’s last words. He is somewhat unhappy when Marguerite tells him he had no final words.

The partnership between Joseph and Suzanne seems strained because they were getting closer. However, Charrier’s sudden appearance messes everything up for them because Joseph now thinks Suzanne is married.

Since syphilis is continuing to spread from the whorehouse and affecting many military men, General Duvernet requests Joseph pay a visit to the brothel. Soon, Marcel fires the syphilitic women because Joseph has ordered them to leave the whorehouse.

Caroline’s car is covered in blood when she returns from the convent. She had previously assisted with the transportation of injured soldiers because there were no facilities for them, which is why the vehicle is stained with blood. She considers her options and chooses to arrange her own vehicles to transport the injured soldiers from the battlefront. She doesn’t inform anyone about this idea, though, and instead designs a layout to present her idea to General Duvernet.

Marguerite arrives at Caroline’s estate and asks her to provide a decent job for all of the women who were let go from the whorehouse. Caroline is unable to assist them though because Charles has complete control over the production plant. During their conversation, Marguerite assists her with the meeting, and Caroline is able to persuade the General. He permits Caroline to carry on with her venture, which keeps the factory running and gives the brothel girls an opportunity to make money.

When Caroline gets back to the mansion, she lets Eleonore know that the firm can keep producing trucks. Caroline’s vision wins Eleonore over, but Charles appears to be trying to pin the blame on her. Charles, who is unable to admit defeat, wishes to sabotage Caroline’s venture.

While working together, Caroline and Marguerite guide the former prostitutes in truck driving. Their relationship solidifies as Caroline and Marguerite become more comfortable. They disclose their innermost thoughts, and Marguerite says that she briefly met her son Colin. She goes on to tell Caroline that she has no intention of telling him who she really is.

As she continues to defend herself, Marguerite claims that she was simply too young to take care of Colin and was forced to abandon him by leaving him with another family.

Suzanne discovers that Till was pretending to be mute. Suzanne dismisses Agnes’ attempts to stop her and instead proceeds to report it to the person in charge. Agnes is left with no choice so she warns Suzanne about disclosing her true identity. The two eventually come to an understanding to keep their secrets.

Since the gunshot wound to his head is impairing his vision, Lucien loses consciousness. Furthermore, as he requires a co-pilot for his aircraft the following morning, Lucien blackmails Suzanne into flying with him. Lucien threatens Suzanne with a gun, pressuring her to follow him despite her initial defiance.

When Marguerite and the remaining women get to the quarters, they discover injured men. The men had previously engaged in combat with German soldiers, and Colin passed out as a result of an unexpected bombing. General Duvernet prevents Caroline from leaving the church as she prepares to do so. He then goes on to tell her that her husband was killed when German soldiers bombed his camp.

When Marguerite returns to the camp, she discovers more men there. Fortunately, Colin wakes up and seems unharmed. She then hugs Colin and requests him to be careful.

Lucien and Suzanne arrive at the German quarters, where he hands the map over to the General. Regrettably, they discover that the French army’s strategies have been changing. Furthermore, the General needs Lucien to acquire all the information.

Till and Agnes admit their innermost feelings for each other and eventually they end up sleeping together. Unfortunately, somebody spots them together that evening.

The Episode Review

At this point, the plot is reaching a dramatic pinnacle that has viewers on the edge of their seats. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Agnes and Till spending the night together while someone watches them through a peephole.

The upcoming episodes may reveal who this person is, as well as the fates of the two lovers. We know Sister Agnes is a nun and that being in a relationship goes against her morals, so it will be interesting to see the direction the show takes while exploring her character arc.

Women at War appears to have all of the elements of a war drama, and the point of view it has chosen only adds to the brilliance of the show’s premise. Furthermore, the cast here are fantastic. Along with the main protagonists, the side characters fit their roles perfectly and do an excellent job. Roll on the next episode.

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