Woman of 9.9 Billion – Episodes 21 & 22 Recap and Review

The Warehouse

Woman of 9.9 Billion returns this week with a tense and explosive episode as we see everyone converge and determined to get their hands on the money. After a cliffhanger and tragic ending, the show could go in any direction now as Leon has managed to disappear again while In-Pyo seems to be the one who could control everyone. The drama has so far brought us enough suspense and twists to make it worth coming back each week.

The episode begins where it left off with both Seo-Yeon and Hee-Joo talking about their friendship and the money. Seo-Yeon tells her that if she reveals where the money is, she will let her frame her for what her husband did. Hee-Joo then has a flashback to the 300 billion scandal. We then cut back to the present where Seo-Yeon visits Geum-Ja, telling her she may not come back but wants her to stay the way she is and healthy.

Meanwhile, a terrified Do-Hak receives a call from Leon asking him to bury the money and burn it while Hee-Joo rings Seo-Yeon to tell her she may know where the money will be but may die before she sees it. Tae-Woo also finds out the location and prepares himself with the help of Mr Oh who gives him a gun.

Do-Hak, Seo and the rest of his men head to the warehouse in separate cars. As they arrive, Do-Hak finds out that Seo has gone a different way and is nowhere to be seen. He heads inside with the money and calls out Leon. We then see Hee-Joo’s man, Tae Woo and In-Pyo also hiding and waiting. Not seeing anyone, Do-Hak decides to provoke him by burning the money. This prompts a hooded figure to come out who quickly shoots him. As Do-Hak takes his last breath, he sees Seung-Jae looking down on him. We then see a flashback of instructions Seung-Jae received to kill him in exchange for keeping his sister safe.

As he walks away, we see multiple hooded figures walking in different directions in the warehouse, confusing Hee-Joo’s man who starts shooting at one of them. While this happens, Tae-Woo decides to follow one who turns out to be Seung-Jae again. He tells him that this is all a trap set by Leon to kill all the people after him and the money. He also asks him to save Seo-Yeon and take the money as the notes Do-Hak burned were fake.

After Seung-Jae tells him he will catch Leon, Tae-Woo heads to Do-Hak’s car but finds all of his men dead on the floor. It’s here he comes face to face with Seo-Yeon who is also looking for the money. He tells her to take it and leave as quickly as she can.

We then cut to Seung-Jae as we finally meets the main antagonist, Leon, who tells him he still needs to get rid of one of the flies – his sister. While they share a bottle of wine, we see that Do-Hak actually survived. As they face each other, Leon receives a call about it which results in both men drawing their guns. Unfortunately, Leon is quicker and shoots Seung-Jae in the chest.

Do-Hak goes back to his car and pushes Seo-Yeon to the ground as she’s just about to take the money away. Before he drives off though, she manages to punch a hole in the tyre. This causes him to crash the car on the road, allowing Leon to catch up and start dousing the content of the car with petrol. However, In-Pyo arrives and shoots Leon’s man. Leon is surprised to see him there but tells him the money is cursed, resulting in him throwing his lighter on the car. Both men then shoot each other and collapse to the floor. In-Pyo is only shot in the shoulder though and manages to salvage the money but only takes the inside of the suitcases with the notes. He then throws the cases in the fire, getting rid of the evidence.

As Seo-Yeon drives off looking for the car, she finds Leon lying on the floor, suffering from his gunshot wound. Not knowing who he is, she decides to take him to hospital and as she drives past the burning car, she sees the suitcases also on fire.

In hospital, she is surprised to see Tae-Woo and tells him she lost the money but found someone who has been in a car accident. He explains that her brother has been badly shot and is in surgery. We then see the surgeons frantically trying to save Seung-Jae but unfortunately, his injuries were too severe. The episode ends with Seo-Yeon looking at the lifeless body of her brother as she reflects on her past actions and what she will do next. Leon meanwhile, is taken away from the hospital.

Woman of 9.9 Billion delivers one of its strongest and most tense episodes this week. The scene in the warehouse is the one that stands out the most as all our characters converge there, without actually being aware of it. This was quite the thrilling one, especially watching all the hooded figures walking around while Tae-Woo and In-Pyo try to find Leon and the money.

Unfortunately, Seung-Jae is the victim in the episode and while he is not really the good guy here ( no one really is in this drama), we see that he was trying to do anything he could to save his sister which ended up costing him his life. It will be interesting to see what will happen next as Leon is still alive and In-Pyo is in possession of the money. Will he tell his wife or will he use it to its advantage?

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out but in the mean time, Woman of 9.9 Billion has certainly grown into a decent thriller. Most of the characters are shady but the drama has managed to make me root for Seo-Yeon and Tae-Woo, which makes it just that much more intriguing and enjoyable. Roll on today’s episode!


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