Woman of 9.9 Billion – Episodes 27 & 28 Recap and Review

Putting The Pieces In Place

The latest episodes of Woman of 9.9 Billion carries on with the same slower pace as it concentrates on Leon’s scheme of bringing his opponents down. The drama has changed quite a bit since its start and has now geared itself more towards the psychological thriller genre. It still remains quite intriguing though as there’s still the mystery of who will come up on top and potentially become a millionaire.

The episode starts with Seo-Yeon in hospital relaying to Geum-Ja how she has been collecting the money and tells her she will make sure she will have her surgery soon as she needs her.

At the foundation, Hee-Joo and Tae-Woo discuss the latest events while we see a flashback of when Leon gave the go-ahead to Min-Gyu as he received proof of corruption from the foundation to be delivered to the relevant people. Back in the office, Hee-Joo asks Tae-Woo to find out what happened to her security manager and also suggests using her as bait to catch Leon.

In-Pyo prepares to send a new blackmail picture while Seo-Yeon speaks to Leon about her plans to invest the money in the foundation and make sure Hee-Joo doesn’t know the money is coming from her. Jae-Hoon heads to see Leon again to beg him for the money his wife turned down. Leon decides to help him and as Jae returns to the office to relay the loan offer to his wife, she gets angry again as she’s adamant she doesn’t want his help. They then head to a meeting with a bank and unbeknownst to them, it’s the same one Seo-Yeon has used for investing the money for the foundation. After all the meetings, Jae-Hoon decides that he needs a break for a few days and packs his bags.

Leon and Seo-Yeon meet in the evening for a drive. After talking about the investment she placed, Seo-Yeon asks him to be part of the VIP investment club while In-Pyo gets caught stealing from Min-Gyu. They tie him up but he tells them that he has a system in place which will reveal the identity of Leon if he’s killed. Tae-Woo arrives to save the day and then speaks to In-Pyo who wants to help catch Leon but in exchange for money as he’s the only who knows what he looks like. He later meets with his wife who gives him divorce papers and tells her the truth about Leon.

Meanwhile Leon decides to make Jae-Hoon the head of his VIP investment club while Tae-Woo heads to hospital to visit Geum-Ja who is about to undergo emergency surgery. There, he sees Seo-Yeon who asks him if Leon is really alive. He confirms that he is and is currently after Hee-Joo and potentially her as well.

Heading out with Tae-Woo, Seo-Yeon comes face to face with Hee-Joo who asks her if Daniel and her are an item since he trusted her with a large sum of money. During the conversation, Tae-Woo remains cold after what he found out regarding his brother and the money. After he leaves, Seo-Yeon tells her that she has made an investment to the bank Hee-Joo uses which makes her realize that the money she borrowed comes from DK investment. Seo finishes the conversation by telling her that if the repayments are delayed, she will collect the collateral first.

She later meets with Leon who tells her she was a little too hasty when she told Hee-Joo about the investment. He then tells her that he will give her what she wants with the VIP Club but surprises her when revealing Jae-Hoon is in charge of it. They all have drinks together and when Jae-Hoon goes to get a new bottle of wine, he finds one with the words “Caza Del Zorro” written on it. This makes him realize that Daniel is Leon. The episode ends with Jae-Hoon leaving the room to phone Tae-Hoon but is cornered by Leon while Min-Guy, who has been instructed by Leon to kill Tea-Woo and In Pyo, waits for Tae-Woo with a knife.

With just two double-bill episodes left, Woman of 9.9 Billion has changed its pace and tone a little as we see Leon slowly weaving its web around the people around him who are still unaware of his identity. Determined to get his way, he manages to manipulate his adversaries with the multiple cards he has to its advantage.

In-Pyo is also the one to watch for here. While he could be seen as the underdog, he has the advantage to know what Leon looks like and he’s ready to do anything to get his hands on the money. Will Seo-Yeon gets what she has desperately been looking for since the beginning? That still remains to be seen but in the meantime, despite some slower episodes and fewer tense moments, Woman of 9.9 Billion promises an explosive finish to come.


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