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Episode 5 of Woman of the Dead begins with Reza entering Puch’s restaurant and searching for Blum. He finds Puch lying unconscious by the freezer and Blum locked inside it. After bringing her out, Puch suddenly wakes up but Reza shoots him before he can get far. Blum notices that he used Mark’s gun. Puch says that Mark gave him the gun the night before he died, to protect Blum in case something happened to him.

Reza removes the knife from Blum’s leg, disinfects the wound and ties it with cling wrap. When he asks about Puch, Blum says they should take him with them. Reza and Blum put Puch’s body in the car. Blum waits there while Reza goes back to clean. On a neighbour’s complaint, a police officer comes by to check the restaurant but doesn’t notice anything. Blum and Reza drive past him.

Blum gets a call from Nela, asking for help. They go to pick her up near the party venue. She is upset and confesses to taking formaldehyde. Blum comforts her. As they leave, Blum notices the words Zoe Blenk written on the wall of the building (a disused valley station for cable cars).

While Reza wraps up her wound, Blum looks up Zoeblenk and finds a top station as well, near the toll station where Dunja was found. She insists on going up there immediately. She shows Reza the boy scout symbol imprinted on Puch’s skin and explains everything. He is horrified to learn how she’s been killing people and declares that she is doing it for herself, not for Mark. He gives her back Mark’s gun and refuses to be part of it. But, he promises to not betray her.

In the morning, Blum curtly responds to Karl when he asks about her limp. He says that she has made it clear that he should move out. Blum says she needs him now more than ever.

Massimo and some other cops are searching Puch’s restaurant at the request of the staff who said he is missing. They find some blood and Massimo orders it to be tested. He then finds a small, golden earring on the floor but keeps it to himself.

Blum drives out in search of the Zoeblenk top station.

Mrs. Schönborn’s assistant Behringer tells her to act quickly before they lose the lease on one of the mountain slopes used for skiing. He suggests other investors who would not be so concerned about their ‘human resources issue’ but she is not inclined towards them. She wonders who she is doing all of this for since Edwin is least interested in the business.

As Blum tries to investigate the area surrounding Zoeblenk, she comes across Mr. Theile’s house. He tells her he had no idea that the fight for his land would lose him his daughter. She was seeing a boy named Sebastian Hackspiel, who hung around with young Schönborn and his friends. She disappeared and he was never able to pin it on the Schönborns. When Blum leaves, she calls someone and asks for Sebastian Hackspiel’s address.

She goes to the location but no one is at home. When she sees a car arriving with the balding man inside, she gets in her own car and gives chase. After pushing him into a corner, Hackspiel gets out and asks what she wants. Blum demands answers but he doesn’t have any, he just does odd jobs for Mrs. Schönborn when she needs them. Blum’s leg begins to bleed out but she still orders him to undress. She can’t find the symbol anywhere on his skin. She then sees a message on Edwin’s phone from someone who says he will leave town soon. Weakened by her leg, Blum passes out.

Massimo and Inspector Danzberger question the officer who checked on Puch’s restaurant. He eventually confesses that he didn’t check the back door but mentions that a long, grey car drove by.

Hackspiel, meanwhile, has called in for help and gets Blum admitted to the hospital.

Inspector Danzberger tells Massimo he suspects Blum. He even suggests that she played a part in her parents’ drowning. Massimo dismisses it.

Blum wakes up in the hospital and messages the group chat from Edwin’s phone, telling them to stay calm. The doctor comes in and tells Blum she was lucky her femoral artery wasn’t hit. When Blum says she injured herself with her own scalpel, he doesn’t quite believe her. While leaving the room, he sends a text and hears Blum’s phone ping just before closing the door. He sends another message to test it and hears another ping from Blum’s phone. Outside her room, he tells a nurse to make sure Blum isn’t disturbed.

Massimo comes home to find packed suitcases by the front door. His wife has found out about him and Blum making out in the parking lot of the bar. She leaves the house and tells him to move out in two weeks’ time, after which she will come back.

The doctor comes back to give Blum some extra medicine. Blum’s body starts to shake and the doctor holds her down while talking about how they usually never made a mistake, but one escaped ‘whore’ tore it all down. However, he wasn’t the one who killed Mark. He tells Blum that in return for the lives he takes, he saves lives at the hospital, ensuring a natural balance. He says he’s given her a high dose of insulin and claims that no one will notice. He also reveals that when Mark came into the hospital, he could have saved him but didn’t.

When he leaves the room, Blum slowly removes the IV from her hand and manages to crawl across the floor. She makes it to a room where she asks a woman to get her a cola from the vending machine and then guzzles it down.

The doctor visits Blum, who is back in her bed, seemingly asleep. He checks the pulse on her neck and finds something off. Blum suddenly wakes up, wraps the IV cord around his neck and pulls until he chokes.

Reza, having been called by Hackspiel, comes into the room and is shocked at the sight he sees. He calms down a distraught Blum, who claims that it is all finally over. In the guise of hospital staff, Reza takes the doctor’s body and puts it in the trunk of their car. They get home and Reza says he will take care of it.

Blum is sleeping next to Tim when he tells her not to be sad anymore. Tim says Mark told him he’s okay and so Blum should be okay too. Blum then talks to Nela about her own experience with formaldehyde, telling her that it’s better to get over bad experiences quickly.

While Reza takes care of the doctor’s body, Blum burns Dunja’s drawings.

The next morning, Hackspiel arrives and gives Blum a pen drive with the video of what had happened to Dunja. He tells her to publish it if anything bad happens to him. She asks him what happened to Gerda Theile. He says she vanished and when everyone suspected him, the Schönborns helped him. In return, he did some bad things for them. He apologises to Blum for breaking into her house but claims he didn’t find any proof of Edwin being there.

Blum watches the recording on the flash drive and shows it to Reza, who says they should go to the police. At that moment, someone comes to the door. It’s the inspector who calls Blum to the police station to answer a few questions.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 moves in a similar vein as the others with the plot steamrolling ahead. A few puzzle pieces come together but I can’t help but point out some glaring loopholes. In the restaurant, Reza follows Blum’s footsteps by not wearing any kind of gloves. The disposal of bodies also seems so habitual to them now. Is it really that easy to just hide body parts in coffins alongside other bodies? Even with closed-casket funerals, people would check?

The entire sequence in the hospital is also too simple. You’d think a doctor would give a strong enough dose of insulin to keep a patient bedridden. Apart from the obvious lack of staff, there is also the matter of Blum being a recorded patient with paperwork describing her injury. Surely she couldn’t just leave the hospital without getting discharged on the advice of a doctor? And now that she has, they would surely follow up?

Blum’s path, however righteous or twisted, is just not striking a chord with me. It’s easy to follow her story but hard to get invested in.

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