Woman of 9.9 Billion – Episodes 15 & 16 Recap and Review

A New Connection

More intrigue has been presented to us with this latest episode of Woman of 9.9 Billion as we see that Seo-Yeon might not be as innocent as she claims to be. We see that she may have met Seung-Jae previously for potentially another deal and this really adds more allure to her storyline.

We begin the episode with Seo-Yeon meeting with Baek Seung-Jae to get his help with laundering her money while Tae-Woo looks at the pictures from his brother’s flashdrive, shocked to see a picture of Seo-Yeon in there. In-Pyo visits Geum-Ja pretending to be a carer from the Borough office and using that opportunity to search through the house for the money. He later also manages to place a bug in Do-Hak’s office before heading back home where we see that he has been investigating the case for a while.

Meanwhile, Jae-Hoon views the security footage from the lockers and sees a strange man opening his and taking the suitcase away, while Tae-Woo visits someone called DJ who warns him about a guy called Leon. We then see that Do-Hak has been following Tae-Woo and tells his men to kill him if he doesn’t find the money in one week.

Seo-Yeon meets Seung-Jae to discuss his condition for laundering the money. She will have to go abroad but also go to an art exhibition for him to get some information on rich women. Min-Gyu confronts Seung-Jae about his picture with Seo-Yeon while Tae-Woo wonders what she was doing with a money launderer a month ago, before she had any money.

The next day, In-Pyo meets with Jae-Hoon in a coffee shop to discuss Seo-Yeon, telling him he’s going to get his hands on all the money. He later visits Geum-Ja again and while she is in the toilet, he decides to go in her walking safe to get the cash. However, Seo-Yeon has moved it which enrages him. He then grabs a vase, ready to get rid of the old lady but as he enters the bathroom, finds her on the floor, clutching her heart and laughing at him as she knew he was looking for the money.

At the art exhibition, Seo-Yeon’s subterfuge almost fails as a woman questions how she received an invitation. Seo-Yeon replies that it was Hee-Joo who sent her one, just as the latter appears in the art gallery. Outside, Hee-Joo tells her she knows something must have happened to Mi-Ra but tells her she doesn’t want to know what. Instead, she demands that she leaves right away and to make sure she lives a happy life.

On his way to meet with Seo-Yeon, Tae-Woo realises he’s being followed. As soon as he reaches Seo, he grabs her arm to run away from them. After a short chase, he quickly disposes of them while we see Do-Hak torturing Mr Oh about the whereabouts of Tae-woo. We then close the episode with Tae-Woo asking Seo-Yeon what relationship she has with Seung-Jae, just as the latter calls her to come and meet him as she’s in trouble.

Another pawn has been added to the table in Woman of 9.9 Billion; Seung-Ja. He seems to be heavily connected to a lot of the characters too and leaves me wondering just what Seo-Yeon did with him a month before. The picture shows him touching his face which could indicate that they may have been having an affair or made an important deal with each other.

In-Pyo has so far failed at getting his hands on the money which has been really satisfying to watch. However, I’m sure this will not be the last time we see him as he is bound to have another card up his sleeve. Seo-Yeon and Tae-Woo are slowly getting closer to each other amidst all the trouble too and it’ll be quite interesting to see if they’ll end up together and share the money or whether one of them meets a dark fate. This series has definitely been enjoyable so far but whether we will get a decent ending or not, given the recent trend k-dramas seem to be taking, remains to be seen.

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