Woman of 9.9 Billion – Episodes 29 & 30 Recap and Review


The Bomb

Woman of 9.9 Billion brings us an emotional and tense penultimate set of episodes, leading to the climatic finale which will undoubtedly show us the final confrontation between all our main characters. This has been building up quite well throughout the season and promises to be quite dramatic and explosive, especially with In-Pyo planning to plant his bomb in the building.

We begin where the last episode left off with Tae-Woo coming face to face with Min-Gyu. As he receives a call from Tae-Hoon, he manages to create a diversion and a fight ensues between the two. Tae-Woo gets the upper-hand though but stops himself from killing at the last minute. Min-Gyu then warns Tae-Woo about chasing after Leon as it will inevitably lead to his death.

In Leon’s flat, Seo-Yeon decides to leave but not before Tae-Hoon tells her to call him in an hour. After drinking more wine, Leon brings his famous bottle with the words “fox hunt” on it and reveals to a drunk Tae-Hoon that he’s hunting his wife, which makes Tae-Hoo realize who he really is. After talking about the investment he made with his father-in-law three years ago, Leon tells him that he’s offering him the same deal but threatens to reveal he killed Yoo-Ra if he doesn’t comply.

Back in his office, Min-Gyu receives a visit from Leon’s men there to confront and probably kill him because he let Tae-Woo live while Seo-Yeo drives back to the building where she witnesses Jae-Hoon being beaten up. She calls Tae-Woo to tell him while we see Jae-Hoon in trouble with Leon’s men. The latter calls him and reveals that his wife is now in danger thanks to his actions and shows him a dead Min-Gyu as a warning. After Seo-Yeon sees Leon’s men leaving, she rushes to an injured Jae-Hoon who tells her that Daniel is Leon. He asks her to call Hee-Joo first and has a heart to heart with her, apologizing for everything he did and thanking her for putting up with him. Unfortunately, he gives his last breath just before saying he misses her and loves her.

A few days later during the funeral, Seo-Yeon reveals Daniel’s true identity to Tae-Woo while the latter comes to pay his respects. Seo-Yeon wants to go to the police but Tae-Woo tells her they will not manage to get him arrested as he is too clever. In his flat, Tae-Woo tries to open a link that Min-Gyu sends him while Seo-Yeon decides to speak to Hee-Joo about Leon. She tells her she’s planning to turn herself in and testify against Leon. Hee-Joo protests though as she wants to take care of him herself and warns that if she gets in her way, she will kill her. However Seo-Yeon is also determined to kill him.

With the help of Seok, Tae-Woo manages to open the link and sees that it contains a list of Leon’s bank accounts all over the world which he believes is the source of its hidden money. Unfortunately, he’s unable to access it as they need to find the pass-code. As he relays this to Geum-Ja and Seo-Yeon, the latter asks him for the list as she’s determined to crack the code.

We then see a determined In-Pyo building a bomb while Hee-Joon decides to meet with Leon and Seo-Yeon and offer them a chance to join the VIP investment club. Leon accepts and explains that it was what his husband had set to do. After she leaves, Seo-Yeon tells Leon that he should decline her offer. However, he believes that her foundation will bring more investors. We then flashback to a conversation she had with Tae about her plan to find Leon’s weakness by joining his company.

Later in the day, Seo-Yeon has a heart to heart with Geum-Ja who tearfully tells her to drop everything if it’s getting too much for her. She refuses though, telling her she can’t let him get rich and doesn’t want her friends to be in danger. Meanwhile, Kim Seok is still unable to crack the code but realizes that Leon’s ring may hold the clues needed.

After discussing the investments, Seo-Yeon looks through Leon’s rings while he’s in the bathroom. Here, she finds a memory card while we see In-Pyo arriving in the car park with his bomb. The episode ends as Seo-Yeon tries to leave but Leon stops her as he knows she has taken the memory card. He takes it out of her pocket and reveals that it is the second time she stole from him with the first time being his 9.9 billion. Fortunately for her, Tae-Woo arrives and is about to get on the lift.

The finale is up next and it is set to be quite the dramatic set of episodes. With Jae-Hoon now dead, Hee-Joo is ready to take her revenge on Leon while the latter still has the upper-hand with his opponents. Tae-Woo is on his way too and we’re left to wonder just who will make it and come out the winner here.

In-Pyo remains the dark horse that everyone has forgotten about and it’ll be interesting to see what will happen and if he will manage to enact his plan with his bomb. While Woman of 9.9 Billion isn’t the strongest Korean drama on air right now, there’s a good level of tension that’s built up smoothly across its season, leading to the expected climactic finale. Quite how this one will end remains to be seen but in the meantime, Woman of 9.9 Billion gives us another strong and thrilling episode while we say goodbye to one of its main characters too.


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