Woman of 9.9 Billion – Episodes 25 & 26 Recap and Review

Fox Hunt

As we approach the end of this Korean drama, Woman of 9.9 Billion returns with less tense scenes and a little slower pace, preparing itself for the climactic ending next week. Leon is slowly setting his plan into motion here with the help of Seo-Yeon, who still doesn’t know who her new partner is… unless of course she’s playing him too.

The episode starts in the woods as In-Pyo manages to get out of his shallow grave. After getting a lift back, he returns home and falls on the floor. We then cut to Seo-Yeon and Leon having dinner where he asks for her help as he needs someone to go with him to a party. She then asks him how he got into an accident that night but he lies, telling her that his battery broke down.

Later, they head to the party and Leon introduces himself as Daniel Kim from DK Investment, while Seo-Yeon tells Hee-Joo and Jae-Hoon she has known him since school. After looking around the room at all the billionaires, Seo-Yeon heads into the bathroom where she finds Hee-Joo. She tells her she’ll forget about the money she stole, but is determined to earn it instead.

Heading back into the party, Seo-Yeon speaks to the crowd and tells them that Daniel has been helping her learn about investment. Later on, they speak about the evening and Leon offers her 10 billion to help him invest. Still convinced that Leon is alive, Tae-Woo has dinner with Mr Oh who tells him that he needs to let the case go and to look after Seo-Yeon instead as she’s struggling with Geum-Ja, who’s very sick.

Meanwhile, In-Pyo sees Seo-Yeon being picked up by Leon. After following them, they enter a building where Leon shows her his office and asks if she has brought a business proposal. As she takes it out, Leon rings someone and gives them the message “Fox Hunt”. We then cut to Leon’s main woman Jin cornering Min-Gyu and relaying Leon’s ominous message to him.

In the foundation, Jae-Hoon tries to convince his wife to invest with DK Investment as they need money for the construction of the Paju campus. She tells him to drop it though as she doesn’t trust Daniel. In his office, Leon tells Seo-Yeon that he’s not sure about her proposal, as these are old ideas. She stays strong though and tells him that she’ll just make the investment herself before leaving to see Tae-Woo.

Back home, Tae-Woo reveals that he bought a second plane ticket to Tahiti and offers to go there with her, promising to do everything for her. She tearfully tells him that she wants to but can’t. When he asks why, she finally reveals that his brother said his name before dying. Tae-Woo realises he was still alive and angrily confronts her about not calling an ambulance to try saving him. Realizing it was because of the money, he tells her a normal human being wouldn’t have done that and storms out.

Ignoring his wife’s warning, Jae-Hoon decides to meet with Leon. The latter manages to butter him up, which flatters Jae-Hoo as he then insists he wants to invest with him. After receiving a call from Hee-Joo, Jae-Hoon heads back to the office and finds out that her father has been arrested for corruption and bribery. We then learn that it was Leon who orchestrated the whole event with the help of Seo-Yeon and Min-Gyu, who have been working for him all along. Jin interrupts their celebrations by bringing them a small poster with Leon’s picture, revealing his identity and with a message asking him to meet in the GM centre with 10 Billion.

In the foundation, Hee-Joo speaks to her Father about the accusations. He tells her that he thought he did the right thing and explains that she should be the one looking after the company now. Unfortunately, she later finds out that the company has been in trouble financially and even more now that her father is going to be arrested.

We then see that Seo-Yeo has been planning to invest her money in the foundation as she heads to meet with Hee-Joo and Jae-Hoon and give them her proposition. Unable to forget what happened between them, Hee-Joo refuses and sends her away. The episode then closes with Tae-Woo arriving and heading straight to Hee-Joo, asking her if the offer to catch Leon together still stands as he knows that the foundation scandal was an attack from him.

Seo-Yeon has certainly changed since the beginning of the show. Hee-Joo mentions that she’s far from the woman who used to clean houses which couldn’t be more true. Her character has evolved so much that she’s now able to deal with any obstacles coming her way. Still determined to become rich, she has now changed her stance and found another way to reach her goal.

This episode was a little slower but I would imagine it’s to set the scene for the upcoming finale next week. There was a very emotional scene with Tae-Woo too and while he laid his feelings out on the table, Seo-Yeon had to finally come clean about his brother. Will he ever forgive her for it? We shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out but in the meantime, the showdown between Leon and Hee-Joo is just around the corner and it promises to be quite explosive.


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