Woman of 9.9 Billion – Episodes 17 & 18 Recap and Review


The tables have turned in the latest episode of Woman of 9.9 Billion as Hee-Joo takes control of the situation and shows her true self to her husband as she violently confronts him. It was a surprising and dramatic scene and one that helped the show feel even more thrilling. We begin where we left off though, with Tae-Woo asking how Seo-Yeon knows Seung-Jae as he believes he may be the reason why his brother died. However, Tae cuts the conversation short when he receives a call informing him that thugs have arrived at Mr Oh’s place.

Seo returns home to find the place in disarray, with a voicemail from the hospital saying that Geum-Ja is now awake and resting. She then retrieves the money from its hiding place before we cut to Mr Oh being tortured by Do-Hak about the identity of Seo-Yeon. Tae-Woo bursts in and tells them to let him go as he doesn’t know anything. After Tae-Woo taunts Do-Hak, the latter takes a knife and plans to get rid of him.

As Seo-Yeon takes the suitcase in the boot of her car, In-Pyo follows her to the harbour just as Do-Hak and his men join her. She warns Do-Hak to stay where he is and to tell her where Tae-Woo is. She starts throwing some money in the water to show that she’s not bluffing and after seeing what she’s capable of, Do-Hak has no choice but to let Tae-Woo go. As they reunite, she tells him she wants to end things herself and when he mentions Seung-Jae, she tells him he’s really important to her.

Leaving with Do-Hak, Seo-Yeon heads to his office where they count the money and realise there is only 2.895 Billion. He demands to know where the rest is but she tells him that the amount should be compensation for her as, thanks to her, Do-hak was never investigated by the police after the accident. Just as Do-Hak is about to slap Seo-Yeon again, In-Pyo bursts in and claims to be able to find the rest of the money.

After she reveals to Do-Hyun that Tae-Woo is in possession of the files from the flash drive, In-Pyo arrives and tells her that he knows who has the rest of the 9.9 billion and that he will get everything sorted out. However, she tells him not to get in her way as she has a plan. Meanwhile, Jae-Hoon discusses with his wife a donation an old friend from university wants to make to the foundation (which we assume is the stolen money). However, Hee-Joo remains dubious as she doesn’t trust him.

Meanwhile, Seo-Yeon is taken to a villa where she’s locked up before we cut to In-Pyo who has managed to put a tracking device in his wife’s jacket. He then decides to meet with Hee-Joo and starts bending the truth around the stolen money to try to get her to release the shares she currently holds. However, she sees right through him and tells him to drop the act, knowing full well Seo-Yeon will not come back to him. After smooth talking her though, he manages to convince her to release the money.

Tae-Woo decides to confront Seung-Jae about his brother’s death and tells him that it can’t be a coincidence that the accident happened at the same times as his return. Seung replies that Seo-Yeon is in danger and reveals that she’s actually his half-sister. He explains that she had a hard life but has always been resourceful.

After being visited by two of his hired men, Jae-Hoon heads to the car park and is surprised to see the man who took the money from the locker. After following him, the stranger ends up knocking Jae-Hoon unconscious. When he finally comes to, the man asks him if he’s the one who killed Mi-Ra. Insisting that he doesn’t know who she is, Hee-Joo suddenly appears with a recording of the conversation he had with his two men. She then grabs him and confronts him about the murder while throwing him into the room with the suitcases of money. This shocks him as he realises she has known about it all along.

Back in her office, Jae-Hoon tells his wife that he will do anything she wants him to do. She tells him that she needs her kingdom to be perfect and suggests getting rid of Seo-Yeon. In-Pyo arrives in the office after she leaves, only to find Jae-Hoon waiting for him. He tells her that Hee-Joo has decided not to trust him with the money and sends him away. As In-Pyo heads back to his car, Seun-Jae suddenly appears in the back of the car and threatens him with a knife, asking where the money is.

Tae-Woo heads to Mr Oh’s house to apologise and tells him that Seung-Jae is her older brother. He then receives a text from Seung with Seo-Yeon’s coordinates while we see Seo-Yeon escaping the house and coming face to face with Hee-Joo where the episode ends.

While we still haven’t met who the the menacing man behind the stolen money is, the episode itself gives us some pretty tense scenes with Hee-Joo squaring up to her husband in a very menacing way. This shows a different and powerful side to her and after hearing that she wants to get rid of Seo-Yeon, we’re bound to see a stand-off between the two.

Seo-Yeon has also become quite the strong and bold character too, having evolved from weak and a shadow of herself to the determined and confident woman who is set on getting the money she believes she deserves. However, she still has many tough obstacles in her path which is set to give us some more dramatic episodes in the weeks to come. She’s also getting quite close to Tae-Woo but will they manage to end up together despite all the hurdles they’re facing? It’s still unclear but in the meantime, Woman of 9.9 Billion remains quite the tense and enjoyable thriller.


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