Woman of 9.9 Billion – Episodes 31 & 32 (The Finale) Recap and Review

The Memory Stick

The finale of Woman Of 9.9 Billion is here and what an emotional roller coaster it’s been for our characters. We’ve followed their journey and evolution across these past 30 episodes, culminating in a very tense conclusion with some shocking twists that suitably rounds things out for the majority of our characters.

The episode starts with Leon telling Seo-Yeon that he hasn’t forgotten that she stole the 9.9 billion from him. He then makes her an offer; he pulls out two suitcases and tells her it contains the money she stole plus the difference to reach 9.9 billion. However, she refuses it as she’s not that person anymore. Suddenly, Tae-Woo arrives as head of security of the Um foundation, there to check out the area as the VIP meeting will take place there. He then tries to take Seo-Yeon away but is soon stopped by Leon’s men. The latter tells her to accept the money or he’ll take his time to kill Tae-Woo.

Suddenly, In-Pyo arrives with his bomb ready to detonate. Tae-Woo speaks to him and shows him the money. In-Pyo then gives him the bomb and takes Seo-Yeon with him. In the car park, Seo-Yeon tells her husband she doesn’t want to come with him and that he can keep the money. He insists but she replies that she doesn’t want him in his life or the money anymore. Back in Leon’s flat, Tae-Woo threatens to use the bomb and escape but not before promising to bring a real one next time. He joins Seo-Yeon in her car as she was waiting for him and they leave together while Mr Jo relays to Hee-Joo that Seo-Yeon decided not to take Leon’s money.

In Tae-Hyeon’s flat, Seo-Yeon and Tae-Woo discuss the past events and what is to come next, leading to Seo-Yeon talking about her greed and her need to end things. Tae-Woo tells her that even if his brother didn’t get in an accident, he would have been in danger from Leon.

In the foundation, Leon visits Hee-Joo and asks her to introduce the company’s vision at their first gathering. Angry, she refuses as he killed her husband. He then mentions her daughter and her teddy bear which prompts her to call Mr Jo to keep a close eye on her. She later calls someone on the phone and vows to crush Leon.

The next day, Tae-Woo meets with Seok and Ha-Na to discuss the plan Seo-Yeon has hatched while In-Pyo meets with the man Seo-Yeon recommended to get the money laundered. The man then gives him a memory stick containing the location and access to all his money. Meanwhile, the VIP gathering gets underway and we see the group getting ready to enact their plan while a waitress places a device on one of the tables. Hee-Joo starts to address the attendees about their upcoming investment but soon reveals that Daniel Kim’s real name is Leon, a man who has committed an investment fraud three years ago and is planning to take an even bigger risk this time.

Seo-Yeon and Tae-Woo arrive just as all the investors leave, disappointed after finding out about the fraud. Seo-Yeon tells Hee-Joo to go home to her daughter while Tae-Woo orders Leon to give up as it’s all over. As Leon pulls out a gun, ready to kill them, Seo-Yeon reveals that they have managed to get access to all his foreign accounts and have taken all of his money. As he tries to check on it, Seok and Mr Oh manage to deny Leon’s access thanks to the device they planted in the room.

Realizing he has lost everything, Leon shoots Tae-Woo but Seo-Yeon pushes him out of the way and receives the bullet in her stomach instead. Just as Leon shoots Tae-Woo in the shoulder, In-Pyo also arrives in the room. After seeing his wife bleeding on the floor, he rushes to Leon and after a scuffle both end up baldy injured. Just as Tae-Woo is about to finish off Leon, Seo-Yeon stops him while In-Pyo gives up his final breath.

A few days later, we see that Tae-Woo has been reinstated as a cop while Seo-Yeon has an emotional goodbye with Geum-Ja and Hee-Joo finds out on TV that Leon has recently died. Yu-Ri comes in the room with a present and letter from Seo-Yeon which also includes In-Pyo’s memory stick that he gave her the day she was shot. In the letter, she asks that she set a trust fund for Mi-Ra’s son and tells her to do what she wants with the rest.

In the airport, we see Seo-Yeon waiting for a plane to Tahiti while thinking about everything that has happened. Tae-Woo arrives and asks her to write to him. As she walks away, he rushes over and embraces her, telling her to be happy as the episode ends.

Woman of 9.9 Billion’s finale offers up a suitable goodbye to two of the main villains. Leon’s death was quite predictable but it’s ultimately In-Pyo’s final moments that stand out here. His redemption at the last minute, trying to save his wife and give her the money, rounds things out nicely here. The show has managed to build up to this explosive finale smoothly and surprisingly I found myself actually feeling sorry for In-Pyo at the end. If there’s one thing this Koran drama has managed to do so well it’s build the characters up in a way that makes the audience root for them, despite their crimes and shadiness.

The ending of Woman of 9.9 Billion gives us a good conclusion for its story lines as Seo-Yeon is finally free of her demons and ready to start a new life. This has certainly been a thrilling drama to watch, full of action, suspense and twists along the way as the weeks have ticked along. The acting from the cast was excellent and both Cho Yeo-Jeong and Jung-Woong-In gave the best performances, justifying the awards they’ve gained from doing this show. All these elements definitely make this drama worth watching and ending things nicely.

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  1. Horrible drama! Are you kidding me? The plan was to plan a bug so they can steal his bank accounts. Whoopee! They could have killed long time ago. What is the wrong korean drama writers? They probably were drunk with so many plot holes. Also, Leon killed his second man in charge. That guy could have killed Leon easily and take over. But he was scared of him? LOL what a joke of a drama!

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